SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Gundams ❯ Beginning of something ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Shute is standing in front of Neotopia Castle. There's a storm and a bridge is coming down.
Shute- Tell me why was I stuck into this?
Arisasora- Cause it's a fun idea.
Shute- Are you sure about the fun part?
Shute- (-_-;;)
Now he see's young Princess Lili and Zero on a white horse.
And right after he sees's commander sazabi on a black horse.
Sazabi- *looking at him evilly*
Shute- (O.O;;;)
Shute- Just five more minutes mommy…
???-Grr……SHADOW KICK!!!!!
A small glowy thing kicks Shute in the face.
Shute- OW!! *rub his eyes* where am I? And what am I wearing?! *Shute is now dressed in the outfit of
???- Took you long enough!
Shute-…I don't know what to say…
Shadow- Yup, I was thrown in the role of Navi, fascinating isn't it?
Shute- I'm sure it's one of the better roles…
Shadow- Are you kidding me?! I have to be stuck with YOU for the rest of the story!
Shute- Hey why do you say that if that's a bad thing?!
Shadow- Cause it is!……well at least I didn't get Baku's role.
Shute- What role is he?
Shadow- Mido, the bully that picks on you.
Shute- What a surprise…
Shadow- Shut up, the sooner we get moving the sooner the story ends.
Shute- Alright! Did you have to kick me shadow? Cause it took me A LOT of money to get a plastic
Shadow- (o.O)…o-kay…I'll pretend that I never heard that…
~* Outside Shute's house*~
Sayla- Yohoo! Shute!
Shute- Sayla plays Saria?
Shadow- No surprise there.
Shute- um……isn't Saria the person who mido likes?
Sayla- yes, and to make that worse BAKUNETSUMARU is the guy who LIKES ME! Isn't that SICK?!
Shute- Yup.
Sayla- …anyway I heard you were summoned to see Chief Haro!
Shute- Why do I have to be summoned by him?! We practically live in the same HOUSE!
Sayla- How should I know? I'm just a cute innocent girl! *in the Sayla's house near by they could hear
screams and shouts of help me*
Shadow- Are you sure about the innocent part?
Sayla-…maybe *starts laughing like a maniac.*
Shute- What's the matter with her?
Shadow- That's what you become when your miss two goodie shoe for a VERY long period.
Shute- Really?
Shadow- Yeah I mean look at Sasuke, he was one of the elite students a perfect student and he became
evil. Oh and don't for get Ansem, he was a scholar and he became evil because he was trying to protect
his people.
Shute-…I think I'll go see Chief Haro now…
~* With Bakunetsumaru…*~
Baku is now in mido's outfit…
Shute- Are you use to being this small? ((last time I checked shute was taller than all of the gundams))
Baku- Yup and I lived with it too.
Shute- Wow, so can I pass?
Baku- Nope, you have to go get a few items first.
Shute- Why?!
Baku- I have no clue.
Shadow- It's not like he had a brain anyway…
Baku- Hahaha! That's funny!…wait a minute!
Shute- Uh-gottagobye!
~*The rolling boulder place…*~
Shute- The rolling boulder place?
Shadow- Arisasora can't remember the name.
Shute- I get my sword HERE?! Where there's ROLLING BOULDERS?!
Shadow- Yeah.
Shute- Why did I get this part?
Shadow- No clue we have an insane authoress. Ever wonder why did I get stuck in THIS role?
Shute-No, but I'm going to make her pay! *makes a heroic stance* But I have to get the stupid sword
Shadow- Good luck *Flys over to the treasure chest* I'll be watching right here.
Shute-(-_-;;) I hate you.
Shadow- I don't care.
Shute- Well here I go! *gets run over by a boulder* Ow! Why you-*gets run over by a boulder again*
Shadow- this is going to take a while…
After 30 boulders Shute finally makes it to the treasure chest.
Shute- I don't wanna do that again.
Shadow- Tough luck, because soon you'll have to go through a LOT of dungeons with traps and monsters.
Shute- DAMN IT!
Shadow- Were did you learn that?
Shute- When my mom has VERY bad days.
Shadow- Ah.
Shute- *opens the chest* I did all that to get this sword?! What's the big deal?! Can't I use Captain's
Shadow- These people didn't have enough brain to create that. You outta luck here.
Shute- (-_-;;;)……say what does Captain play?
Shadow- *flipping through the script* It says that he's playing Adult link.
Shute- Why does CAPTAIN get all the girls?!
Shadow- …cause your not very popular with girls…
Shute- *mutters something about killing Captain*
Shadow-Let's go get the shield next…(-_-0)
~* At the shop*~
Shadow & Shute- 40 RUPEES?!
Shute- Wait a minute, it's Rupees money that ancient people used?
Shadow- Yeah it is.
Shute- Did you put the discount?
Shopkeeper- Yup
Shadow- Did you put the I-will-kill-you-if-you-don't-give-us-the-sheild discount?
Shopkeeper- (^_^0) uh…here you go! Have a nice day! *runs into the back room*
~*Back to Baku*~
Shute- There! I have what I need! Can I see Chief Haro now?
Baku- Good, now I can go home and eat riceballs! Good thing Kibaomaru isn't here.
Shute- What role does he play?
Baku- *looks at the script and falls down laughing*
Shute- What does he play an owl?
Baku-*laughing* even better! You'll see him soon enough!
Shute and Shadow walk/fly past laughing baku and sees a big tree.
Shute- That's chief Haro?
The tree starts speaking with Chief Haro's voice.
Haro-About time! What took you so long! Did you forget to set your alarm clock again?
Shute- Er……
Shadow- yeah he did.
Haro- Anyway, your mission is to go inside this tree and defeat a giant spider.
Shute- What?!
Shadow- And you say that so calmly.
Haro- That's how the game goes.
Shute- Why can't Captain do it……
Haro- He can't and that's a good thing to. You need to start relying more on yourself*blah, blah and so on*
Shute & Shadow- ZzzzzzzzzZzzz
Haro- (-__-;;) WAKE UP!!!!
Shute- AHH!! Oh it's just you.
Shadow- Did you have to shout?
Haro tells to go inside the trees mouth.
Shute- EWW!!! THAT'S GROSS!!!
Haro- Just go in.
Shadow- Easy for you to say.
Shute and Shadow does inside the trees mouth and who knows what waits for them.
Arisasora- Well that's all people!
Arisasora- And then you'll see what kibaomaru is in the next few chapters! Try guessing it in reviews!