SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Demon Nightmare ❯ Kidnapped! ( Chapter 14 )

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I'm back. The poll is now closed and Demon General's shorten name will be D.G.
Shute, Captain, Zero, Bakunetsumaru, and Fleur are gathered around a patio table at Shute's house with Skylar sitting on the table looking at them.
Fleur said, “Who knew that a spirit could be so cute?”
“Well, he is still a baby spirit,” said Zero.
“Yeah,” said Shute, “A baby spirit with a powerful attack.”
“Along with sharp teeth and claws,” said Captain, “Remember the bite Skylar gave Guneagle an hour ago? Turns out that his claws and teeth went strait through the outer armor and into the thinner inner armor.”
“That's what he gets for insulting the little guy,” said Baku. Skylar mewed in agreement. Then Skylar jumped onto Bakunetsumaru's head and mewed in his face and appeared to smile.
Baku laughed, “Hey, I think he likes me.” Then Skylar jumped to Zero, smiled and mewed, then he went to Captain and did the same thing, then to Shute and repeated, and finally he jumped to Fleur's shoulder and rubbed his face against her cheek.
Shute asked, “What was that all about?”
Skylar stopped what he was doing as Fleur answered, “I think he was thanking us for saving his life back at the base.
“Huh?” asked Baku confused, “How could he remember that? He wasn't even born yet.”
Captain answered, “It is possible for Skylar to remember an event a few minutes before he, `hatched'.”
Zero watched the little white spirit play with some butterflies, “Such an innocent spirit. It's strange how much he reminds me of Fenn.”
Fleur looked at Zero, “You know, you never did tell me who Fenn was.”
“Huh?” asked Zero surprised, “Oh that's right. You weren't around then. Fenn is the sacred feather dragon, a spirit and summon beast from my homeland of Lacroa.”
Shute added, “Fenn was a cute blue fuzzball but then he transformed into his true feather dragon form.”
Baku asked Zero, “What's Fenn doing now anyway.”
Zero shrugged, “He's probably searching for me back on Lacroa.”
Skylar chased the butterflies into a bush several feet away from everyone else. He heard some rustling coming from the bush. Being curious by nature, Skylar stuck half of his body into the bush to investigate the sound. Then something clanked and rustled the bush again. Skylar went deeper into the bush when fire erupted close to the spirits face. Skylar yelped and darted back to Fleur. He jumped onto her shoulder and shook like a leaf.
Fleur picked up the frighten spirit and tried to clam him down, “What's wrong little guy? Did something scare you?” Skylar gestured toward the bush.
“The bush?” Captain scanned the area, “My scanners are not detecting any Dark Axis or demon activity in the area.”
A sad cry came from the bush, “Fenn! Fenn! Feeenn! Feeeennnn!”
“What the!” shouted Shute.
“Is that who I think it is?” asked Baku.
“Fenn!” Zero flew over to the bush, “Fenn, where are you? Fenn!” Fire erupted from the bush, almost hitting Zero.
He dodged, “Fenn, it's okay. It's me.” Zero searched threw the bush and found a beaten up blue fuzzball in side a small metal cage. Fenn looked up at Zero with his big sad eyes as if he was asking Zero to free him from this tiny prison.
Zero used his magic to destroy the cage, “What in Mana's name happen to you?” Zero picked up the frighten spirit. Fenn, happy to be back in Zero's arms, nuzzled Zero's gunsoul.
Captain shouted, “Zero! Report!”
“'Twas only Fenn my compatriots.” Zero flew back to them carrying Fenn.
Baku asked “What happen to him?”
“Why is he in his cute form?” asked Shute.
“I wish I knew,” Zero replied.
“So that's Fenn, huh?” said Fleur, “He's cute.” Skylar gave her the puppy eye look, “Don't worry Skylar. You will always be the cutest to me.”
Zero used his cape to try and clean Fenn, “I'll have you clean in no time Fenn.”
Skylar jumped onto the table and mewed at Fenn, “(Why did you attack me?)”
