SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Requi's Revenge ❯ Power Struggle ( Chapter 6 )

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Requi's Revenge
By: May-VeggieGirl1

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~Inside an abandoned warehouse...~

"I don't care who you are, I'm going to crush you!!" Grappler Gouf throws his shield to the side and charges at Requi. 2 feet before Grappler reaches him, he smacks him down with his naginata.
"Naginata's have a length advantage over most weapons."
"Let's see you smack this down!!" Zapper Zaku starts to fire his machine guns at Requi. Captain shoots his rifle at Zapper, knocking his guns out of his hand. Destroyer Dom starts firing missiles at everyone. Zero uses his magic to create a shield around Captain, Shute, and himself. Requi simply dodged the missiles aimed at him.
"Give it up Dark Axis!" Zako soldiers run up to Captain and Zero in hundreds. They knock them away easily. Requi begins to beat Grappler and Zapper with his naginata. Captain fired two of his own missiles and blows up Dom's Gallop. The Gallop's explosion caused fragments to fly everywhere. The burning fragments landed on the walls and varies other things, quickly lighting the abandoned building on fire. Zero turned toward his human friend. "Shute, get out of here!"
"Right! But what about you and Captain?!"
"We'll handle it Shute!! Hurry!" Shute flees the blazing warehouse. He turns around once he reached Gunbike, still waiting outside.
"What happened?! Which one of those idiots lit the building on fire??" Shute ignored Gunbike's criticizing and calls out to Captain and Zero. Captain comes running out.
"Captain, where's Zero?!"
"He was right behind me..." The three gaze into the rising flames as they engulf the building. Zero flies out and tries to douse his cape, now on fire. Shute restrains his laughter at the frantic Zero. "What about Requi?" Zero looked up at the building and saw Requi walking out calmly. The Dark Axis hurry out of the building behind him. Zapper pushes the bar that fell on him off and charged at Requi from behind with his ax. Requi twirled his naginata then thrusted it behind him, hitting Zapper in the stomach. Zero slashed at more Zakos.
"How many of these things ARE there?!" Zero floated up in the air. "Alright, that's it, I'm ending this now. Oh mana!" Requi's eyes widened as he yelled at Zero.
"Idiot!! DON'T!"
"Super magical violet tornado!!" Zero swung his buster sword and summoned forth a great wind with rose petals swirling around. The petals caught on fire from the building, turning the attack into a super magical fireball tornado (A/N: :D). Zero's sweatdropped and scratched the back of his head. "Ehh...whoops?"
"Smooth move, genius." Zero shot a glare back.
"You were distracting me!!"
"I was trying to stop you and make you look at the obvious result of that attack which your small brain couldn't think of for itself!!! Your lack of thought is something to jest at."
"GUYS!!! This isn't the time to be fighting," Shute yelled while trying to avoid the same fate as the abandoned warehouse.
"Kid, get in!" Shute hopped in Gunbike's side seat as the window went up.
"Thanks Gunbike," Shute sighed and slouched down.
"We're not through yet Gundams!!!" Grappler aimed his missile arm at the Gundam Force.
"Any ideas, Captain?" Captain's hand started to glow.
"I'll handle it." He grabbed Grappler by the arm and bent the metal inward so the missile wouldn't come out. He then punched Grappler back to the Kamusai.
"Ow..." Grappler looks at his arm. "Oh crap..." The missile in his arm exploded and sent them all flying threw the gate. Shute jumps up and down like he was on ecstasy.
"Alright! The Gundam Force wins again!! They don't stand a chance!" Zero glared at Requi, and Shute quieted himself. "Oh yeah, I almost forgot..." Captain glanced at Requi then glanced back at the field which might have caught on fire from Zero's attack or the burning building, either one would have done the trick. Captain sweatdropped and faced back to his comrades.
"We're kinda overlooking something..." Requi snorted at Zero.
"I'm surprised that Zero even attempted to join the fight..."
"What's that supposed to mean?!" Zero got in Requi's face.
"A frivolous knight, such as myself, would never act so irrational."
"What are you insinuating!"
"You do not deserve to be a knight."
"Look who's talking! You're DEAD!" Captain watched the flames grow.

"Look who isn't dead!" Zero paused.
"Are you insinuating I fled from Lacroa because I was AFRAID of death?!"
"Of course I am, coward. Everyone gave their life to protect Lacroa and the princess, except you !"
"The princess sent me away to find a way to save Lacroa!"
"And have you within these 2 years?!" Zero looked down quietly. "As I thought. This is exactly why you do not deserve the honor of rescuing Lacroa or even calling thyself a knight!" Shute got in between the two Gundams.
"Come on, stop this!" Shute turned to Requi. "Zero's helped save Neotopia plenty of times. He hasn't given up in these two years, he even retrieved the spirit egg, and fused with the feathered dragon!"
"Stay out of this, boy. This battle we're talking about is far beyond your comprehention. And it won't be the last one." Requi shot a quick glance at the mori and turned back to Zero. "That is why I'm here. That is why I will take my revenge upon Zero." He began to walk away from them as Zero glared at him. He sighed and turned back to his companions.
"...I wish Bakunetsumaru and you two weren't dragged into this. Especially Bakunetsumaru. It's so stupid, why can't Requi accept what happened? Why can't he just leave me in charge for a while?"
"Because you're an incompetent moron." Th at was the last straw for Zero. His eyes narrowed as he took a sharp turn back to Requi.
"That's it!! I've had all that I can stand now!" Zero charged at Requi with his sword drawn.
"Zero, no! What about Bakunetsumaru?!"

Heh heh! No one probably thought Zero'd be the one to loose his cool! Next time: Baku returns! But the world keeps turning, time won't stay on their side!