SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Taishi's Betrayal ❯ Memories That Haunt Us So... ( Chapter 10 )

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Taishi's Betrayal
By: May-VeggieGirl1

Told ya' it wouldn't take long. Ack, YOUR MISSING THE POINT!!! This isn't about humor (though humor is my suit...)! Kai, HAHA! I'll throw what I want, WHEN I want!! Also, you really don't have a life, now do ya'? Of course I'm going to share what happened between Baku and Kibaomaru!! I'm not that evil-(well, maybe I am but...) Zero will sing at the end, NO KAREOKE!! I only like Karaoke for torture purposes. I would nevah do karaoke (e_e I also said I'd nevah do a yaoi /shonen-ai...) Stupid parentheses!! Go away!! (Make me.) >_< Grrr!! I'll give ya' a cookie! (-.- That's getting old.) Well no one asked you! (No one evah does. I'm your subconscious.) Well go f*** off!! O_o Damn, I'm talking to myself again! *cranks up radio* Muuuch better. Yes, radio prevents me from talking to myself.

Baku listened to the pitter-patter of the rain. He glanced back at Zero's still form in the dark cave.
"...Looking at you like this makes me feel selfish. I've been so absorbed in my sorrow, I've been overlooking all of you, my friends..." He looked down at the cold ground. "You all probably hate me. I wouldn't blame you..."
"No..." Baku turned back to Zero. "Everyone has struggles at one point or another..."
'So your awake? How do you feel?" Zero opened his eyes and leaned against the cave.
"I think I hurt my leg-again." They sat quietly in the dark until Zero spoke up. "How did you know I was in trouble?"
"Shute and the other's were talking about the river's flooding, and I remembered leaving you there...By the way, I'm sorry I ditched you...I just paniced..."
"It's alright."
"No it's not! You didn't deserve that!"
"I'd rather you leave then let me to continue to make you feel uncomfortable..." Just like him...doesn't care what he's thinking as long as I feel alright with it... Baku got up and sat next to Zero further in the cave. "So, how did we get out of the waterfall?"
"At the bottom, I managed to pull us out. You gave me a scare when I discovered you weren't breathing..." Zero looked up at Baku.
"How did you get me to start?" Baku blushed at the memory.

"Shit...CPR's not working..." Baku shook Zero. "Zero! Zero, please wake up!! You have to!...Zero...?" Tears began to brim Baku's eyes as he watched his motionless chest. ""Baku lifted Zero's head. "Don't leave me, Zero..." Baku placed his mouth against Zero's and attempted mouth-to-mouth resucitation.
I need you too...

"Hello? Bakunetsumaru? What happened?" He shook the redness from his face.
"Sorry, I lost myself! I slapped you hard on the back, that's all!!" He nervously chuckled as Zero raised an invisible eyebrow. (...Don't I write that every chapter?)
"Alright then...So where are we?"
"I tried to get us to a safe high spot. Not only did I find that, I found this nice cave to shelter us from the rain." They sat there silent for a moment.
"...Ybasomaru's gonna' kill you." Baku sighed.
"You ain't kidding. I really ticked him off the last time I saw him. He's never been that angry at me; when he finds out about this stunt, he's gonna' have a cow!"
"-a chicken, and a moose!" They looked at each other and laughed for no reason. "But seriously, you shouldn't have done this."
"And let you die?!"
"Well, I mean...concussion's are bad."
"What happened?" Zero looked down sadly.
"In Lacroa, I had a girlfriend named Sheela. I loved her a lot."
"So lover-boy did have a girlfriend?" Zero blinked.
"...Anyways, right before the attack of Lacoa, she had an accident and got a concussion. She couldn't even remember who I was. Dark Axis fiends began to appear and cause trouble, one day I was called out to help. They attacked the building she was in while I was gone, and died alone..." Baku leaned closer to Zero.
"I'm sorry that happened. Is that why you're so over-protective of me?" Zero nodded his head quietly. Baku looked up and noticed tears strolling down his cheeks. He wiped them away with his hand.
"Thanks..." Baku smiled and watched the water drip from the ceiling.

A few hours went by, and it was growing dark. The rain continued to pour endlessly.
"So much for waiting for it to stop..."
"There's no point in wandering in the dark and rain. We should wait until it stops or morning comes."
"Ybasomaru will probably find us before morning."
"I hope he doesn't. I don't want to get chewed out."
"That's avoiding the inevitable..." Baku thought about his last comment. Wow...from the tone of that, it's almost like I'm talking to Taishi...Zero and Taishi do have a lot in common... Zero looked over to Baku on the other side of the room, lost in thought. "Hey,-" Zero spotted the gash on Baku's neck. (Told 'ya.) It was positioned so you could only see it if you tilt his head a certain way. It was about an inch long and a few millimeters deep. "Bakunetsumaru, what's that?"
"The cut on your neck..." Baku froze. Why did he have to see that? At least I've gotten used to denying it... He tilted his head upright, making it impossible to see.
"What are you talking about?"
"You just covered it up. Let me see it..." Plan A's not working. Just keep your cool and switch to plan B...
"Oh this ! I got it in the waterfall." Baku placed his hand over it. Zero stared at him for a while.
"...Your lying." Baku looked up at him, shocked. "Your lying to me. Let me see it."
"...Zero, I had to get it in the waterfall. I mean, I didn't have it this morning..." Stay calm...It's alright...
"How would I know-you never tilt your head in that angle." An undying fear began to rise from the pit of Baku's stomach. "Besides, if it were just a cut, you wouldn't have a problem with letting me see it." (Good logic.) Zero examined the hurt in Baku's eyes and he became tense. He can't force me to do anything...just don't crack...
"" Zero reached his hand out to Baku, but he slapped it away.
"NO! Leave me alone!!"
"Bakunetsumaru...bottling your feelings inside won't solve anything. What do you think clouded your mind in the first place? I just want to help..."
"Why can't you just leave me alone?!" He began to tremble.
"Because I'm concerned for my friend, is that okay?!"
"No!! It's not your business!!" Baku glared at Zero. Zero picked up a large rock next to him.
"Okay, if you can't see the harm from my point of view, maybe I could show you..."
"What are you doing?!" Zero held the rock above his head.
"Baku, I don't care if you tell me what happened! I just want you to stop concealing your pain. If you don't let it out...I'll smash this rock on my leg!!" He stared at Zero.
"Are you nuts?! You leg is in horrible condition!! If you did that..." Baku shook his head. He would never be able to walk again...
"I know the consequences. Your worried about me, just like I am about you..." Images from the incident began to haunt him.

