SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Demon Nightmare ❯ Charge into Imperial ( Chapter 27 )

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The Gundam Force backed themselves into a corner as the demon hoard closed in hungrily. Shute, Genkimaru, Azural, and Thief hid behind the gundams shaking in fear. Skylar flattened himself against the rock wall whimpering. Even with weapons drawn, Captain, Zero, Bakunetsumaru, Fleur, Guneagle, and Lucky stood frozen in feared seeing as how they were severely outnumbered.
The lead demon stepped closer, “What's the matter? Not scared of your own kind are you traitor?” Lucky swallowed loudly.
Captain regained himself and shouted, “What are you waiting for Skylar!? Fire!”
“Huh? Oh! Right!” Skylar inhaled deeply and readied his spirit blast. Just a s he was about to fire, another demon used his powers to materialize a muzzle onto Skylar's snout causing the blast to get caught in his cheeks.
The demon snickered, “didn't think we would let you hit us that easily did ya?” Skylar swallowed the attack and tried to remove the muzzle.
Captain came up with another plan, “Guneagle! Lucky! Fire your missiles!”
“Roger!” Lucky and Guneagle fired their wing-mounted missiles as Captain fired some of his own. Several demons fired plasma ring guns at the missiles disarming them.
“Now what?” asked Shute.
Baku crossed his swords, “We die with honor.”
“You maniacs aren't going to die today. Not if I can help it.” What looked like a tank carrying two zakos thundered down the mountainside firing into the hoard. It ran off the side of the mountain and landed between the demon and gundams, “Hit `em with everything you got!” The tank and the two zakos opened fire, scattered the demons, and caused one to lose his concentration on Skylar's muzzle.
“Gunpanzer!” said Captain surprised.
Gunpanzer chuckled and spoke in Gunbike's voice, “Y'all didn't think I would let you die did ya? Now hop on. We have a city to reclaim.”
Gunpanzer thundered down the remainder of the mountain-side heading for a paved path while carrying Captain, Shute, Guneagle, Z1, Z2, Zero, Bakunetsumaru, Genkimaru, Fleur, Lucky, Azural, Joey, Amy Techno, Rex, and Thief while Skylar ran close behind.
Captain asked, “How did you three get here?”
“Simple,” answered Z1, “we took the round about route zako.”
Z2 nodded, “And helped him to avoid the numerous watchtowers zako.”
Gunpanzer spoke up, “Chief Haro got worried after we lost communication and sent us to find y'all. And before I forget, the Gundamusai's almost fixed and they'll supply air support as soon as it's ready.”
They hit the paved path and started for their target off in the distance only to be stopped by Demon General and his army.
D.G. greeted them, “Hello again, Gundam Force.”
Captain aimed every projectile in his arsenal at D.G. and his army, “We've beaten you once before and we will you beat you again General.”
D.G. laughed, “Not this time Captain. For I will the victor,” he drew his sword, “Now my Demon army, ATTACK!” Demon General's troops rushed the Gundam Force.
“Hang on!” Gunpanzer switched to reverse and sped away from the oncoming attack, “Don't waste a single shot!” Captain, Guneagle, Lucky, Shute, and Gunpanzer carefully aimed at the approaching army firing only when they had a clear shot in order to conserve ammo. Joey tossed his chained throwing knives, basically knives that he could pull back, at the army, Techno and Rex combined their conflicting elemental powers and hurtled electrified boulder bombs at the demons taking at a fair sized chuck with each hit.
D.G. shouted, “Demon zakos! Spray them!” The demon zakos puled out their machine guns and fired on Gunpanzer. Amy made a physic barrier that which absorbed the shots while Z1 and Z2 returned fire.
Demon General growled, “I knew there was something I didn't like about that Dark Axis. All right men! Charge!” A roaring fire shot down from the heavens and straight into the heart of the demon army roasting a majority of the demons. Draco flew down carrying dragoon and Wheeler while Rocket flew in close behind.
“Well it's about time!” shouted Fleur. Draco landed behind Gunpanzer and roared at the demon army while shaking his scales threateningly.
Wheeler jumped onto Gunpanzer, “How you guys made it, I'll never know.”
Gunpanzer asked, “Where's the Gundamusai?”
Rocket answered, “It's fixed but it's not flying yet.”
