SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Requi's Revenge ❯ After Thought ( Chapter 8 )

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Requi's Revenge
By: May-VeggieGirl1

Konnichiwa! ^-^ Another chapter, and it didn't take 7 months!!! Ooo, my tongue is bleeding! ^^;;;; *swallows blood in mouth* Anyway, I can't decide whether to end this chapter with suspense like the last one or to pretty much finish this up with 8 chapters. I can decide by the end I guess...:/


Wake up...

Come on Zero...

"Get up!" Zero groaned as his cerulean eyes gently fluttered halfway open to greet the two shadows in front of the light above him. (muahaha! Zero has been abducted by ALIENS!!! lol, j/k) His hazy eyes blinked a few times, attempting to keep them from falling shut. They finally adjusted to the unusual lighting of the room, focusing on Shute and Captain leaning over him with concern.
"Zero," Shute asked, his eyebrows furrowing. "Are you alright?"
He sat up slightly, Captain aiding him a bit.
"A bit light-head, but I am okay..." He mumbled, still half conscious, while running his hand up the side of his face.
"Where is Requi?" At the mentioning of Requi, Zero became alert and sat straight up.
"Requi," He snarled and, leaping to his feet, a flash of pain flared in his abdomen. He doubled over, hugging his stomach as Shute put a hand on his shoulder.
"Zero, are you alright??" He took a deep breath and nodded before turning to Captain at his side.
"So where is he and Bakunetsumaru?" Captain looked down at the linoleum flooring.
"We thought you would know..." Zero sighed before standing back up.
'Bakunetsumaru... what happened back there?'
"We have to find them now."

"Oh mana, how long was I out for?!" Zero cried while noticing the sun resting along the horizon. Shute scratched the back of his head, shifting his feet in the grass.
"Uhh, a few hours? Look, we need to find him before the sun goes down completely right?" Zero nodded but Captain interrupted.
"Actually Shute, the sun isn't going down- the horizon is moving up." Shute and Zero sweatdropped.
"You get the idea," Shute grumbled exasperated. "The point is we should split up!"
"Right," Captain and Zero nodded at Shute before they set off in separate directions.

"We'll never find him in time..." Zero glanced nervously at the sinking globe of fire, streaks of color stretching across the sky. He sighed while sitting down on a stump, letting his head rest upon his hands. Lost in thought, he sat back up straight, leaving his hands lay in his lap while crossing his legs.
'Stay calm and think Zero... I need to find Bakunetsumaru and Requi before the sun sets and one of them gets booted out... but how...?'
It hit him like a random tree in the middle of an interstate highway going at least 70mph.
"Of course! Why didn't I think of that earlier?" He stood, raising his hand up to the sky.
"Oh mana! Come to me!" The magic crystal ring circled down above his head, glowing in enchanted power. "Show to me the one of which I seek!!" A silver mirror appeared before him, glowing a bright white light before revealing Requi (in Baku's body) by a calm river within the mori. "Typical, he has to be in the one place that I can't reach him..." Zero blinked for a minute before noticing Requi's (or Baku's) hand grazing a stone with glowing letters on it. He squinted hard but couldn't make out the words. "Huh. I guess I could ask later. But first I need to get to the mori..." The mirror dissipated in a flash and Zero took back to the sky.

"You sure are a beast of burden..." Requi muttered after spotting Zero floating above the mori. He stepped outside of the wall of trees casually and glared up at the winged knight.
"The only beast around here is you!! What happened back there?!" Zero demanded while gently planting his feet into the grass in front of Requi. Requi sneered back while crossing his arms arrogantly.
"Your foolish chum decided to interfere with our dispute... otherwise, as you know, I would have finished you off without batting an eye..." Zero breath caught in his throat. He looked down at the ground and closed his eyes, keeping tears from gathering in them.
'I was afraid of that... Oh Bakunetsumaru, you know you should have been conserving your energy to take him down at once...'
Zero's hands that hung loosely at his sides clenched into fists, his whole body tightening in anger.
'But you used that energy to save my tail from Requi...'
"Wow, doesn't this bring back memories?! You know, how you always end up getting your comrades in unnecessary danger which takes their life??" Zero's irate eyes shot open again and gave Requi a death glare. Requi, of course, ignored the gesture. "Ah, weren't those the good days? Not like your little pet had a chance at overpowering me in the begin with..." Zero's whole body trembled in rage, taking ever scrap of self-control to keep himself from lashing out at his rival. Requi smiled mischievously, deciding to go ahead and push some more buttons. "Don't feel down about losing your mutt. You'll find another mongrel you can kill, you somehow always do-" Before Requi could even continue his verbal assault, Zero proceeded to tackle and pin him down.
"I will not let you get away with calling any of my friends, not to mention Bakunetsumaru, a mutt or mongrel!!" Zero snarled at Requi, actually baring his teeth in hatred. Requi held his calm composure strong despite the situation he lay in.
"Go on, hit me. I don't care; it's not my problem if you betray your friend twice..." Zero snorted indifferently and drew his shaking fist back. He held th e fist in it's position for a minute as if some invisible force were holding it back from continuing the mission to Requi's face. After pausing for a few moments, Zero's fist, like a slingshot, shot forward unrestrained at the target.
'No... Not Baku...'
His fist halted a mere millimeter away from Requi's face, relaxing to release his hand from the fist.
"Don't get me wrong. I hate you as much the Dark Axis..." Zero murmured pulling his hand away and hoisting himself back to his feet.
"... But I'd rather slit my own throat than knowingly hurt my ally..." He brushed himself off before turning back to Requi to smile. "Especially when they're defenseless."
"Hah, aren't you the funny one?"
"Well, coming from the king of jokes, I suppose that is a compliment." Requi snorted as Zero turned away again to look at the setting sun.

"Captain, have you seen Zero??" Shute said, while running up to his best friend, out of breath.
"Negative. The sun will be down in less than a minute..." Captain informed before his flipper blinked and moved up. "Shute, Chief Haro got a lock on their position!" Shute nodded wearily before running off after his friend.

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