Fenn flew onto the table and replied, “(Sorry about that. I thought you were going to attack me.)”
S: “(Why would I attack you?)”
F: “(Cause some nutcase gundam kidnapped and said something about demons.)”
S: “( Don't worry. I'm the exact opposite of a demon. My name is Skylar, the New Spirit of Skylark and this is Princess Fleur.)”
F: “(My name is Fenn the Feather Dragon. I am one of the five spirits of Lacroa.)”
S: “(Nice to meet you. Was that gundam who attacked you black and sliver with bat like wings?)”
F: “(Yeah do you know him?)”
S: “(His name is Demon General. Him and the other demons are working with the Dark Axis. But how did you get to Neotopia?)”
F: “(The Dark Axis? That isn't good. As for how I got here, the DA trio and D.G. brought me here. I burned them and landed in that bush.)”
“I wonder what they're saying” said Shute.
“If we knew, then we could find out what happened,” said Zero. The fur on Skylar's back bristled. His body became tense as his ears flatten and he growled at a pasture were Entango was grazing.
Fleur looked at the field, “What's wrong Skylar?”
Baku took a quick look around, “Nothing out there but Entango and some grass.”
Captain's head lit up, “Dark Axis activity detected in the vicinity!” Entango whined in distress. Zapper and Grappler were trying to wrestle Entango to the ground.
Grappler held on to Entango's midsection, “Stubborn horse! Hold still!”
Zapper had Entango in a headlock, “Whoa boy! Heel! Don't you want to be a demon?” Zapper had a demon crystal necklace around his wrist.
Baku draws his swords, “Get away from him!”
“Surprise from above!” D.G. dropped a smokescreen capsule. The gundams were blinded by the smoke as Shute and the two spirits coughed.
Fleur commented, “This is low, even for a demon.
Shute coughed, “This smoke, it's knockout gas.” Shute hit the floor unconscious.
Destroyer Dom's outline appears and picks up Shute, “I've got the human!”
“Leave Shute alone,” Captain swung at Destroyer but misses. Electricity crackles as Entango's outline changes and his neighs turn demoniac.
Fear struck Bakunetsumaru's face, “Entango!”
Chains rattled from above and Fenn's outline disappears.
“Fenn!” Zero franticly searches for his spirit. The chains also grab Skylar as his claws rake across the table.
“Skylar!” Fleur uses her wings to blow away the smoke.
“After them!” Captain and the others chase down the foursome.
“We did it!” shouted Destroyer Dom. The unconscious Shute was flinged over his shoulder.
D.G. chuckled, “It's about time we used a demon tactic.” Fenn is trapped inside a small fireproof cage and is chained to Skylar who has a muzzle on his head and his paws are chained together. They are being carried by Demon General.
“We should do ambushes more often,” said Grappler Gouf riding on the black and grey Demon Entango.
Zapper Zaku is on a hover board, “Now to call EagleEye and…hey!” The communicator is shot out of his hand. Zapper turns around and sees the gundams, “Great, here come the party crashers.” Captain sped down the path followed by Bakunetsumaru who is leaving a twin trail of fire behind him. Zero and Fleur are flying overhead.
“Quick in here!” D.G. and the DA trio go through a tunnel. The gundams follow close behind. The tunnel leads to the bridge were Ashuramaru and Bakunetsumaru fought each other.
“This place looks familiar,” said Zapper as they reached the end of the bridge.
“Who cares?” growled Grappler, “We need to deal with these gundams now.” He hopped off of Demon Entango. D.G. chained Fenn and Skylar to Entango's leg and destroyer dumped Shute in front of Entango. The gundams appeared on the bridge.
“What did you do to Entango!?” demanded Bakunetsumaru.
“Where's Fenn?” commanded Zero, pointing his sword at them.
“Skylar better be alive!” shouted Fleur brandishing her claws.
Captain pointed his gun at them, “There better not be a single scratch on Shute.”
“Cool it gundams,” said Zapper, “they're alive for now. As for the horse, we decided to give him a demon makeover.”