“Behind you!” Skylar shot his spirit blast past Rocket and wiped out half the demon army, “Saved you life.”
“Con sarn it Skylar!” shouted Gunpanzer, `Save your energy for the city!”
“Retreat!” The demon army fled in fear of Skylar.
D.G. vainly tried to stop them, “Wait you cowards! Get back here! We still outnumbered them!”
“Charge!” Gunpanzer chased after the demon army with Draco close behind.
“Everyone stay on high alert!” ordered Captain, “Who knows what they could be planning.” Gunpanzer continued to rumble down the path with only a few demons appearing but they quickly found their demon crystal shattered.
Thief's ears perked up, “What that?”
“What's what?” asked Genkimaru.
Azural looked at the sky and screamed, “Air attacked!” A dark cloud of thousands of glowing red eyes closed in.
“You have got to be kidding me!” shouted Wheeler.
Dragoon looked at him, “When you're done gawking, I suggest you use Total Annihilation.”
“Right!” Multiple air assault missiles, and lasers looked onto the appraoching demons, “Total Annihilation!” Wheeler fired his arsenal at the demons destroying only the outer fliers.”
“Some good that did,” said Bakunetsumaru, “You barely left a dent in their forces.”
“Gotcha!” Demon Generals ground troops jumped from the shadows and swarmed Gunpanzer.
“Get off!” Bakunetsu slashed the demons with his twin katanas.
“Begone demons!” Zero used his magic to repel the demons.
“Show them no mercy!” Captain sprayed the demons with his gattling gun.
“Man, for everyone you destroy, five more take his place,” Guneagle, Lucky and the two zakos watched Shute's, Genkimaru's, Azural's and Thief's back as they picked off the demons.
“Let's claim that reward men!” The demon leading the air force shouted. The air force dived bombed Gunpanzer but was stopped by the Gundamusai and all of the villagers.
“Not on my watch!” shouted Chief Haro. He rode on the Gundamusai's outer hull along with Doc and several warriors while the other Skylarkains rode on either hover boards, fighter jets, or on the wings of the fighter jets. A majority of the kids carried sling shots and bags full of stones while the teenagers and adults handled a variety of different weapons. “Fire!” The cannons fired into the ground troops knocking them back and dispersed the remaining air forces.
Lucky shouted, “Way to go Doc!”
Demon General growled, “Take down that ship!” His forces shouldered air assault missiles.
“Don't think so,” Raptor, Karisha, and Hubert jumped from the shadows and destroyed those carrying air assault missiles.
D.G. growled, “Fall back! We need reinforcements!” The demon army retreated leaving a wide-open path to Imperial.
“We did it!” shouted Shute, Azural, Genkimaru and Thief, “We did it! We did it! We drove back the demons!”
The Gundamusai flew down and hovered near Gunpanzer and Draco, “They under estimated us this time but I doubt they'll do it again,” said Chief Haro, “But for now, we leave it up to you King Lucky and Princess Fleur, to guide us safely to Imperial.”
Lucky took command, “Alright I want everyone to stick close together! Wander off and your demon chow! Anyone with a scanner do so! Oldest get on the outside and youngest, closer to the center! Gunpanzer, stay in the center! Draco, you and the Gundamusai supply air support! Everyone, conserve your ammo until you absolutely need it. Now lets take back our home and END THIS DEMON NIGHTMARE!”
“I should've known they couldn't be trusted,” snarled EagleEye, “Now that the Dark Axis has turned against me, they will pay dearly.” He lifted his scepter and spoke into it as if it where a microphone, “Here me my loyal followers! Half go and bring me the Gundam Force! Kill any that get in your way! Everyone else, find Zapper Zaku, Grappler Gouf, and Destroyer Dom and bring them to me. Any non-demon zakos you find, destroy them as well.”
The Skylarkain army thundered towards the awaiting city off in the distance. No one had attacked from quite some time, but that just put them more on edge. The eternal night air was still allowing the heat trapped by the demon dust that darkens the sky to suffocate them. The four spirit demons and Skylar sensed something, “Stop!” Lucky, Raptor, Karisha, and Hubert slammed on the brakes causing some of the army to run into them.
“Signal next time,” said Jay.
“Why do you stop?” asked Captain.
