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Taishi's Betrayal
By: May-VeggieGirl1

Hi again!
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"Hahahahahaha!! Ooh, how I enjoy pain! Let's see if he's capable of begging for mercy!" Tallgeese kicked the bound Captain.
"Your cheap tricks won't give you victory, Tallgeese!" Captain squirmed in his containment.
"Go ahead and try, there's no escape!" Guneagle sent missiles at Vayeate, but he blew them back with a gust of wind. Mercurius was about to fry Captain, but Shute ran out onto the deck.
"Captain! Guneagle! Hang on!!" Tallgeese sneered at the boy.
"Finish him." Mercurius aimed and fired a huge blast of electricity at Shute. (If you haven't gotten the clue yet, I lurve lightning ^^)
"Shute!!!" Ybaso landed on the base, dropped Baku and Zero, and ran in front of Shute. He pulled back his hand then released a huge blast of energy, dissolving the previous shot. Shute looked up and Ybaso threw the smoke.
"Ybasomaru!! Thanks! Where's Zero and Bakunetsumaru?"
"Ugh...has he stopped running yet?" Shute looked over at Zero and Baku, who's eyes were spinning. Ybaso glared at Tallgeese.
"Tell your Commander that this act is getting old." His eyes narrowed. "And I dare him to try it again..." Zero rightened himself and looked up at Tallgeese.
"Tallgeese?! What are you doing here?!"
"My business here does not concern you, knight..." He picks up Captain by the dark magical rings binding him. "We'll leave, but we'll take this as a consolation prize..."
"How's this offer: give us back Captain and I won't rip off your arms and wings." Tallgeese began to sweat, knowing Ybaso's capabilities. "Also, you have to get rid of the rings."
"You drive a hard bargin..."
"Should I throw in legs?"
"Say NO!" Baku whispered. Zero elbowed him.
"Who's side are you on?"
"If he kills Tallgeese, he might not kick my ass!" Everyone sweatdrops. Tallgeese reluctantly threw Captain down. Shute ran over to him.
"Captain, are you okay?"
"I'm fine Shute."
"Let this be a warning, Gundams. This isn't over!" Tallgeese and his men began to retreat.
"Call us when it is over." Ybaso rolled his eyes and started walking away and Tallgeese and his men left. Ybaso grabbed Baku by the arm and dragged him away.
"Noooo! Why must this come so soon?! Could we eat first?" Captain shook his head sadly.

"So you hurt your leg again ?" Zero nodded while eating a bowl of cereal. "That bites. It'll probably take longer to heal now."
"...You know, I had a freaky dream last night. We were all at the base, except I was seperate from the whole thing, like there was a second me- which no one noticed the real me. Then I ran into a small Bakunetsumaru..."
"How big was he?" Zero held up his hand to show Shute.
"I'd say around 2/3 normal height. Yeah, he seemed sad, and was real nasty to me." Shute chuckled.
"You need to lay off the coffee." (NEVAH! COFFEE MINE >:)
"Oh come on. I only drank one cup yesterday.
"How big was that cup?"
"Er...20 ounces..." Shute twitched.
"How can your body handle that kind of abuse?!" Zero chuckled.
"You think a broken leg isn't as bad as coffee- Shute, you are bizzare..." Shute raised an eyebrow.
"I'M bizzare? At least I don't drink 20 ounces of coffee and call it 'one cup'! Besides, I don't dream about Baku!" Zero pouted.
"What are you implying?"
"It's alright, I'm just pulling your leg. I dream about Captain all the time!" Zero sighed, laid back against his pillow, and placed the empty bowl on his bedside table.
"Speaking of which, how's Bakunetsumaru's 'punishment' coming along?"
"Guneagle's been easedropping on them. He reported that there was some conflict going on, then it became silent. He thought Ybasomaru actually killed Bakunetsumaru. He wouldn't do that..." He thought for a moment. "...Would he?"
"He better not... But I still don't understand what Tallgeese would want with Captain."
"I can tell you that." Shute and Zero jump out of their skin and turned around to Ybaso.
"DO YOU EVER KNOCK?!" Ybaso blinks then turns to Shute.
"It's all part of their new strategy."
"Which is?"
"They're trying to take us down one at a time. But that won't happen while I'm here." Shute turns to the steaming Zero.
"That makes sense."
"They're probably going to single me out for that reason next time and try to take me down." Ybaso burst out laughing for a minute, stopped and walked away.
"...He's officially scary..."
"He's getting on my nerves!! But if he's out here, that means he's not with Baku-"
"-If he's still alive."
"Stop saying that! Ybasomaru wouldn't go through the trouble to save him if he was going to kill him!"
"Good point...Well, I'll see ya' later! I promised to help Captain with something!" Shute left.

Ybaso's funny! XD Anyways, I don't really drink coffee.
But I have a small quiz for you people! I've been having problems with this and I can't tell you which LP songs they are so here:
Should this fic a) continue in Baku POV or b) change to Zero POV.
I need to know because it will set the plot and song. I want to do Baku because of originality and most peeps do it with Zero POV.

Also, I need 2 know if anyone want to know what happened with Baku and Ybaso. Not vitally important, just goes into Ybaso's inner conflict with himself and his brother, Baku master.