D.G. snickered, “It was almost to easy to kidnapped your pet dragon knight. Now Princess Fleur, tell us the spirit's secrets.”
“His what?” asked Fleur confused.
“You know,” said D.G., “were does he get his powers from?”
“Do I look like a monk or something?” asked Fleur angrily, “How am I suppose to know?”
“You control the spirit don't you,” answered D.G. confused.
Captain fired at them, “Shut up and return our friends now Dark Axis!”
Shute heard him and woke up, “Ca…Captain?” Demon Entango placed his hoof on Shute's back and snorted at him. Shute's eyes shrunk in fear, “AHHHHHH! Demon!”
“Shute!” shouted Captain.
“Excellent,” said Grappler, “Now the human can watch us kill you guys!
The DA trio opened fire on the gundams. Captain and Zero put up their shields while Baku and Fleur deflected the shots. D.G. conjured some demon magic and fired at the gundams.
“Heads up!” warned Fleur dodging a concrete slab.
Zero dodged some flying rocks, “Haven't seen that trick in a while.”
Demon General chuckled, “As the full moon grows near, it increases my demoniac power.” Captain fired at them and Zero used his magic against D.G.'s magic. One of Captain's shots hit the demon crystal around Entango's neck. Entango changed back to his normal color, shook his head, and moved his hoof from Shute's back.
“Entango you're back,” said Shute. Entango looked at him confused. Shute came up with a plan, “I'll explain later. Can you break that chain?” Entango broke the chain connecting him to the spirits. Shute picked up Fenn and Skylar and climbed onto Entango's back, “Okay Entango, get us back to the gundams.” Entango neighed and got the foursome's attention. First, Entango took out some revenge on Zapper and Grappler, then he rammed Destroyer, and finally, stomped on D.G. Entango galloped back to the gundams with Shute holding on for dear life. Upon reaching the gundams Shute climbed off of Entango somewhat shaken.
“Entango, my faithful companion. Are you okay?” asked Baku petting him.
Captain walked up to Shute, “Are you alright?”
“Yeah, I'm fine,” answered Shute, “But how do we free these two?”
“Allow me,” Zero freed the two little spirits. Fenn immediately flew to Zero and Skylar jumped into Fleur's arms.
“My sweet little Skylar,” said Fleur hugging him, “Thank goodness you're alright.”
Zapper was rubbing his head, “Why is it that everything seems to go our way then something bad happens?”
Grappler brushed himself off, “We must have bad luck or karma or something.” Fenn and Skylar decided to take out some revenge on the foursome. They jumped in front of the gundams and nodded at each other. Fenn shot his fire and Skylar shot his energy blast. The two attacks spiraled together and charged at the enemy.
“Run!” shouted Destroyer Dom. They tried to run but the combo attack knocked them back through a portal.
“That was quite an impressive maneuver back there,” said Captain, “It appears that Fenn and Skylar have become fast friends.” The spirits nodded. Every on was heading down the path back to Shute's house.
“I hope supper is ready when we get back,” said Shute, “I'm starving.”
Baku laughed, “You and me both.”
Fleur looked at the setting sun, “I wonder what will happen tomorrow.”
“Tomorrow comes soon enough,” said Zero, “Let's not worry about it until it arrives.”
Z1: Greetings ladies and gentlbots. Today's meeting is all about…
Z1: Z2, & Z3: Why can't we ever win zako!
Z1: Zako Zako!
Z2: We have used every last resource and we still can't win zako (cries)
Z3: There, there zako. Don't cry. Surly we have at least one more trick up our sleeve zako.
Z2: We don't have sleeves zako zako.
Z1: It's a figure of speech zako. But I agree with Z2, we don't have any moves left.
Z3: Come on zako we must have at least one more trick. (an explosion is heard)
Z2: What was that zako zako?
Random demon: Come back here you tasty snack!
Z3: I do believe that that is our next move.
Z2: We'll just have to wait and see won't we zako.
Z1: anyway for the future of the Dark Axis
Z1, Z2, & Z3: Zako soldiers fight! YEAH!
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