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Requi's Revenge
By: May-VeggieGirl1

Hi again! Requi is revealed at the end of the chapter! Who exactly is he won't come until the 4 th chapter...Whitetail, thanx 4 the review! Yeah, I'm not fond of yaio. -_-;; The closest author that I read and enjoy and comes close to yaio is Chiquita, on Charon the Sabercat might know who she is. She writes Vegeta/Goku fics, where they are 'really really close buddies'. I'm off subject now, here's the chapter!


~Edge of the Woods...~

"Heh, I beat Captain and Zero!" Shute stood there for a moment. "And Bakunetsumaru said there was nothing different about the forest..." A crow cawed and flew out of the dark forest. Shute swallowed hard and went in. Inside the woods, it was like walking in the middle of the night. Shute almost ran into a tree. "Man, how am I supposed to find Bakunetsumaru threw this?! How did he get out yesterday?" Baku poked his head out of a bush. "AH! Oh, it's you Bakunetsumaru! You scared me! It's so dark in here, what's the deal?"
"I don't know. It started doing this recently. Was Zero with you?"
"Yeah, but I ran off ahead of Zero and Captain." Shute looked around. "Man...what could've done this...?" Shute noticed Baku holding his head and wincing. "Are you all right?"
"Yeah,...I-I just have a migraine..."
"Maybe you should go back to bed..."
"I'm fine." He said sternly. Shute blinks.
"If you say so..." He leans against a tree. "So, what do you want to do today?" Baku was caught off guard.
"Um...well...I don't know..." He scratches his head. "...What does thou want to do?"
"...Thou?" Baku mentally hit's himself .
"I-I mean...I've been around Zero too long..." Shute looks at Baku, puzzled.
"Hey, that was Captain! Come on, Bakunetsumaru!"
"I would rather stay here in the dark."
"Oh yeah. Well, I can have them come in here! I'll be right back!" Baku watched him leave.
"Ugh, stupid! Beings of Ark do not say thou!! It's all right...soon enough they will know the truth..." Shute ran out of the forest to be greeted by Zero and Captain.
"Shute! Why did you run off ahead! It might have been dangerous!"
"I found Bakunetsumaru, Captain!" Captain places a hand on Shute's shoulder.
"Please don't be so reakless next time..." Shute looks down.
"All right. Sorry Captain, Zero."
"Nothing odd about the forest he says...Shute, where is he anyways?"
"He said he had a bad migraine."
"Does he now?" Zero stared at the over-shadowing trees.
"Did you notice anything strange, Shute?"
"Yeah, he said 'thou'!" Zero shot a glance at Shute.
"Bakunetsumaru's never said thou..." Captain nodded. "So...can we all agree that this is not Bakunetsumaru?"
"Come on! You guys are being harsh! Can't Bakunetsumaru make a mistake?! Isn't there anyway we could test him?" Captain thinks for a minute.
"I could scan his soul drive..."
"Really Captain? You can do that? But we've never even seen his soul would we be able to tell if he was a fake?"
"I scan everyone for one. It's basically the energy signature, everyone has a unique individual signature as long as they have a soul drive."
"Then let's give it a shot. There is no way that is Bakunetsumaru..." Captain scans from a distance.
"...It's him."
"I knew it!"
" doesn't make sense..."
"Zero, what he did was practical...Like Shute said, everyone does make mistakes."
"Well, come on! Let's not keep him waiting!" Shute and Captain head off into the woods. Zero slowly floats behind. "Hi Bakunetsumaru! Sorry it took us a while."
"I don't mind..."
"Shute informed us that you had a migraine. Maybe Kao Lyn could give you something for that."
"No that's okay. I don't want anything." He looks at Zero. "You have a problem?"
"I just can't believe it Captain. Sorry."
"What was that?"
"Who are you?! I can tell that you are not Bakunetsumaru and I demand you explain who you are, where he is, and why you are doing this!" Baku laughs.
"Zero, Zero, Zero. Have you forgotten me so easily? You dare refer yourself as a knight of Lacroa when you are nothing but a half-wit bucket of bolts!" Shute and Captain back off, surprised. Zero stares at Baku .
Hi hi! Anyways, if anyone out there reading this has seen Real Bout High School (DVD/VHS only! Not manga! Manga is MUCH different than the anime!), Requi's personality is like that of Azumi.
RBHS: Azumi- Ryoko
SDG: Requi- Zero
Not much of a difference. ^_^