SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Requi's Revenge ❯ Forest of Spirits ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Requi's Revenge
By: May-VeggieGirl1

I don't own SD Gundam, I do own Requi and Taishiwakamaru. Taishi's not in this fic (he was in Baku's Halloween, as Baku's brother), but Requi is (duh). He'll have an introduction soon enough... (around 3rd chapter)
Sorta a Baku and Zero get angry then realize their friends fic.


"Bell Wood, what are you doing?! You're supposed to be working on the dimensional transportation device!!" Bell Wood yawned.
"If you stop bugging me, maybe I can get it fixed! Ever think of that?"
"If I stop bugging you about it, you'll forget it even exists!!"
"Well if you're so smart, why don't you fix it!?" He throws his arms up in the air.
"It's not my place to do your job. Please Bell Wood, I must return home..." Baku continues to go on about his home and Bell Wood's duty. Bell Wood walks off. "And...HEY!"
"Bakunetsumaru, stop distracting Bell Wood."
"What?!" A flower appears on his head. The winged knight hovers just above his reach.
"Will you stop that?!" Baku chases Zero. "Get back here Zero!!"
"Give me one good reason why I would bless you with my presence."
"Bless me? Hah! You aren't even worth being on the Gundam Force!" Zero gets angry.
"Excuse me? I believe it is you that does not earn a place to be honored with the name of the Gundam Force!!"
"Yeah, right! You wish Zero!"
"What I speak is true! I need no deception to win my battles or friends! Lies are for cowards who cannot accept the truth. Sound familiar, Bakunetsumaru?!"
"Yeah, it sounds like you!! I'm not the one who relies on magic to win battles or impress others!"
"Magic is a skillful tactic which acquires diligent practice!" Bell Wood walks by to get a soda, while ignoring them.
"Bell Wood, what are you doing?!"
"I'm getting a soda, don't have a fit about it!"
"Why aren't you working on the device?! Bell Wood, you don't understand! Ark is in trouble, and all you can think about! Just fix it, okay!?"
"Lacroa is in peril also, but I'm not bothering people!"
"You out everyone should understand what I'm talking about!! Don't you want to help Lacroa?!"
"Oh course, you absent minded fool. But unlike you, I have patience in others. It will be done when he finishes- and not sooner, but if you keep pestering him, he'll decide to give up on it. Besides, you have no right to bother him after you destroyed it the first time, which it took him 5 years to build from scratch!!"
"Hey, I didn't know okay!! That's the past and there's no reason to dwell on it!"
"The past is all I have to dwell on..." Zero's feature's sadden.
"Yeah, well you should look to the future before it leaves you behind with the past." Baku turns his back to Zero.
"But if one does not learn from one's past, the future will repeat itself."
"If you worry so much about the past, you should try to look towards the future. That way, you can help the future turn for the better."
"Lacroa is of the past. It shall go nowhere."
"Then why do you worry for it, huh?" Zero remembers that they were just arguing.
"A mere fool of your caliber would never understand." >_<

~Deep in the woods...~

"That Zero...thinks he's so smart..." Baku sat down on a rock by the stream. He was tired from chasing Zero all over Neotopia. "Wait'll I get my hands on him..." The normally calm, relaxing forest was errie and dark today, despite the sun shining without a cloud in the sky. "...That's odd..." He shivered nervously. "Zero wouldn't come in here, I bet he's at Shute's house." Baku made the excuse to assure himself that there was no reason to be in the creepy forest, and it didn't feel like he was afraid to be there at the moment. Baku wondered around in the forest for a while. "...I have a bad feeling about this..." He froze at the sound of a unidentified noise. Baku spun around. Nothing was there, just a gloomy tree.
"...Just my imagination..." He continued until he was positive someone was following him. A strange voice started laughing maniacally. Baku backed into a tree and drew his swords. "W-Whose there?! I demand you to show yourself!"
"Oh, but I am!" Baku's eye's widen. The voice continued to laugh. A white light comes toward him. He drops his blades.


"What was that?" Shute bolted out of his chair and asked Captain.
"...I don't know." Captain turns to Zero. "What do you think Zero?"
"I don't know what you're talking about."
"That scream! Didn't you hear it...?" Shute scooted behind Captain protectively.
"I didn't hear anything." Zero floats a little higher. "There doesn't seem to be anything disturbing the peace..."
"Strange..." Shute sat down again. He sighed. Captain sends the base a message.
"Hey, where's Bakunetsumaru anyway?"
"Heh, I ditched him somewhere!" Shute sweatdrops.
"Zero, that wasn't really nice..."
"You're point?"
"...The base doesn't detect any sign of danger. I guess it was a false alarm." Captain turns to Zero.
"Where did you leave him?"
"Somewhere in the park. Besides, he was causing a real commotion." Captain looks over near the park when something in the woods caught his sensors. Odd energy signals were ematting from the forest.
"Hm...I think I'll look for him..." Captain quickly walks away.
"I'll go to!"
"No, you stay here."
"Uh...okay, if you say so Captain..." Zero floats to the ground.
"What's with him?"

~On the way to Shute's house~

Captain slowed to a walk when he spotted Baku.
"Bakunetsumaru! Hey!" Baku approaches Captain.
"What's up?"
"Were you near the forest?" Baku looks at Captain suspiciously.
"...Yes, why?"
"Was there anything odd about it in any way?"
"No- why?"
"I've been getting strange energy signals from the forest."
"Is that so..."
"Affirmative. But you said nothing was unusual about it, so it really must be nothing." Captain turns around. "Shute's mom is probably almost done with dinner by now, so we shouldn't make them wait." Captain began to walk back to Shute's house.
Baku sneers then follows behind...

...Sneers? Something's not right with this picture...
Next chapter: more odd behavior from Baku. What's the deal? Also, find out what bold means next chapter!