SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ I Enjoy Being A Girl ❯ Tempest Temptation ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Zero rubber her eyes while groaning. She blinked, then looked around to find herself in a rather silky room. " The hell?" she yawned. She felt like going back to sleep on the silky covers, but then the dark polished doors opened. Zero yelped.

" Tallgeese?!" She sprung to her feet. Tallgeese looked at her. " What the…" He glared at a Pawn Leo that came up behind him. " You told me you got Zero!!"

" B-but that's what the red samurai called her!!" Tallgeese hit the Leo with his sword, turning it into a die. He looked back at the girl.

" Well, I might as well have a little fun since you're here," he said while eyeing her. " You certainly are a pretty little nymph…" Zero twitched. " Tell me, what is your name?"

" Zero." Tallgeese sweatdroped.

" No, seriously, what is it?"

" Zero the Winged Knight." Tallgeese glared at her. " Tell me the truth, woman!" Zero smiled cutely. " But it is, Tallgeese!"

" How do you know my name??"

" Because I'm ZERO!"

" No you're not! Zero's a male Gundam! You're a…" He grinned. " Shapely woman…" Zero blushed while scowling at him.

" You want proof? Fine then!" Zero raised her arm up while saying, " In the name of your pact with the Winged Knight, be my shield and my sword! Come to me!!" The blue magic circle of mana appeared above Zero and dropped down her shield and sword. Tallgeese gasped, but quickly chuckled as Zero tried to lift up the heavy weapons.

" Ah, damnit!" Zero tried to tug the sword from its place in the shield. She managed to get it out, but quickly fell backwards from the weight. Tallgeese laughed.

" What the hell happened? Besides you turned into a girl?"

" I…turned into a girl…" Zero said dryly while trying to lift the sword. Tallgeese walked up to Zero and grabbed the sword from her. He tossed it aside, but didn't waver his eyes from her. Zero sweatdroped.

" Uhh….what?"

" My adversary is a girl now…" Zero raised an eyebrow. " And?"

" And I'm a male…" Zero blinked, then screamed when she figured out what Tallgeese meant. She grabbed the shield, then tossed it into the Tempest knight's head. She ran off to the other side of the room, and tried to open up the doors.

" No! C'mon…OPEN!" She tugged at the handles as hard as she could.

" They won't open," Tallgeese said, somewhat recovered from the blow to the head. Zero spun around and pressed her back against the doors. He started to advance towards her. She pushed her back as far against the door as far as it would go, hoping that she'd learn how to go through walls at any second. Tallgeese raised her head up to meet his eyes.

" Hard to imagine such a pretty little thing could actually be something I loathe so…" He then smacked her across the face. She hit the floor, then started scooting away from him.

" J-just stay away from me!!" Tallgeese grabbed her by the arm and lifted her to her feet.

" No." She tried to get her arm out of his grasp, but she was human now, and didn't have the strength she once had. Tallgeese tossed her onto the bed, then pinned her down. She started to breath heavily as her heart started to beat with fear.

" Yes, be afraid…." Tallgeese whispered darkly while placing his face close to her neck.

" Get off of me, damnit!" she snapped.

" Now, now. That's not very lady like…" He bent his head down and started sucking on her sensitive skin. Zero shut her eyes tightly, feeling dirty that he touched her.

" Go fuck off!"

" How about we compromise that? Instead, I'll fuck you…" Zero's eyes widened in horror.

" N-no!" She tried to get him off of her, but she could barely make him budge. He laughed. He grabbed the front of her shirt, then ripped it off. She screamed.

" How does the all mighty Zero feel now? I'm dying to know…" Tallgeese ran a hand up her skirt slowly. Zero looked away from him while shutting her eyes tightly.

" Help…" She whispered.

" No one can help you know…" Tallgeese said while grabbing her panties. Tears started to well up in Zero's eyes as Tallgeese started to pull them down. He was going to rape her, and she was scared out of her mind.

" Bakunetsumaru!!!" She screamed. Tallgeese just laughed. " He won't come…So why don't you just relax…."

Zero let out a choked sob as she felt Tallgees's hand go further up. " Baku…"


I'm cruel. I know. But I'm too tired to finish it up ^^; Will Baku magically appear to save Zero? Or is she gonna be scarred for life? ^^;;;;