Skylar growled at the surrounding area, Hubert kept snapping his head around and Karisha and Raptor scrapped their feet across the dry earth. "“Something's coming,” said Raptor.
One of the aerial units saw a black circle beginning to draw itself around the Skylarkain army, “Get out of there now!” Everyone tied to scatter but only managed to run into each other and were then caught in the following explosion and sent flying.
“Kigo…what happened?” asked a Skylarkain.
Karisha shook herself off, “Enclosed explosion.”
“ATTACK!” An enormous demon army emerged from the shadows and started a full out assault on their startled opposition. The demons jumped between the Skylarkains and destroyed those to scared to fight back. The Skylarkain army tried to fight back but they were far to out numbered; the various demon slayers, monks, priest and priestess could barely keep up.
Demon General laughed evilly, “That's right take them down but leave the Gundam Force for his highness.”
Gunpanzer shouted, “Forget they have us to far outnumbered! We have to retreat.”
“If we retreat we die!” someone shouted.
Rocket ordered, “Everyone stand your ground! We must make it to Imperial!”
“We're going to need a miracle!” shouted Shute.
Z1 pulled out a communicator, “One miracle coming up, zako! Open fire!” Machine gun fire surrounded the battlefield and mowed down most of the demon army, “No one double crosses the Dark Axis zako!”
“Fall back!” ordered D.G., “They have the zako hoard! I repeat! Fall back!” The remaining demon army turned tail and ran from the zako onslaught.
The Skylarkain army took a second to regain themselves. The Gundam Force looked around at what was left of their army. Bakunetsumaru growled, “Those cowards. Hiding in the shadows and attacking when we least expect it. They have no honor.”
“Hey!” snapped Karisha, “Some of us have honor!”
“Knock it off you two,” ordered Captain.
“Is everyone okay?” asked Zero.
“Define `okay',” answered Fleur.
“Zako.” Several of the zako hoard help those injured by the demons and helped them back to the central unit of the Gundamusai, Gunpanzer, and Draco.
Rocket glared at them first knowing they used to work for EagleEye then said a quick, “Thank you.” Both of his brothers gave him a confused looked, looked at each other, and shared a silent smile and laugh.
“I guess this means we owe you one,” said Chief Haro.
Z2 answered, “Ah, shucks, zako. It was nothing.”
“What!?! You were beaten by those damn zakos!” EagleEye roared outraged.
D.G. shook in fear, “F-forgive me sire. I-I didn't plan on a zako attack. I-”
“Silence!” shouted EagleEye, “the Gundam Force's army is coming closer by the second. Doga commandos! Prepare to repel the approaching army!”
“At once sire!' The four Doga's flew back into the city.
EagleEye turned to his shivering general and said with growing anger, “Now General. Make yourself and find out how the prisoner escaped!”
“Y-yes sire!” Demon General flew off towards the dungeons.
EagleEye drew his breath and slowly let it out in a low growl while clenching the clear diamond that rested atop his scepter, “This is not how I planned. Even in death Ancient you are a thorn in my side along with the Gundam Force.”
The Gundam Force and their army raced towards their target without any more interruptions.
“Did they give up?” asked Azural.
“More than likely, not,” answered Rele.
“They're probably planing on getting us as soon as we enter the city,” said Genkimaru.
Sklyar, with Fleur on his back led the pack as they rounded another corner. Fleur looked up and shouted, “There's Imperial!” The tall city walls blocked them out. Some remaining buildings still loomed over the walls and watchtowers dotted the wall's top where various weapons laid waiting.
“Impressive,” said Bakunetsumaru looking up from Entango.
Chief Haro looked through a pair of binoculars, “Not good. They're expecting us.” Every kind of demon imaginable waited on the rooftops and snarled at the Gundamusai. Chief Haro shifted his gaze to the castle were it locked with EagleEye's. The demon king stood waiting on the main balcony over looking the city. “Darn it,” said Chief Haro, “I willing to bet EagleEye already knows we're here.”
Gray Doga Commando spotted the Gundamusai, “Gundam Force approaching at 10 o'clock. What are your orders sire?”
“Let them come,” said EagleEye, “we will wipe them out in there own city. Now...let's see how they handle their own defenses.” The glowing skin of the human Skylarkains almost looked like a beacon of light coming to take over the darkened city.
