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So anyway here's Chapter 15
“You pathetic excuses for warriors!” roared EagleEye, “You can't even pull off a simple ambush attack!” Zapper, Grappler, Destroyer, and D.G. fell to the ground smoldering from their electrocution.
Zapper pleaded, “Please forgive us. It's not….”
EagleEye cut him off, “Silence! Time after time you four continuously fail me! All of you are worthless piles of shit!”
Grapper begged, “This next plan wi….”
“Your plans never work Grappler Gouf!” snapped EagleEye, “For now on you four will follow my plans exactly or parish.”
D.G. said nervously, “Of course sire. After all you are the most powerful and smartest demon of us all.”
EagleEye scoffed, “Save your breath. Flattery doesn't work on me.” A roar, then a high pitched shriek, and an explosion is heard outside the castle. EagleEye groaned, “Now what?” he flew up to the main balcony that over looked the city while the foursome scurried through the heavy front doors. The multitudes of demons in the decaying city were aiming at the same target.
“I've got her!” said a male human demon wearing sliver clothes with black chains. He jumped from atop a building and landed on the scared street below. The demon hissed in pain. “Damn, that thing's sharp.”
A gray gundam slayer scoffed, “Amateur. Let me show you how it's done.” She pointed a bow and arrow at the street from a half-destroyed walkway. A beam of energy shot up from the street and knocked over the demon, “Clever little bitch,” the gundam slayer snarled.
“Allow me,” a battle scared black metal dragon thundered through the rubble and destruction. He breathed fire on the target. A girl screams as a sewer pipe from under the city brakes and sprays water on the dragon's face. The dragon coughed and sputtered.
A young girl's voice is heard, “Oh crap, crap, crap, crap, crap! They were right, I'm going to die!” A very young aqua green girl gundam with a fish like tail, what looked like a fish's spine running down her back, a wave pattern that decorated her body, and a gold tiara on her head slides in front of the foursome with a triton in her right hand.
Grapper shouts, “What the? That's a gundam!”
D.G. added, “A kid gundam!”
The young gundam faced the foursome and gasped as fear struck her ocean blue eyes.
EagleEye chuckled, “I remember you.” The female kid looked up towards the castle's main balcony. Her eyes froze on EagleEye, the kid's gunsoul hummed faster and faster. She took a few steps back, placed the triton on the underside of her tail with magic, and tried to run out of the city. EagleEye jumped from the balcony and landed on the gundam's tail, forcing her fall flat on her face. EagleEye flipped the girl onto her back and grabbed her around the neck. The young gundam struggled to get free but was too weak.
EagleEye enjoyed the kid gundam's suffering, “What's the matter? You're not scared are ya?” The gundam didn't respond but instead froze with fear. He smiled evilly, “I assume that there is only one reason you were foolish enough to come here. You want to see your big sister again, don't you Princess Azural.”
Back in Neotopia, the gundams are relaxing in an open field. Captain and Shute are looking at clouds, Baku is polishing his swords, Zero is lying on a lower tree branch, and Fleur is sitting higher in the tree petting Fenn and Skylar.
Shute sighed, “I could get use to this.”
“Get use to what Shute?” asked Captain.
“The peacefulness. It's been awhile since we have been able to just enjoy life.”
Captain was confused, “Enjoy life?”
Shute tried to explain, “Well yeah it's…uh…okay it's simple. Today is a peaceful day without any Dark Axis attacks. So we can just relax and enjoy our lived without worrying about them.”
“But Shute,” said Captain, “The Dark Axis could attack at anytime. Are you sure that it is safe for us to delete them from our memory.
“What? No, I'm not saying that. What I'm saying is that we should…uh…,” Shute groaned in frustration.
Baku tried to explain, “What Shute is saying is that we should just enjoy the fact that they aren't here and enjoy the peace.”
“Oh, I get it now,” said Captain.
Zero looked down at Baku from his branch, “Since when do you preach about peace Bakunetsumaru?”
Baku snapped back, “I was explaining to Captain not preaching about it knight!”
