SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Requi's Revenge ❯ Extreme Change ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Requi's Revenge
By: May-VeggieGirl1

Hello again! Since I'm almost done with KITTIES!!!, I decided to start another fic. This thought has been bugging me for a while, so I decided 'why not'? Zero sounds like Baku and vic versa in this episode. I noticed that after I typed it. Here's the 2 nd chapter!!

BTW, bold isn't really Baku.


Captain and Baku made it to dinner. Baku glared at Zero threw dinner.
"So Captain, how has-" Finally Zero burst.
"What is your problem!?!"
"I don't know what you're talking about..." He closes his eyes and continues eating.
"You've been glaring at me for the last 40 minutes!!"
"You think?"
"Bakunetsumaru, what are you up to?!"
"I'm not up to anything. Are you?"
"Don't put the blame on me!!" Keiko sweatdrops.
"Um, no fighting at the table boys..." Baku opens one eye.
"Really Zero. So much for manners..." Shute and Captain exchange glances.
"That was...intresting..."

~Outside after dinner...~

"Thank you for inviting us to dinner, Shute."
"No problem, Captain!"
"Humph!" Zero gives Baku the cold shoulder.
"Can you guys knock it off?!"
"Maybe you should ask that to Bakunetsumaru!"
"I'm asking both of you! Come on, we're a team, even if it's outside of battle!"
"...Well, I should be going now. I enjoyed having dinner with you." Baku leaves.
"What is his PROBLEM?!"
"I have noticed that Bakunetsumaru's behavioral pattern has changed..." Shute looks in the direction of where Baku left.
"...I guess you're right. I mean, since when has Bakunetsumaru ever cared about Zero having manners?"
"Something is definitely not right...Maybe I should..."
"Zero, let's just see what tomorrow brings. Perhaps he's not feeling well."
"Captain's right! He's probably not in a good mood after you ditched him!"
"I ditch him everyday...His rebellious attitude kind of reminds me of someone I used to know..." Zero shook his head. "I guess I should get going too."
"See ya' tomorrow Zero!"

~In some tree's not far from the base~

"What's with you Bakunetsumaru...?" Zero hopped out of the tree and sat on the cool grass below. He had a feeling something was wrong with Baku. "But I can't put my finger on it..." He watched the graceful sun end it's dance near the horizon.

## "Yeah, well you should look to the future before it leaves you behind with the past." Baku turns his back to Zero.
"But if one does not learn from one's past, the future will repeat itself."
"If you worry so much about the past, you should try to look towards the future. That way, you can help the future turn for the better." ##

"My past has many ups and downs, now doesn't it?" Zero watched stars submerge from the depths of space. "But I cannot shake my worry for you, Bakunetsumaru. What's going on in that little head of your's?" Zero sighs and slowly drifted to sleep...

~Deep in the woods...~

"Heheheheheheheheh..." Baku watched the same spot the sun plunged into the horizon. "One more day, my friend...And I will finally take back what is mine..." Baku flinched as jolt of pain shot threw him. "Ah, you little...go back to the hole you crawled out from..." Baku clenched his chest painfully. "I...I will...ah!" Baku fell to the ground. He rises to his knees and breathes heavily. His eye's returned to their normal shade of brown.
"Yes...I-I won't let you hurt my friends...or take me down so easily..." Baku dug his hands into the ground. "No...this is my body...y-you won't...use me!" He fell back down to the ground and rolled onto his back. He gasped for breath. ""
"-make me-"
"what do you think I'm trying to do-"
"Hah!" Baku eye's went to a dark green. "Eh...not bad, samurai...but not good enough..." Baku sighed and placed his hands behind his head. "And by sunset tomorrow, I will reclaim my honor..."

~The next day...~

Captain waited for Shute outside his house. Shute came out.
"Hey Captain! What's up?" Captain continued to stare off. "Hello? Captain?" He looks at Shute.
"Oh, I'm sorry Shute. I was just studying something..."
"Studying what?"
"The forest."
"Strange energy signals are emitting from it."
"I was going to check it out yesterday, but I found Bakunetsumaru and asked if he saw anything."
"What'd he find?"
"He didn't find anything."
"It doesn't make sense. How did the forest gain this energy, and why hasn't it changed physically?"
"I wouldn't know." Captain turned back to Shute.
"I will get back to that later, what do you want to do?"
"Well, I can't play all day. I have to clean my room and do my homework. But that's in the afternoon, so we have time. Have you seen Zero today?"
"Then let's find him!"

~In some tree's not far from the base~

"Shhhhhh! Be quiet Captain!" Shute and Captain cling onto the branches above the sleeping Zero.
"Shute, why do you like to do this?"
"Because it's fun!" Captain thinks back to the last time they did this...

## Shute pounces on Baku. "HI BAKU!!!"
"AH!!" Baku whips out his sword and stops at Shute's neck. Baku realizes it's Shute and sheaths his sword. He tries to stop hyperventilating. "Don't ever that to me again..." ##

Captain sweatdrops. "You find almost having your head cut off fun?"
"I wasn't expecting Bakunetsumaru to do that..." Shute let's go and lands on Zero. "HI ZERO!!!"
"AH!!" Zero jumps up and hit's the tree branch Captain was holding onto, causing Captain to fall. Shute gets out of the way as Zero flops back on the ground, then Captain accidentally lands on Zero. Shute climbs on top of the two Gundams.
"That was more fun than the time we did that to Bakunetsumaru!"
"Shute...has thou gone mad...?" Zero's eyes were spinning. Shute laughs.
"I'm sorry, Shute. I just don't get it..."
"It's all right, Captain! At least it was better than what Bakunetsumaru did..."
"What did he do...?" Zero asked while trying to squeeze out from Captain and Shute's weight.
"He almost cut off my head."
"You say it like it's no big deal..." Shute and Captain get off Zero, and he stands up.
"How is he anyway?"
"We haven't gone to see him yet."
"He always sleeps in! Wonder where he's sleeping today? He likes to change a lot."
"Wasn't it in the woods?" Captain looks at Zero, partially startled.
"In the woods?"
"What's wrong with the forest? It's a nice place to sleep..."
"Oh, I know! Captain was telling me earlier this morning that there are strange energy signals coming from the forest lately."
"Hm...really? Do you think..."
"...It's associated with Bakunetsumaru's odd behavior? I am not positive."
"Then let's check it out!" Shute runs off ahead.
"Wait Shute, it might not"
"Let's catch up, Zero!" Zero nods as Zero flys and Captain runs off.

What lies in the forest for our hero's? Why is Baku suddenly a schitso? (I probably didn't spell that right...)
Next chapter: Requi is revealed!