“King Lucky,” said Captain, “My scanners have detected a barrier extending from the city wall to exactly 15ft. What is your purposed plan of attack?”
“More than likely they reconfigured the outer perimeter defenses to repel those without a demon crystal instead of those with out a chip. The wall's only weak spot in the main gate.” The army made a sharp turn and followed Lucky staying well enough away from the invisible barrier as they approached the main gate. The old, heavy, weathered, gate was constructed of marble, stone, and was held together by solid metal straps that were a mixture of gundaium and steel.
Rocket hovered forward, “Allow me. Isurku kata!” The heavy rusted lock on the backside of the gate responded to Rocket's voice command and began to slide open. Metal scraped metal as the various locks within the lock creaked and clanked from having been neither oiled nor used in a long, long time. Both forces on either side of the gate covered their ears as the lock continued to try and open itself.
EagleEye ordered, “Someone stop that thing!” Several strong-armed demons grabbed hold of the lock forcing it the grind to a halt.
Gray Doga first shook of the pain then asked EagleEye, “Um…sire? Not to question your plan but, do we not want them in here?”
EagleEye rubbed his ears, “Yes we want in here. But why not weaken them first?”
Bakunetsumaru groaned, “Ah ow…what the? The gate didn't open!”
“What!?” shouted Rocket, “But that's the password. I came up with it myself!” He growled and said it again, “Isurku kata!” The lock didn't budge, “Isurku kata! Isurku kata! Why isn't it working?!”
“So much for the Green Knight,” said Zero.
“Zero,” said Fleur harshly. Rocket growled, pulled out his plasma sword, and jammed it into the gate's seam.
This caught Lucky off guard, “What are doing Rocket?”
Rocket placed his ear to the gate and jiggled the sword into the lock, “There's a `sweet spot' that allows one to open it from the outside. Now where is it?” Demon magic grabbed the sword and pulled it through the gate, “No my sword!”
“Thanks for the weapon Gunbrat!” Fang laughed from the other side. Rocket pounded his fist against the gate.
Draco sighed, “Okay, we'll do this my way.” He lifted his sergeant father off his back, placed him on Gunpanzer, and back away from the gate.
Dragoon watched him, “What are you doing?”
“You'll see,” Draco charged the gate and rammed it with all his body weight in vain, “Ouch….”
This however, gave Captain and idea, “Chief Haro! Locked one of the Gundamusai's cannons onto the gate. Anyone and everyone with some kind of projectile, lock onto the gate.” Everyone who met the requirements followed his order, “Fire!” Captain, Guneagle, Lucky and all other with a projectile weapon fired at the gate. The birage only weakened its metal couplings and chipped some of the stone. “Fire elements!” shouted Captain, “Heat it up!” Raptor and the other fire elementals began to torch the gate. “Water elements! Cool it down!” The fire stopped and Azural and the other water elementals shot water at the gate instantly cooling it. “Draco! Skylar! Hubert! Ram it!” Anyone standing on or around them quickly backed away as the three giants rammed all of their body weight against it managing to knock off the metal couplings. Captain continued his plan, “Electrical elements! Zap it!” Doc and the other electric elementals shocked the already soaked gate electrocuting the demons on the other side and started the lock's opening sequence again. More demons latched onto the lock and stopped it once more. Captain barked another order, “Earth elementals! Smash it with your boulders!” Rex led the earth elementals in their attack and managed to knock off fair size chunks of the gate with the projectile rocks. “Skylar! Draco! Hubert! Ram it again!” The three giants rammed the gate again, this time causing the lock to warp from stress. Captain smiled, “Alright everyone! Charge the gate and let's take back this city!” Everyone let out a cheer as they charged the gate a finally forced the lock to break and the gate to swing open allowing them to flood into the city.
EagleEye raised his scepter, “ATTACK!” The demons let out their own battle cry and charged the opposition ready for an all out war.
“Skylar!” shouted Fleur, “Take out some of these demons!” Skylar let out a roar like a gunshot, sending a pulse of energy down all of the main streets and obliterating half the demon army.
Lucky said with urgency, “Fleur. They've deactivated the defense grid. You take south and west. I'll take east and north.”