Shute sighed a mushroom cloud, “Here we go again.”
Before Zero could say anything back, Bakunetsumaru kicked the tree, causing Zero to fall flat on his face spread eagle. He also unknowingly knocked Fleur from her resting place higher in the tree.
Baku laughed, “Take that!” Fenn and Skylar fell out of the tree and landed on Zero.
Then Fleur fell almost out of the tree, “Ahhh! Oof!” she caught herself on a low branch using her left ankle, “Phew, okay who's the smart guy?”
Baku looked up at the upside down princess, “Sorry Fleur. I didn't mean to knock you out of the tree.”
Fleur smiled, “No problem honest mistake.” She dislodged her foot and landed gracefully on the ground.
Zero got up, “You'll pay for that Bakunetsumaru!” They drew their swords and started to fight each other. Fleur quickly got Fenn and Skylar and flew over to Shute and Captain.
Captain watched the two warriors, “I guess some things will never change.” He noticed that Fleur was looking at the sky with a worried look on her face, “Is something wrong Fleur?”
Fleur shook her, “Just thinking about things that's all.”
`Don't worry they're fine,” said Shute, “And besides, Bell Wood is working as fast as he can on the Trans-Dimensional Device.”
Captain's intercom lit up, “Dark Axis activity detected!” Zero and Baku stopped fighting, and followed.
Zapper was randomly shooting his machine guns, “What in evils name is taking them so long!?”
Grappler watched for the gundams, “We've taken half a city block. Where are they?”
“Duh, maybe they're not coming,” said D. Dom.
“Just keep blowing stuff up,” said D.G., “They'll come eventually. He was holding something behind his back.
“Gundams approaching North by Northwest!” announced Grappler.
Zapper stopped firing, “Took them long enough.”
Captain jumped out of Gunbike, “Attention Dark Axis! You are to….”
Destroyer interrupted, “You are to lay down your weapons and withdraw at once. We know your speech Captain. Why do you bother saying it?”
Captain was surprised by his comment, “Well I…uh…I…um…good question why do I bother saying it?”
“I never thought I say I say this but I'm glad you guys showed up today,” said Fleur.
“What are we? Your personal punching bags!” demanded Grappler.
Baku answered, “Pretty much.” Shute, Fenn, and Skylar tried not to laugh.
“What's your half brained plan this time?” asked Zero.
“Watch it knight,” said D.G., “We were wondering if Fleur would remember a certain gundam.” He showed them the aqua green gundam they had captured. The sunlight showed that the unconscious gundam's armor was banged, scratched, dented, and dirty.
Fleur's eyes shrunk in fear, “AZURAL!! Azural, can you here me! What have you done to my little sister!?”
D.G. snickered, “She wouldn't hold still so EagleEye had to knock her out.” The Zako's cheered.
All the commotion woke up Azural. She opened her ocean blue eyes half way since the bright sunlight blinded the young princess, “What happen?” she asked softly, “Where am I? Where did the sun come from? Is big sister here?” she shook her head slowly.
Demon General noticed, “Ah, the sleeping gundam awakes.”
Azural's eyes shot open. Even thought all she saw was her feet and his, that was enough for her, “AAHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEMON!!!!!”
The kid gundam failed around trying to get free.
“Hang on Azural! I'm coming!” Fleur darted towards her sister but Zero pulled her back, “Zero! Let go!”
“There's no point of you getting turned into scrap metal,” said Zero. The Zako swarm opened fire. The D.A. trio laughed triumphantly and joined in the fun while Azural watched the strange gundams fight back.
D.G. shouted, “There's one way to end this! Hand over Skylar and we'll give you the water princess!”
“Well that's out of the question,” conclude Shute.
“What are we going do then?” asked Fleur, “She's just a kid. I can't let her die.”
“Don't worry,” said Gunbike, “I have a plan. Listen up.” The gundams agreed to his plan.
Captain, Zero, Bakunetsumaru, and Fleur attacked the Zako swarm while Gunbike fired his missiles to create a smoke screen. Fenn and Skylar used the smoke to sneak around the Zako hoard.