"Don't worry. It'll all be over soon enough..." Baku stared at the looming figure that threatened his entire state of existence. He would have ran, he would have screamed, but he was either too shocked, too exhausted, or too frightened...

"Baku...please don't do this to me..." Tears flowed freely as he clenched the gash with both of his hands. Baku shakily looked at Zero in the face, then glomped on to him and sobbed in his chest. "That's it...see, it's okay..." Zero threw the rock aside and contributed to the embrace while rubbing his back. "Just let it all out..." He cried into Zero for twenty minutes, then began to calm down. "Feeling any better?" Baku nodded and hiccuped. He leaned on Zero's chest and sniffed.
"I feel comfortable enough to tell you about it...if you want to know that is..."
"Well...I was wasn't very old, and I had only been training under Master for a month or two. Master wanted to stay with Taishi longer, so I headed on home. Then...I ran into Kibaomaru. I didn't know many people, but when he introduced himself I remembered Taishi telling me that Master and him hated each other. He told me that it was a misunderstanding, and he wanted to make it up to my Master. But he said he needed my help. So I went with him-"
"And you actually believed him? Here I thought you were gullible now." Baku gave Zero a look. "...Sorry. Go on."
"...Anyway, when we got there, I asked him how I could help. Then he..." Baku deep breath. "...beat and raped me..." Zero's eyes grew then he hugged Baku tighter. (Alright people, your going to have to use your sick imagination for the details. Remember, this is PG13. T_T;;)
"I'm sorry. What did you tell your master and Taishi?"
"...I didn't come home until the next morning..."

Baku staggered threw the doorway. Taishi gasped then immediately ran up to him.
"Bakunetsumaru?! Are you alright, what happened?" Kaibasomaru also stood by, waiting for an answer.
"...I got jumped by the Dark Axis. It was too dark to wander around, so I slept outside." He forced a smile.
"Those are fairly bad wounds for the Dark Axis..." Kaibaso inspected.
"Ugh, those jerks! The next time I see them, I won't show mercy!" Baku looked down at the floor, feeling ashamed for lying to them.
"I'm real tired. I'm going to bed." Baku walked by them. Kaibaso watched him trudge on by.

"So you lied to them? Why?"
"Master would have been furious, and so would Taishi. But certainly not as much as Master. He despises Kibaomaru, and I didn't want to start trouble. Besides, that would just mean I gave in."
"I think that's what Kibaomaru wanted me to do."
"So the cut is from Kibaomaru? Why didn't it heal?"
"He purposely destroyed the Nano-skin in that area, so it would never heal..." They sat quietly.
"The moon's out. You tired?"
"Hm..." Baku stood up wearily. "It's cold out here, I'll get something to keep us warm." He returned five minutes later with some soggy palm tree branches. "It's the best I could do. We could use them as blankets..." Zero laid on his side and threw the branch on him. Baku laid next to him on his stomach and buried his head in his arms. Zero pulled the covers on him as Baku yawned. "Hey Zero..."
"Do you know any songs?"
"There was always one Sheela loved to sing...would you like to hear it?"
"Fairy tales sometimes come true
Use fairy dust and pixie glue
Then all the love will stick to you
My little lovely.

Always believe and never doubt
The wizards cast their spells about
There's such a lot you won't lose count
If you look closely

Ripples are like dreams
Searching for the shore
Poured together make oceans roar
Night visions make spirits soar
So choose one wisely

Not all angels can grow wings
They seem to soar by other means
You can fly although it seems
A little slowly

Fairy tales sometimes come true
Use fairy dust and pixie glue
Then all the love will stick to you
My little lovely.

Ripples are like dreams
Searching for the shore
Poured together make oceans roar
Night visions make spirits soar
My little lovely..."

Zero looked over at the sleeping Baku. "Goodnight, my little lovely..." Zero snuggled closer to Baku and soon drifted off to sleep.

Awwww...Now wasn't that cute? Yay, long chappie!! ^_^ I'm such a dork for even knowing this song...
Story behind how I know this song:
Dad always listened to older versions of rock, meaning I was forced to listen to older versions of rock. The band is Moody Blues. X___x I said it! I bought the cd for Dad for Christmas/B-day in 2000, so don't blame me!! It's a cute song, perfect for Zero! He does fly somewhat slowly...
"Rape is such a strong word- I like to call it surprise sex."
About the rape, I couldn't go into detail due to PG13. Besides, everyone has some kind of picture of this word. My picture is when I was 'surprise sexed', it was basically these instructions: 'put this into this or get beaten with this'
Come on, I was 6 in the getto of Naples, FL 9_9. Nothing really happened.