SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ I Enjoy Being A Girl ❯ First Kiss ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Ya know, I got the title of this story from an OLD commercial song that gets in my head sometimes. X.x Anyone know what I'm talking about?? It'd be a miracle if you do…

Alright, the moment you've all been waiting for!! Is Zero getting raped or not? You know me…I'm unpredictable! >:)


Zero shook with fear as Tallgeese now grabbed her skirt. " Where's some cold water when you need it…" Zero said out loud.

" Cold water?" Tallgeese repeated. " You can have water when I'm through with you." They suddenly heard a loud crash as the ground shook slightly.

" The hell?!" Tallgeese stood up and looked towards the door. Zero rolled off the bed when Tallgeese was looking away and quickly crawled to her sword. The door then cracked as something started to pound on it from the outside. The doors caved in, and Tallgeese gasped. Zero turned around, and stared in disbelief.

" Fenn….?"

The large Feather Dragon stomped into the room and rammed into Tallgeese. He hit him into the wall, then hit him with his tail, making the dark knight smash through the stone wall.

" Fenn!" Zero cried. Fenn looked over at Zero, then went to the knight and nuzzled her chest. Zero sobbed in relief at seeing the dragon. " Oh Fenn!" Zero hugged the dragon's head. " H-how did you find me? Did Tallgeese have you prisoner here?" Fenn nodded. Zero touched his sword, making it vanish back into the mana.

" Let's get out of here, and quick!"


" What do you MEAN you can't find Zero!!?!?" Baku screamed. " I just saw her to her room an hour ago!!"

" Yes, but a lot can happen in an hour's time, Baku," Captain said. Baku growled.

" I swear, if anything happened to her I'll--"

" Be an idiot and kill everyone?" Baku and the others looked towards the deck to see Zero holding the little fluff ball known as Fenn in her arms.

" Zero!!" Baku jumped down to the deck and hugged her tightly. " Oh god, I was so worried!" Baku said. " Where the hell did you go, woman!?" Fenn fumed as Baku squished him in between him and his master.

" Feeeeennnnn…."

Zero looked away from Baku, feeling to ashamed to say what he let happen. " That's….not important. What IS important though is that we got Fenn back!"

" Fenn?! Where is he??" Baku asked while looking around.

" FEEEENNN!" Baku screeched as Fenn breathed fire directly at his mid section. Baku jumped into the air, then fell on his back in pain.

" Hot hot hooooooot!" Zero sweatdroped while Fenn cuddled close to her. Captain and Guneagle came down and laughed at Baku.

" Dude, you're smokin'," Guneagle laughed. And Baku was, literally. Captain looed over Zero, then asked, " Zero, where's your shirt?" Zero realized she had on a loose bra. She held Fenn up slightly to cover her.

" Um…uh….Fenn burned it?" Surprisingly they bight that. Guneagle started to snicker.

" I think Fenn likes your new form a lot…" Zero raised an eyebrow, then looked down and blushed as Fenn nuzzled his face between her breasts.

"Fenn!" Baku laughed. " Well, Fenn IS living the good life right at this second!"


Baku twitched as he lied face down on the ground. Zero huffed, then walked away to her room while carrying Fenn. Guneagle tilted his head slightly as Zero walked off.

" Damn! Who would have thought that guy would turn out to be so HOT!" Guneagle exclaimed. Captain sweatdroped while Baku got up and glared at Guneagle.

" Hey! Don't check out my Zero!!" Guneagle looked at Baku.

" Did you say, your Zero?" Baku blushed. " Uh-no!! I mean…Gotta go!" Baku then ran off into the base.

Zero put on a white flannel shirt and cuddled up with Fenn. Fenn purred while rubbing his head against his master. " Thank you, Fenn," Zero said. " You came in the nick of time."

" Hey Zero!" Zero looked up to see Baku. " Hey there," Zero smiled. Fenn eyed Baku with narrow eyes as the musha sat down next to Zero on the couch in the game room. (As in virtual reality games, and some pinball! Yippieeee!! What? They GOT to have one of them at the base SOMEWHERE >.>)

" So where did you go?" Zero looked down. " No where…"

" Don't give me that crap," Baku said. " What happened to you?" Zero sighed, and tried to focus his attention on petting Fenn. Baku grabbed her chin and made her look up at him.

" Please…if anything happened to you that hurt you in any way, I want to know," Baku said sincerely. Zero blushed a light pink while gazing into Baku's eyes. They were so caring…so reliable. Zero wanted to tell him what had happened to her back with Tallgeese, and so many other things right then. Zero was so caught up in his eyes, that she didn't notice Baku leaning closer to her…even when he was only a few centimeters away…

" FENN!" Baku yelped while jumping up to his feet while Fenn flame throwed the samurai again. Fenn huffed, then cuddled back into Zero's lap, shooting the musha a glare.

