SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Taishi's Betrayal ❯ Summoning ( Chapter 14 )

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Taishi's Betrayal
By: May-VeggieGirl1

RW- Yay! I feel so lurved! And thanx for the brookie! *Black B. still chasing Baku* -.-' Maybe that was a bad idea to split the brookie...
Black B.- Gimme back my brookie!!!
Baku- I need it to escape the base!
RW- No, that's a plain cookie you need to escape the base...not a brookie. Give it back or I'll have you make out with Zero!
Baku- O_O *hands it back*
Black B.- XP *eats brookie* That was an empty threat...right?
RW- Duh.
Baku- >_<+ GRR!
Black B.- ;D


"So, he's still alive?" Baku solemnly nodded his head while staring at the glass fragments. Zero placed his hand on Baku's cheek. "Don't worry. Evil or not, he's bound to show up soon and then we can move on from there. Alright?"
"Thanks Zero." Baku yawned and stood up. "I'm going to bed."
"Uh, what time is it?"
"It's near nine."
"At night?! Geez, how much anestetic did Kao Lyn give me?!" He pictures Kao Lyn accidently leaving the mask on for hours after the surgery. Zero sweat dropped. "Oh well, it can't be helped now, can it?" He rose and dusted himself off. Something pricked in Baku's neck as he felt light-headed. Zero looked up at him. "Something wrong?"
"Uh, nah! It's probably nothing."
"Okay then, I'll see you in the morning." Zero turned to leave but Baku fell down. He caught him. "Bakunetsumaru?! Are you alright?!"

Baku opened his eyes then squinted from the light. He looked around and noticed that he was in the medical room.
"...What am I doing here?" He went to sit up but Kao Lyn came in.
"Good your awake-don't sit up."
"Why am I here?"
"You fainted last night and Zero brought you in."
"Oh..." He looked to the bed on his right and saw Zero lying in it. "Zero?!" He bolted up. "Zero, are you alright? What is he doing here, I thought you said he brought me in?!"
"Calm down, he did! He stayed up all night waiting for you to wake up, and fell asleep. Now lie back down and don't get up." He huffed, relieved that nothing was wrong with Zero, and laid back down. Baku scratched his neck.
"Don't do that, I have something I need to do with your scar."
"Your not doing anything with it unless I approve!"
"Although we don't have the same technology as Ark does, I could fix it." Baku listened, intrested. "While you were asleep, I scanned that area of your neck. Around the area of the wound, there is non-operating nano-skin, or in other words it's 'dead'. Since I calculated that nano-skin cannot heal 'dead' nano-skin which surrounds the wound, it cannot reach over and heal the wound. If I could remove the 'dead' nano-skin and pull off a piece that isn't 'dead', I might be able to create a genetic copy of the original nano-skin and install it over your scar..."
"...Meaning it would heal?" Kao Lyn nodded. "Okay, I guess..."
"But not now, I still have other things to attend to. I could get to it tomorrow."
"...Did I faint because of my concussion?"
"No, you concussion's almost completely healed. The only way it could be that is if you were hit in the back of your head again-"
"-Which I wasn't. Then what caused it?"
"Probably mental stress or abruptly sitting up. I don't see any other contributing factors, so it's a hard guess." The intercom suddenly came on.
"Attention!" Zero shot up. "All Gundam Force members do the launch deck immeadiatly!"
"That was a rude awakening..." Zero looks at Baku.
"Bakunetsumaru! Are you okay?"
"Yeah. We should get going-"
"You aren't going anywhere for a short while."
"I'll go then, don't worry!" Zero hurried out of the room and looked up at the sky. "What in the name of mana is that thing?" Zapper Zaku laughed.
"It's time for payback, Gundams! This giant, floating, thing I happen to be standing on-is a bomb!!" Grappler pointed at a small little button on the side of the bomb.
"And this is the only thing that can turn it off!" Captain held up his rifle.
"Er...It's too far away, I can't get a lock!"
"I'll take it out then!" Guneagle flew off the ramp and headed for the bomb.
"You think we'd make it that easy?" Lasers shot out of the explosive aircraft and hit Guneagle square in the chest.
"Ah!" He began to plummet but Zero caught him.
"Are you alright?" Zero placed Guneagle back on the base.
"I'll be okay-but we have to get closer!" Zero shook his head.
"No, we can't. We'll be shot down if we get any closer!"
"We have to try!"
"You just did." The Zakorello Gate opened.
"Chow Gundams! We'd stay for the fireworks, but being this close makes us uncomfortable!" The three of them hop in and it closes.
"What now?" Baku walked up on the deck.
"Bakunetsumaru, your supposed to be lying down!"
"What's the point if we get blown up? What are you guys trying to shoot at?" Captain continued to aim.
"There's a button on the side that'll deactivate it! We need to hit it somehow!" Baku glanced at the target.
"Alright." Baku snatched the gun out of Captain's hands and fired.
"AH! No Baku!" It hits the button and the timer stops.
"..." Baku tosses the gun aside and walks away. Guneagle broke the silence.
"What the hell?! Bakunetu-whatever, is a clear shot!?" Captain, Shute, and Haro blinked. Zero followed behind Baku.
"What was that?! I never knew you could even handle a gun!"
"Yeah. Taishi once in a while would call me a gunner."
"Why do you use swords then?"
"Ironically enough, I don't like guns." Zero sweat dropped.
"Okay then..."

"Taishi..." Baku mumbled while eating a rice ball and watching the sunset. "Where are you?"

Here I lie and wait for you to come
Have you forgotten where you are from?
Come to me, the time is right
For us to stand against and fight...

A strange voice filled his head. Not knowing what to make of it, he ignored it the best he could.

What more could fate do?
Yes, I control you.
You act as though you don't understand
Blood and pain can force insanity upon man
As we stand and smile at their foolishness.
They opposed us- they paid the price
...With their life.

Did you really think there was a happy ending?

Who is this voice? Why won't it go away? A picture of a dark gloomy forest entered his mind and the tune repeated itself over again. He stood up and ran off.

Zero laid on his back and watch the bright stars blot the night sky. A looming shadow fell on him, as he sat up. He gasped as it grabbed his neck to gag him, then stole off into the night.

Why am I leaving? Am I going to the picture? Baku stopped and tried to catch his breath. The sun had long sunk into the horizon, and the moon had been cloaked by the clouds. Baku looked around- he was in the forest. He turned around, after feeling the presence of being watched, to find light brown eyes stare at him threw a bush. Baku immediately recognized them and stood his ground.

Oooh! Hehe! Next chapter: EVERY SECRET-well almost every secret-SHALL BE REVEALED!! ^_^ It'll be even more shocking (I think) than when we discovered Baku was raped! Don't wanna' miss the next one! I only gave Baku a concussion to throw everyone off. Sry! ^^; I estimate the last chapter will be 17. Screeeeeeeee!! ^^