“Got it,” Fleur replied, “But we'll need cover fire. Captain! You, Shute, Guneagle, Rele, and half of the Gunchoppers watch Lucky's back. Zero, Bakunetsumaru, Genkimaru, and the rest of the Gunchoppers, watch mine.”
Lucky shouted an order to his spirit demon forces, “Raptor! Karisha! Hubert! You three protect my loyal followers and especially my little sister.”
“Roger Demonico,” they answered in unison.
EagleEye shouted, “Dogas! Guard the defense buildings. Everyone else, take down those Skylarkains!”
“At once sire!” The Dogas flew to the four defense buildings.
“Be careful Lucky,” said Fleur.
“You too sis,” said Lucky. Fleur and Zero flew towards the southern defense building followed closely by Bakuntesumaru and Genkimaru, who were riding Entango, and Gunchoppers 5-7. Countless demons lunged at them from all angles but the Gunchoppers and Zero's magic kept them at bay. They darted down an alley where they found Blue Doga waiting for them in front of a building without windows or doors.
Bakunetsumaru jumped off of Entango, “I had a feeling we would face one of you.”
Blue Doga laughed, “And I assure you, you will not be disappointed.” Blue Doga fired at the gundams from his head mounted cannons causing them to scatter then surround him.
“We've beaten once before and we'll do it again!” shouted Zero angrily.
“Oh contraire,” said Blue Doga, “Last time, I didn't have demon powers.” Blue spread his arms causing a pulse of energy to knock down the gundams. Next, he flew down and snatched Genkimaru into the air.
“Unhand him!” ordered the Gunchoppers in unison.
Genkimaru struggled to get free while Blue Doga smirked, “My demands are simple. I'll free the brat if you hand yourself over to EagleEye.”
“We'll just take the brat.” Ninja throwing stars cut across Blue Doga's arm causing him to drop Genkimaru who was caught my Bakunetsumaru.
Cobramaru minus his snake armor jumped off the side of the building and landed in the middle of the gundams, “You okay Genkimaru?”
“How did you doing here?” asked Genki.
Cobramaru answered, “To make a long story short, Diashogun of Perfect Virtue appeared before me and said I must help my friends. Next thing I know. I'm in this freaking war zone. Where am I any way?”
“My home,” Fleur answered.
Blue Doga growled, “You'll pay for that.”
“I got him,” Baku drew his twin katanas, “Scared arts Bakunetsu…Teknoken!” He slashed straight through Blue Doga with his flaming X destroying him instantly. Genkimaru laughed, “Ha ha! Take that demons!” He held up a peace sign.”
Fleur ran over to the blank building and placed her hand on the wall. After a few seconds, a hidden door slid open reveling a small room containing a computer with a cracked screen. She rapidly typed on the keyboard muttering in Skylarkain. Various screens flashed by then a symbol that resembled the old spirit appeared, “Yes!” shouted Fleur.
A siren wailed and a computer voice said loudly, “Demon alert! Demon alert! Demon alert!” Huge sun lamps turned on blinding everyone in the southern quadrant and destroyed all lesser demons save human demons. Laser guns appeared out of the sides of buildings and from underground and fired on the demons within range. Soon, the entire southern part of the enormous city was lit by the sunlamps and was demon free. The Skylarkain army rubbed their eyes and had to blink several times in order to see in the artificial sunlight. Some gasped and others cheered, “They did it! Hahahahaha!”
“One down, three to go,” Lucky, Captain, Shute, Guneagle, Rele, and Gunchoppers 1-4 ran down the eastern side of the wall heading towards the next defense building while the army moved the front line closer to the castle and continued to repel the demons.
“s what exactly are we looking for?” asked Shute.
“Don't worry,” said Lucky, “I'll know it when I see it.” They raced around the outer edge of the city almost flush with the wall.
An archer spied them from a walkway, “Not so fast traitor.” She shoot five arrows at them.
Captain's scanners picked them up, “Heads up!” The dodged the arrows then Captain, Shute, Guneagle, Lucky, and the Gunchoppers returned fire. Evading the shots the archer vanished into the shadows.
“Where did she go?” asked Rele.
“My scanners are unable to detect her,” answered Captain, “Let's keep moving.”
After a few more minutes of demon dodging, the Gunchoppers spotted Purple Doga, “Captain, we've have detected Doga Commando Purple northeast from our position.”
