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When Fangirls Unite!

Drabble: 04..

STARRING=BlizzardEmmaFoxCat and Sakura-Sun!!

"No one said life was...Ummm..." Angelique stopped singing, forgetting the lyrics.

"...Wow...Lets just sing...Ummm..." Emma paused to think of a song.

"...Lets not sing at all." Sarah more or less told.

There was a silent moment.

"Why do birds! Suddenly appear!" Angelique sang out of tone, laughing. Emma and Sarah threw their pillows at her, all three girls laughing now.

They were together for their annual 'Sd Gundam fans' meeting. The girls loved to be together, they got each other. But of course Angelique's special 'Best Friend Forever Sister'' spot in her heart was taken by her Internet penpal

"So...What shall we discuss today?" Sarah asked. They were all on a big comfy couch, Pillows and blankets all around, an oak table in front of them with bowls of junk food and drinks on it and a nice sized T.V behind the table with another sized T.V for their '360'. 'SpongBob' was on the Television watching T.V. and their Eighth round of 'COD:MW2' was paused.

"First thing is first!" Angelique announced happily. " We shall celebrate Emma's new story! THOSE QUESTIONS AND HOW THEY WERE ANSWERED Hilariously!"

"To Emma!" They cheered. "To me!" Emma laughed as they all raised their drinks,clanked the tops and chugged them down, burping after and screaming out in hysterical laughters. Sarah had a Cola can, Emma had a Sprite can (Despite her protests for Mountain Dew or Cola) And Ange had and some water on the side so she wouldn't get sick.(Too much sugar made her sick)

"OOOOH~OOOH!" Emma jumped up and down from her seat, she rocked her self up to the floor, got up on her cushion and started to jump in circles. "Calm down Emmy! Gonna give ya self a Heart Attack!" Sarah laughed, leaning over Angelique to Emma. "IDEEEEEAAA! IDEEEEEAAAA!" Emma cried happily. "What?" Sarah and Angelique questioned. "SAUNA!" Emma stopped bouncing and twirling, grinning cheek-to-cheek. Sarahand Angelique glanced to one another ad smiled. All girls squealed in delight, flailing, running out of the living room.

They were at a beach house,'Bahado Dunes', they rented every meeting,enjoying themselves. The Beach view was great,the house was three stories,bottom floor, middle floor that came to level with the ground,top floor and an extra loft in the living/Kitchen room. They all ran to the bottom rooms, there being a big bathroom with a Sauna in it and a luxurious,big tub. They ran the steps next to the front door, and turned to another set of steps to the bottom level. Cans in one hand, other balancing them out so they wouldnot fall. (Emma had fell earlier, luckily not hurt. Though Sarah insisted Emma had lost her last remaining brain cells...Which were not many) they went into the bathroom, the first being the Sauna part, the second in front had the big tub.

Sarah grabbed a bucket that was next the Sauna's wooden door, ran into the bathroom and filled it with water from the sink. As she did that Angelique ran the tub,warm and put in some bubble soap. And they pulled of their clothes to reveal their bathing suits. Sarah had tube top and shorts, Emma had a straight out bikini, and Ange had a bikini, but was more shy then Emma and kept her arms crossed at her hips. Then entered the Sauna- Ange worrying that the door might lock on them- and Sarah pured the water on the coals.

Steam rose from the coals, and the room got humid and the sweat begun.

" This is good for the pores" Sarah smiled, sitting on the bench in the middle.

" And for our skin" Emma nodded, sitting on the left.

Ange and Sarah face palmed. Soon they started to sweat more. Emma then got on the bench and showed her sweaty,shiny stomach to the others. "DUDE! I look like one of them swimming girls!".

Ange giggled and joined her up on the bench. "WOAH!" she almost fell. "Its so high!...And hot up here!" She went into a corner for balance. Sarah then jumped up with them. "Wow it is hot up here." she grinned. Soon after twenty minutes they ran out, all sweaty and jumped into the bath, which luckily filled slowly. The bubbles filling the top.

"Wow! Nice touch Ange." Sarah commented.

"Yes, very!." Emma said, stroking her bubble mustache. They all laughed and started to to make bubble shapes." Thank you." Angelique replied, twirling her bubble moose-stache. soon after twelve minutes of laughing...Their attention spans snapped and they ran out. slapping oen another with towels.

They went back up-stairs and made sandwiches, sitting on their towels, still wet.

"So Nowh Wha?" Sarah asked, mouth full.

"Idunno." ange said, taking off excess bread.

"...Oh!" Emma remembered,swallowing a chunk of sandwich. "I still have Captain and Zero in my closet!"..."I let Baku go and he agreed to bring me a replacement...It was Madnug...I was hoping for like Zapper to tease him."...

Emma realized something again, the three looked ahead all thinking the same thing.

"I call Captain!" Ange ran to the stairs and down.

"Zeros mine!" Emma went after her.

"MADNUG! DIBS!" Sarah screamed, chasing after them.

...Emma ran back up, went to the fridge, took out a whip cream can and ran back down.