“Duh, what are they doing?” asked Destroyer Dom.
“Causing trouble that's what,” answered Grappler.
Zapper targeted the gundam, “Since they don't want to trade, we'll fight instead. Fire!”
D.G. sighed, “I don't know what they're planning but it won't work we have the upper…,” something was pointed at the back of his head, “…hand?”
It was Guneagle with his beam rifle, “Jeez! Kidnapping Fleur's little sis? That's pretty low. Even for you guys.”
Azural thought she knew this gundam, “Lucky?”
“Damn,” D.G. growled, “I wasn't expecting this.”
“Sorry princess I'm not Lucky, I'm Guneagle,” he said, “But don't worry. I'll get you outta this.”
D.G. reached for his sword, “I highly doubt tha-OUCH!” Skylar sunk his teeth into D.G.'s right arm. Guneagle put away his beam rifle, got out his beam saber, cut the chains that were binding Azural, caught her, and flew off. D.G. ripped Skylar off of his arm and tossed him. Fenn caught Skylar and they flew to safety.
D.G. rubbed his arm, “Damn annoying two-what the hell!?” He just now realized that Azural was gone, “Get back here!”
“Man, and I thought Bossanova was slow,” said Guneagle. He looked at the little princess in his arms, “Are you okay?”
Azural nodded and said in a shy, timid voice, “Thank you.” She saw the battlefield and the ocean, “Can you take to the water over there please?”
“Do you have a plan?” asked Guneagle.
“Somewhat,” she replied, “Watch out!”
D.G. charged at them, “Don't let them get away!” The D.A. trio aimed at Guneagle but they were attacked by the gundams first.
“Dude!” Guneagle rolled away from Demon General, “Get him off of me!” Captain shot down D.G.
Guneagle placed Azural by the water's edge, “Whatever your plan is you might want to do it quickly.”
The water princess jumped into the ocean a got her triton from her tail, “I hope this works.”
“Guneagle! Where's the little princess?” asked Zero kicking away a few Zakos.
Guneagle joined the fight, “She said something about a plan involving the water.”
Bakunetsumaru used the Tek-no-ken on a group of Zakos, “What's she planning Fleur?”
Fleur used karate on a Zako, “Could be anything.” A wall of water rose from the ocean.
“Who or what the heck is causing that?” asked Zapper
The wall of water suddenly charged at them.
“Quick! Make haste!” shouted Zero flying off with Fenn and Skylar.
Shute raised an eyebrow, “Make what?”
“Run!” yelled Captain, jumping into Gunbike.
“Move it Entango!” shouted Baku as his steed ran at top speed.
“Let's get out of here!” shouted Grappler. Everyone ran or flew as fast as they could trying to escape the rushing wall of water. The swarm of Zakos were hit first, the D.A. trio and finally the water `grabbed' Demon General. Next something prevented the water from hitting the gundams. Instead the water turned around and `jumped' into the air. The gundams stopped and saw Azural with her triton in hand and the wave pattern on her armor glowing.
“Strange,” said Captain, “How is it that your sister is controlling the water. Is she using magic perhaps.?”
Fleur shook her head, “It's not magic. Water is her elemental power. She can manipulate it whenever she needs to.” Azural pointed the triton at the ground then spread her arms. The water obeyed slamming the Dark Axis into the ground and then separated into two walls of water with the dark axis in the middle.
“Is it over?” asked D. Dom, “I'm feeling sea sick.” Azural put her hand together and pointed at the sky. The water came rushing back to the Dark Axis.
“You just had to ask,” said Grappler. The water engulfed them and shot them up into the air.
Zapper screamed, “Open Zakrello gate!” They disappeared into the gate and Azural put the water back into the ocean.
Then she put away her triton and giggled, “That was fun.” The gundam ran over to Azural until they were about 10 ft. away. With out the chains on her they saw just how battered the kid gundam was.
Fleur steeped forward, “Are you okay Azural?”