“Why am I not surprised?” asked Guneagle sarcastically.
Purple Doga had also spotted them, “Well it's about time. I was starting to get bored.”
Captain aimed his gattling gun at Purple Doga, “Attention Doga commando, I order you to come peacefully with us.”
Purple Doga chuckled, “I'm not becoming your prisoner.” Purple Doga launched his missiles at them.
Rele quickly put up a shield around the others, “Hurry and get him! I can't hold this thing forever.”
Shute fired his beam rifle at Purple Doga but the mech easily dodged an closed in on the humans, “Is that all you got organic?
Shute then screamed, “Captain! Do it now!”
“Soul drive activated!” Captain's right fist glowed and a fighting fire burned in his eyes. He jumped in the air and wound up his attack, “Captain Punch!”
Purple Doga turned around just in time to see Captain, “What! Oh no!” Captain's super charged punch shattered Purple Doga's demon crystal, “No! Not again!” Purple Doga was destroyed.
“Alright Captain!” shouted Lucky and Guneagle at the same time. Lucky then flew in to the partially destroyed building and reactivated the eastern defense system.
A computer voice shouted, “Demons detected in the east! Demon alert! Demon alert!” The eastern sunlamps turned on and and the lasers opened fire on all demons within reach.
“Two down, two to go!” shouted Shute triumphantly.
“Our turn again,” Fleur's team headed west in to the demon city.
“Not if I can help it,” said EagleEye, “Demon zakos, attack!” The demon possed zakos fired at the on coming gundams.
“get down!” Zero raised his shield and blocked the attack.
“Forgive us zako!” the normal zakos fired their machine guns on their demon counter parts.
Yellow Doga growled, “I always knew those zakos were useless. Guess it's up to me.”
“Out of my way!” Fleur scratched Yellow Doga across the facemask knocking him aside.
“Ow! What was that?!” shouted Yellow Doga. He recovered just ion time to see Bakunetsumaru and Zero coming for him.
“Taste our steel!” shouted the gundams in unison.
“Don't think so,” Yellow Doga turned on his twin beam sabers that were permanently fused with his wrist as he fought of the gundams. Cobramaru and Genkimaru slipped by them unnoticed and chased after Fleur who was already at the west defense building.
“Better hurry up cutie,” said Cobramaru.”
Western defense grid back on line,” said a mechanical voice
“WHAT!?” shouted Yellow Doga.
“You want this one Zero?” asked Baku.
“It would be my pleasure,” Zero forced his Buster Sword in to Yellow Doga's armor instantly destroying him.
“Demon alert! Demon alert!” The western sunlamps and lasers destroyed all demons within their quadrant.
EagleEye swore out loud, “All demon! Retreat to the castle now!” Every remaining demon dashed to the enormous castle that covered the entire northern quadrant.
Grey Doga chuckled, “Have no fear King EagleEye. They will not activate this one.”
“I'm making sure of that,” EagleEye sent down a pulse of energy that completely destroyed the defense building, Grey Doga and a section of the castle's fence. Then he too retreated into the castle.
“What the!” shouted Lucky, “Okay, that was messed up!”
Captain sighed, “Destroyed, then brought back to life, then destroyed again. I almost feel sorry for the Doga commandos.”
“Nooooooo! My work shop! It's ruined!” shouted Dr,. Elecrtocudo, “This can't be happening! That was my home!”
“They destroyed the train station!”
“Noo! The Inn's been totaled!”
“AHH! My home!”
“Nooo! My office! I just got a promotion!”
“The police station's gone!”
“My apartment! Noo!”
“The library's gone!”
“The museum! It's ruined!”
“They leveled the bank!” The Skylarkains continued to shout denial that everything they had is gone. The sunlamps that had once provided happiness now displayed the total chaos and destruction this living nightmare has caused.
Joey groaned, “Talk about a bitter sweet victory.”
Skylar looked around, “It's going to take forever to rebuild this kingdom.”
Captain ran a calculation through his processor, “From the damage I have witness, I estimate that it will take-”
“I beg of you Captain, don't finish that sentence,” said Fleur.
Azural looked up at the castle, “Now what do we do?”
Chief Haro answered, “We take back the castle and destroy EgaleEye once and for all!”