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Ok, I KNOW I shouldn't do this, but it's in my head, and I can't pass this up! ^___^
First off, I want to let everyone know that I'm going to fix I am the Brother of the Winged Knight. Why? It sucks. I've lost what little plot I had and I need to redo the whole thing. So, I'm going to make all the chapters “invisible” and make them “reappear” as I fix each one. Note that some may not change much or at all. Hopefully it won't take too long since mom isn't home much and I'm on a boring summer break. ^^
Now, some info for this fic. I was inspired by a quiz I was taking on Quizilla. (Of all places for inspiration.) I can't believe I'm writing this, but this has a little Baku/Zero in it depending on how you look at it. (Even though I'd really rather see Zero straight so I can have all of him for me.) ^^;;
Disclaimer: Zeron is mine…..everything else is not. V_V If I did own it though, we would all be watching Season 2 right now.
It was a beautiful Neotopian evening and our heroes had just defeated the Dark Axis yet again. While Shute and Captain were ahead Zero hovered closer to Baku.
“Zeron and I noticed a new candy shop in town today. Why don't we go check it out?” he said with a smile. Sugar had become a new obsession of Zero's after being introduced to him by Shute. He also knew Baku was found of it as well.
“Sounds good but, what about those two?” Baku pointed to Shute and Captain. Zero shrugged.
“Oh, I don't know just make up a story, you're good at that.”
“Shouldn't we ask them to come too?” Baku again motioned to his two other friends.
“Well they can if you don't mind having to pay for the candy you know Shute isn't going to have the money to pay for.” Zero said in a teasing tone. Baku eyes widened.
“…..Shute, Zero and I are going to, uh, the…the mall!” Baku said with triumph. Zero mentally slapped himself as he shook his head in disappointment.
“No, no, no. Baku, don't play such games with our friends minds.” Zero laughed nervously. Baku just stared at him in confusion. “Baku and I have been summoned by the mayor to, uh, inspect that cake factory where I fought against the Dark Axis before. She…said the Annie hasn't acted quite right since and wanted us to check it out.”
“If that's the case, we should all go and…” Captain was interrupted.
“No, you guys should stay here in case those Dark Axis fiends show up while we are there. Trust me, Baku and myself can handle anything there.” Zero said while he slowly pushed Baku with him into town.
“Ohhh okay you guys…see you later I guess.” Shute said with a bit of confusion.
“I can't believe you did it Zero!” Baku said with glee.
“Ha, a knight of Lacroa, such as myself, must be strong of heart and quick of mind.” Zero said proudly. They both made their way to the candy store and upon entering were mesmerized by all the treats that were before them. After much thought, and convincing Baku he only had enough money for one thing, they both settled on large lollipops. Then they walked to the base. Zero and Baku went into Zero's room and closed the door so they could eat in peace and not get bombarded with questions about the lollipops origin.
“Zero, I've been thinking…all those times I've fought with you. I'm sorry about them.” Baku said. Zero looked at him surprised.
“Baku, you have nothing to be sorry about. In fact I should be sorry. I'm usually the one who starts it with my remarks that aren't always what a true friend would say.” Zero looked down with a bit of sorrow in his eyes. Baku put his lollipop down on a desk and got up to sit next to Zero on the bed.
“Zero, you are a true friend to me and to everyone else here. I've never thought about it much before but, you're the nicest of us all, and yet, you're the one who's lost the most.”
“What do mean Baku?”
“Well, it's true Captain wants Shute and Neotopia to stay safe, and I wish that Ark was not in the sorry state it's in with me stuck here with no way to help, but you've lost Lacroa, your princess, your old friends, and almost lost your brother twice. Yet, you never complain and sulk around about trying to find a way to fix it all like I do.” Baku chuckled. “I imagine if you were the choosing which of our home worlds we save first you'd pick mine wouldn't you?” Zero only looked down at the floor. “See, you would. I just think out of all of us you're the one who I really respect and look up to.” Baku closed his eyes and waited for a response from Zero. For what seemed like hours to him he waited and Zero didn't reply. He opened his eyes and looked to his friend. “Zero? I'm sorry if I upset you talking about Lacroa and all….”
“It's not that.” Zero said suddenly. He looked around, then to Baku. “Did you hear that?” speaking softly.
“Huh?” Baku stopped for a moment and heard what sounded like metal hitting metal. “Oh yeah.” He said. They both pondered a while and at the same time they knew what it was. They gave each other narrow glares then switched the attention to the door. Baku thought for a minute then got an idea. He quietly got off the bed and went towards the door then beckoned Zero to follow. Zero did quietly. When he got there Baku mouthed to him `play along'. Zero nodded and waited. (A/N: How Baku mouthed it to Zero we'll never know considering they can't “mouth” anything. 0_o; ) Baku leaned closer to the door.
“Wow, it's SO huge!” Baku said. “C-Can I hold it?” Baku asked timidly then looked to Zero who was catching on.
“Y-yes” he said in an equally timid voice.
“I don't suppose I could…lick it too?” Baku said begging. Zero smirked.
“I don't see why not…if I can lick yours.” He said in a somewhat teasing tone.
“You know you can Zero.” Baku waited a bit then slowly got his hand on the handle of the door. “Yum, tasty.” After saying this he swiftly opened the door, and there before him and Zero lay Shute, Captain, Zeron, and all the other members of the SDG in one huge heap. Zero stood above the pile obviously annoyed. Baku had a huge grin on his face. He went over to the desk picked his up and got eye level with everybody. “Lollipop anybody?” Zero and he began laughing when everyone faces went from one of being busted to a face that can only be described by a visual: 0___0