Zero laughed while the musha fanned his smoking hide. " I guess Fenn is being over protective of me in this form," Zero said.

" Really, I couldn't tell," Baku muttered. Zero giggled while standing up. " I'm going to bed now. G'night."

" Night…"


The next day, Fenn had been frying Baku every time he got to close to Zero, which the knight found funny and puzzling at the same time. When they were over at Shute's, Fenn went to sleep on the laundry basket outside that Keiko freshly folded from the clothesline.

Shute, Captain, Guneagle, and Zero were hanging out in the front yard while Baku was back at the base, tending to his burns.

" I'm bored," Shute said while hanging upside down from a lawn chair. Guneagle was flying circles above them, which made Zero jealous, since he couldn't fly. Actually, if he got wet again, he would turn back to the way he was, but he knew by now something would change him back, and he didn't want to be standing in front of everyone naked.

" How abouuuut we play a game?" Guneagle suggested while landing back onto earth.

" Like what?" Captain asked. Guneagle smirked.

" Truth or dare!" Zero blinked. " Please, that game is so childish--"

" I'm in!" Shute said, getting up. Captain nodded. " I'll play as well." Zero sighed, seeing that everyone wanted to play.

" Oh fine."

" Alright, I'll go first!" Guneagle said. " Captain! Truth, dare, double dare, promise to repeat?"

" Double dare," Captain said bravely. " Alright. I dare you to…uhhh…" Guneagle thought for a moment. " …Belly dance!" Zero sweatdroped while Shute laughed. Captain laughed nervously.

" You got to be kidding…"

" No. Do it!" Captain sighed, then started to shake his hips from side to side. Everyone started laughing as Captain did this for a few seconds, then he sat down while blushing.

" My turn. Shute?"

" Truth!"

" Do you still sleep with a night light?" Shute blushed while looking down. He muttered something. " What was that?"

" …Yes…" Guneagle started cracking up. " Dude! That's hilarious!!"

" Hey! After the whole Dark Hole incident, I really didn't want to be in the dark!" Zero couldn't blame him.

" Zero!" Zero blinked. " Um….promise to repeat..?" Zero had no idea what that was, but thought it wasn't that bad. Shute grinned mischievously.

" Go to the base, and kiss Bakunetsumaru and tell him that he's hot!"

" WHAT?!" Zero screamed. " Promise to repeat is basically daring," Guneagle said.

" Do I have to…?" Zero moaned. " YES!" Sighing, Zero stood up.

" I'll get my revenge for this…."


Zero knocked on Baku's door nervously. Baku opened it. " Hey Zero," he said. " H-hi.." Zero said. " Um..I uh…." Her throat started to dry up. " Um…" She closed her eyes and pressed her lips against Baku's faceplate. She drew away, then looked down at the ground.

" I-I'm sorry…I was just…I mean. I was…" Baku took her chin in his hand and made her look back up at him. He took off his mouth plate, then kissed Zero passionately. Unintentionally, Zero wrapped her arms around his neck as he put his hands on her hips. She moaned softly when she felt his tongue exploring her mouth.


Shute, Guneagle and Captain peered around the corner, watching the two kiss. Shute recorded it all on his camera. " Hey! I think they're Frenching it now!" Shute whispered.

" What?!" Guneagle grabbed the camera and zoomed in on the two. " Damnit, they are…"

" You owe me twenty bucks," Shute cackled. Captain rolled his eyes.

" Don't you two know of the word, ` privacy'?" The two looked down at Captain, and shook their heads. Captain sweatdroped. " Why do I even bother…?"


Zero's heart started to beat in her chest furiously while her tongue brushed up against the samurai's. She gasped when she felt something grab her chest, then pulled away gasping for breath.

Baku put his mouth plate on and cleared his throat. " Um sorry, I guess I got too carried away…" Zero swallowed.

" W-why did you…do that?"

" Do what?"

" K-kiss me back?" Baku blushed lightly while smiling. " Because I really like you, Zero…" She blushed heavily.

" B-but…but I'm a guy!" She looked down at herself. " Well…"

" Was anyway," Baku said. " But you're not now…" He reached out to her, but she stepped back.

" B-but what if I turned back into a guy?? What then?" Baku stared at her for a minute. Silence filled the gap between them. Baku lowered his arm down.

" …I'd still love you." Zero gasped, and could have sword she heard other gasps as well, but must have imagined it. She looked into his eyes, full of love, lust, and hope.

" I…I….." Zero closed her eyes, then ran off into the hall.


" Huston, we have a problem," Captain said.

" Problem nothing, we got a crisis!" Guneagle exclaimed. Shute turned off the camera.

" Not to worry gentleman, I got the solution to everything riiiight here!" He said while patting the camera.