SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ I Enjoy Being A Girl ❯ Eep! Baku's hitting on me!! ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Once again, it's a peaceful day in Neotopia….

" SHUT UP!!!"

" NO!! YOU SHUT UP!!!"

….er….WAS anyway….

Baku growled at Zero. " Look you, I'm a better fighter then you can ever dream of becoming! I mean, LOOK! You're a pansy!!" (A/N: Look and see how many times someone has called Zero a pansy in my fics. >.>)

Zero hovered while crossing his arms. " Pansy my ass!"

" EXACTLY! You got a pansy ass!" Zero blushed while pulling his cape down from behind him.

" Don't be checking out my ass!"

" WHAT?! I wasn't!!"

" Then how would you know I have a pansy ass?!"

" CUZ YOU'RE A PANSY!!" Zero shook with rage.

" That's it, I'm gonna kill you." Zero grabbed his sword and hut the flat end really hard over Baku's head. The samurai's eyes started to swirl as he staggered about. He then fell to the ground unconscious. Zero snorted.

" Serves you right!" Zero stalked off while muttering, but then was suddenly stopped as someone stood in front of his way.

A little girl with curly blonde hair smiled up at him, wearing a pair of pink shorts and a blue tank top.

" Hello!" She said. Zero cleared his throat, about to say hello too, but then she added, " I'm gonna turn you into a girl!!" Zero's eyes bugged out in confusion.

" W-what??" She reached into her pocket, then pulled out a handful of pink, sparkly dust. She then blew it in his face, and skipped off happily.

Zero rubbed his eyes as the dust was blown into them. After a few minutes, he shook his head with a groan. ` That was odd….' He thought. He looked around to see if the girl was still there, but she disappeared. ` Children today…' He rolled his eyes. He started to leave, but then heard Baku groan while waking up. Zero sighed, then decided to go and make sure he didn't do any more brain damage to the musha.

Zero went over to Baku, and leaned over his body. Weird, he felt kind of funny walking…

" Hey, lazy-good-for-nothing-can't-do-anything-right-moron!" Zero spat as Baku opened his eyes. Zero cleared his throat, since it sounded a bit higher pitched than usual.

Baku blinked up at Zero, seeming to be in a daze. " Am I in heaven…?" Baku asked suddenly. Zero looked at Baku questionably.

" WHAT are you talking about?" Baku quickly stood up, then took Zero's hands.

" You're the most beautiful creature I've ever lain eyes on!" Baku exclaimed while blushing. Zero chuckled nervously while a sweatdrop ran down the side of his head.

" W-what are you talking about??"

" You of course! I must be dead, because that's where all the angels are! Tell me…" Baku gazed at Zero affectionately. " What is your name?"

" …Zero…" the knight said flatly. " Wow, that's weird! A friend of mine has the same name!!" Zero took his hands back, then growled, " Use your eyes, you fool! I AM Zero the Winged Knight!!!"

Baku blinked, then burst out laughing. " Yeah right! You're a girl!! You can't be Zero!" Zero looked at Baku.

" W-what?!" He then looked down, and saw he had a full, round chest. He quickly put his arms over his bosom and blushed. He was wearing navy blue spandex under a more smaller and feminine version of his armor. He then started to feel his hair on his back. He grabbed some of it, and saw that it was as blue as his armor, and went down to his waist.

Zero gaped at himself, then looked at his hands in horror. They were perfectly manicured nails painted a metallic blue.

" Oh my god…" he started to feel faint.

" Are you okay?" Baku asked. Zero looked up at him, then fainted.