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The year is 0079 Colonised Century, and the war between the Alpha Zeons & the Federation has reached it's critical point. The media saw them as young guards. Lords of War, striding the battlefields like engines of destruction. The Harocams captured their stories & spunned them to the masses. For some, it is a time of great suffering, and loss. For others, it is a time of great judgement, for the fate of the free people rest in the hands of Alpha Zeon. This is their story…..



Welcome to the Alpha Zeon Logging software.

Warning… Encryption code required….. You have 30 seconds to comply…




Encryption code complied…Password Identification required……





User Identified:

Name: Kaga

Nick: Red

MM Type: RX-78 Zeon Gundam

Classifiaction: Commander


"C'mon, I don't have all day damn it!"

Welcome back, Commander..

"Finally! Damn security protocols.." The red Zeon Gundam muttered under his breath while waiting for his laptop to load.

"Heya, Red!" Red turned to see a green Zaku IIFZ waving behind him.

"Oh. Hey there, Doan. Didn't see you coming in." Red then continued typing.

"What are you up to this time?" The Zaku inquired.

"Eh, it's just a simple report. Nothing to get all excited about." Red replied. "I suggest you should leave because this report may be too boring for the attention impaired"

"Aw, c'mon. Why can't I stick around?" The Zaku whined.

"Because I saw you sleeping through my speech on conserving weapons ammo.." said Red.

"I wasn't sleeping, honest!!" Doan protested. "I was merely resting my eyes!"

"Yeah, and by the sound of your snores, I'd say you were resting your mouth as well," Red chuckled.

Doan shrugged. "Not funny, Red. Not funny."

"He he. Seriously though, I need some privacy with my work at the moment. No offence, Doan."

"None taken, friend." Doan replied. "Say, when you're done, do you wanna go bowling?"

"Er, I'm afraid I may have to decline that offer, for you see, this might take a while."

"Okay. Just let me know when you're done. I'll let you get back to work." said Doan.

"Yeah, you do that, comrade."

Doan then left Red's room.

"Okay. Back to work," Red muttered, and continued typing..

Commander's Log:

Date: 12 October 0079 Colonised Century

Kaga aka RED.

6 days ago, I was assigned to lead a Zaku recon team to infiltrate a Federation Battle Lab to gain access to the enemy's bio-weapon technology. With that knowledge, we could use their own technology against them. Also, we were reported that the Federation has developed an experimental Mobile Mecha that incorporates bio-weapon technology, therefore we were also told to be on special alert. Naturally, I didn't hesitate to carry out my task, for I wanted revenge on the Federation, who tortured and killed many of my people, both humans & mechs. `The Federation will fall', I thought, `and our people will be free.'



6 days ago (a.k.a. 6 October 0079 Colonised Century)

Zaku1: There it is, Commander Kaga. The Federation's Battle Lab.

Red: Excellent. How heavily defended is it?

Zaku2: Well, according to the GPS map, the area of the battle lab is covered with GM and Hi-Zack Guards.

Zaku3: Yes, in short, those GMs and Hi-Zacks have guarded every part of the Battle lab….well…*ahem*…except for the main entrance.

Red: Hhmmm….Something's not right. Either the enemy's inviting us in or they have really crossed the line of stupid. -.-;

Zaku4: I vouch for the last option.

Zaku1: Well, one thing's for sure, the entrance is heavily locked.

Red: Stand back.

Red charges his beam rifle to maximum and fires it on the door, only to find not a single scratch on the door.

Red: Damn it. It's foolproof.

Zaku1: Let me try, commander.

The Zaku then knocks on the door a few times, then hides on the left side.

After 5 seconds, the door was opened, by a Hi-Zack

Hi-Zack: Yes? What can I do you for…

The Zaku then slams the door (Without closing it) on the Hi-Zack, knocking the Hi-Zack out.

Zaku1: After you, commander. ^^

Red: Nice

Quietly, Red and the Zaku recon team crept in the halls, silently killing inept GM and Hi-Zack guards via sniper rifles and deactivating security cams. Finally, they came across 5 doorways.

Zaku1: Great. Now what are we going to do now?

Red: Split up.

Zaku2: Okay let's go.

Red took the one on the right and the Zakus picked the other remaining 4. After 30 minutes, Red finally found the research lab.

Red: Bingo.

Red then rams the door and found, a Zaku?

Red: What the hell?

The Zaku was bound & gagged on the chair. As he proceeded to free the Zaku, he asked,

Red: What the hell are you doing here? If you're a prisoner, shouldn't you be in the Prison camp?

Zaku: Well, you see, they had to repaint the Prison camp, and well…since I couldn't stand the smell of paint, I was bound here instead.

Red: Wait, you're their prisoner, so they shouldn't care, right?

Zaku: Well, I was whining & complaining the whooollee night, and since they couldn't stand my wailing, they sent me here instead.

Red: So, is that why you were gagged?

Zaku: Yeah, pretty much so. ^^;

Red: -.-; Say, you don't happen to know where the Federation's secret bio weapons plans are do you?

Zaku: No and before you ask, it's not here either. Also, I've overheard 2 GMs talking about their new Bio-MM being fully operational.

Red: Ah, thanks. I'll alert the recon group to be on the look out. So, what's your name?

Zaku: Doan.

Red: Doan?! The infamous leader of the Cyclops Team?

Doan: Yep. That's me.

Red: What ever happened to your team?

Doan: Familiar with KIA? (Killed in Action)

Red: Ouch. Sorry to hear that. That must've been bad for you.

Doan: I'll say. Not only were they my dear friends, they owed me money. ;.;

Red: -.-; What the?

Doan: What?

Red: My team isn't responding to me!

Doan: Uh-oh..

Red: What do you mean by "uh-oh?"

Doan: HE'S here.

Red: He?


A beheaded Zaku was lying on the floor, and above the carcass is a shadowy figure with green eyes, staring at the carcass.

"Imbecile," he muttered.


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