Azural turned around and saw Fleur but couldn't believe it. She thought to herself, “Is that really her? Is she really alive? That gundam looks like my big sister. Sky blue armor with purple flames, white feathered wings, and even her sliver claws. I guess I could try?” Azural asked aloud, “Is that really you big sister?”
Fleur was caught off guard by this comment, “Of course it's me. I can understand you asking that. It has been many months since we last saw each other.” Fleur sighed, “Te, akosu ishaka moruut ka torsay zukas ngoring shyla ea t gzke?” Captain, Shute, and Bakunetsumaru gave Fleur a weird look.
Guneagle slapped his head, “Dude, why she say that?”
Zero chuckled, “I find it rather sweet.”
Shute asked, “I'm assuming that was Skylarkain, so what did she say?”
Zero translated, “She said, `So even after all this time you're not going to give me a hug?'”
“Oh I understand now,” said Captain, “Since demons can't speak Skylarkain that was the best way for Fleur to convince her sister she is who she says she is.”
Tears formed in Azural's eyes, “Fleur it…it really is you!” Azural ran up to her big sister and hugged her around her waist since Azural only came up to Fleur's waist. Azural cried tears of joy, “I knew it! I knew it! You just had to be alive! You just had to be!”
Fleur picked up her little sister and returned the hug, “Thank goodness you're alright. I thought something terrible had happen to you.” Fleur tried to choke back her tears, “But it doesn't matter what I thought now. You're safe and that's what matters.”
“Aw, that's so sweet,” said Shute. Fleur put Azural down and faced her friends. Azural hid behind her sister and looked at the strange new gundams.
Fleur giggled, “Don't worry Azural. These guys are my friends. They're going to help us get Skylark back from those demons.”
Captain stepped forward, “Greetings Azural. My name is Captain Gundam.”
“My name's Shute.”
Zero bowed to the princess, “I am Zero the Winged Knight and this is Fenn the Feather Dragon.”
“I am Bakunetsumaru the Blazing Samurai from Ark!”
“I'm Guneagle your savor.” Azural giggled at his comment. Then Skylar appeared at Azural's feet and mewed.
“How could I forget?” said Fleur, “This is Skylar the New Spirit of Skylark.”
Azural picked up the little spirit, “A new spirit? He's cute! And so is Fenn.” Fenn flew up to Azural and nuzzled her making her laugh a little, “Hey, I have plenty of attention for both of you.”
Fleur smiled, “Welcome to Neotopia little sis.”
Z1: Greeting ladies and gentlebots! Today's meeting is all about…
Z1, Z2, & Z3: Fleur's little sister Azural! (crowd boos)
Z1: Zako zako!
Z2: Azural is Fleur's one and only sister zako. But just from looking at them you wouldn't think that they were related zako zako.
Z3: That's the truth zako. First off Fleur can fly and Azural can't. Second, they look nothing alike. Third, Azural has a tail witch is somewhat disturbing zako.
Z1: Well get use to it we have to deal with her now since D.G. dropped the ball again and lost us the battle zako zako.
D.G.: (hits Z1) What I did not!
Zapper Zaku: Yes you did! You practically gave her to Guneagle!
Grappler Gouf: Now we know the problem. It's you! EagleEye should fry your circuits!
D.G.: What why me!?
Destroyer Dom: `Cause you're a gundam.
ZZ & GG: Exactly!
DG: I'm a DEMONICAN GUNDAM! There's a difference!.
ZZ: Whatever gundam!
DD: I still say that we should blast him!
GG: Go right ahead D. Dom.
DG: (runs off stage with DA trio running after him)
Z2: Let's hurry and finish this before they come back.
Z1 & Z3: Good idea zako.
Z3: Azural has what's called an elemental power. Elemental powers include water, fire, earth, and electricity zako. In order to have an elemental power you must be born with one zako zako. (they hear DG getting coming back)
Z2: We better end the show now!
Z1: Anyway for the future of the AHH!
ZZ: Hold still!
GG: I got him!
DG: Leave me alone!
DD: Fire!
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