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Pick Your Pairing
By: May-VeggieGirl1
The gist is: YOU all tell me what you want me to write. ^_^ Pairings, pretty much pairings, but I will do introspective views of characters and friendships. It'll be short and sweet, staying in character as much as I can. So, I don't have anything else to say, get going with the requests!

Idea Contrived/
Requested by: Melady and this took me a dang arsed long time. >.<; Oie. Well, I had a different kind of sense to this written before, closer to a love triangle, but it just… Didn't sound good. Then when I kept writing a found a different moral than just romance, and something I never really thought about with these two characters before. So thanks for the request, it certainly has opened my mind to different possibilities. ^.^
(Please don't take Zero's quote, I thought of it all by myself and I luff it. :3 And I'm open for requests again!)

Chapter 10: Loyalty
Warning: Death

The brothers of the Tempest, electricity and wind, Mercurious and Vayeate always knew they existed to be used. Only tools. They were Tallgeese's oil if he were a raging wild fire. They were his sword and shield, to protect and to kill. And it was their choice to fuel his ambitions, this leader, this fierce man, with such sheer determination for domination. He did not hide in deception, he told them they would only be used to forward his own dreams. The pair, and the individuals, looked at each other and themselves, and still turned to Tallgeese. They still stood by him, even in the face of hell.
Because that purpose was good enough for both Mercurious and Vayeate.
“Mirror mirror on the wall
Watching Lacroa above them all
If Lord Tallgeese needs us soon
We will serve him, death or doom.”
The words echoed softly from the young boy's lips as he read over the tablets propped in the ground, slanted against the grey sky. His three friends stood around him in macabre silence, filled with their own thoughts. After a long time, one spoke in a deep voice, with almost a pang of disappointment.
“Though they served an evil cause, they were warriors till the end.” Zero's teal eyes finally tore away from his memories and the slabs of stone, looking over at his good red-clad friend.
“Their loyalty was their goodness and their goodness was their loyalty. Everything else is between the lines and hushed forever under six feet of dirt.”