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Hello everyone! It has been a LONG time since I last posted something. And...after having a conversation with my co-worker about Disney sequels, I thought, “What the hell? I'll make a sequel to the Golden Knight”! When I wrote the first one, I hadn't seen the second season of SD Gundam. Now, I have and I have a whole new sequel planned for this! Your favorite characters are coming back and there is a possible new one!

I do have an apology to make about my other story Mermaids of Neotopia. When I had started thinking of the idea for it, I had a lot and all I needed were the characters. They took a while to get and by the time I did have enough, I had one: Lost interest in the story and two: it was around that time I had begun doing intense projects for my college classes so I was burnt out.

This sequel will hopefully be as good as the first! With even more intense cliffhangers! Mwhahaha! Oh, and to let you know, I am no longer a Redneck...I am a Redneck Ninja! Haha!




It has been a year since Shute had woken up from the dream that had felt so real to him. The story of Armonia was always with him and the manacle, a gift, he always wore under his shirt. Shute had not been able to activate the manacle, but he had kept it so that he would never forget that dream. He knew that it was more than a dream, everything after he woke up that had happened to him, were all too coincidental.

When he had gotten the manacle, it looked the same from the dream, minus the armor developing power. There were two new people in his life, they seemed so familiar. They were a couple it was obvious, but they always seemed to appear to protect him when danger approached him. It was the woman the most who did it though. He never told the others about this, he remembered how they reacted when he told them about his dream when he first woke up. They didn't really believe him, and even though Bakunetsumaru's inspiring words made him feel better, later it was just a way to make him feel better.

He knew that it had to be real, the dream felt too real, the emotions that he had experienced, were too real. He had tried asking the two he felt familiar, but they never replied to him. Shute was so confused on everything that had happened. The battle with the General had worn him out a great deal, more than he had let on. What he had seen had disturbed him greatly. There were nights that he did have nightmares about what he had seen. Even though he knew them to be lies that the General had given him, they were still there.

He never expected that after he and the others had been separated that they would be reunited so quickly. The moment that he had thought that his world was going to be boring and normal again, a knock came to his door and all of his friends were there. And they had a new mission. The Dark Axis was trying something again and when they were getting briefed on the situation, he noticed that the couple was there in the back.

Then, once he started listening to Chief Haro go on about their new mission, he brought up images of a planet. Everything had been petrified, control horns everywhere. But, what shocked Shute the most was that he recognized the planet that they were looking at. It was...


All heads turned back to the woman at the back. Her and her man had always worn cloaks to cover their bodies, no one questioned them. Apparently, Chief Haro had been impressed by their skills that they displayed. But now, the woman lowered her hood that was a part of her cloak.

“This wasn't supposed to least not this soon...” she turned her head to the man that stood beside her, “We cannot delay any longer...”

Princess Rele looked at the two with curious eyes, “What wasn't supposed to happen?”

“Princess...” Zero said at the Princess' question.

The man sighed and lowered his hood as well, and to Shute, a familiar golden ring surrounded his head. The man looked at Shute for a moment and then to Princess Rele, “Princess Rele, this situation wasn't supposed to occur for a long time. But, it seems that the Dark Axis has found what they are looking for. That is why they have petrified Armonia. And if I am correct and I know that I am, I know where they are going next. They are going to the land of Goddesses, Mirashima. If they get the strength of those women, not even the Gundam Force will stand a chance.”

“At least...” the woman spoke up, “Not as they are now.”

Chief Haro and the man turned to the woman, it was Chief Haro who spoke, “What do you mean?”

The woman stepped forward and walked over to Shute, he knew her, he knew that he did. She placed her hand over his chest and the manacle was pulled to the front, “You already have the first piece,” she looked at the other Gundam's, “As for you three, you need to get your own manacles of the Goddess. And to do that, we must hurry to Mirashima. If we get there before the Dark Axis, we may have a chance. But...that is only if you three can find your Goddess.”

“A world of Goddesses, this surely cannot be, right Captain?” Zero commented looking over at his friend.

“Actually Zero, we have a couple of records about Mirashima. We have a few photos, none of them showing any Goddesses, but there were some strange occurrences showing in the photos,” replied Captain.

“The Goddesses on Mirashima won't show up in any photo, all you will be able to see is whatever act they are currently doing. Furthermore, even if you could see the Goddesses, it would only be one of them and it would be your Goddess,” the woman looked over at Shute, “While you hold the manacle, that is only a piece of what you need to get. You need to find your Goddess and have her give power back to your manacle.”

She lifted her hand and placed it on her chest, “We shall help you in this fight. The Dark Axis is going to be stopped once and for all.”

Shute then stepped up front and everyone looked at him as he was looking at the woman and the man before him, “I know you two. I know that I do. Your looks...your voices and your actions. I've seen it all before. Who are you two?!”

The woman looked at the man and they both nodded. The man took the woman's hand and placed it at his chest, “ recently came out of a coma and claimed to have dreamed about all of this. It was a dream, the events that happened in your dream, but, the people in your dream, were real. And who they are to you are real as well,” he turned to Princess Rele, “You should know my name, I have been in contact with your family for generations. My name is Yataro.”

Princess Rele's eyes widened at the mention of the name, “Of course. King Yataro, the King that never ages. You are known widely across dimensions. But, why are you here?”

The woman spoke up for the King, “We are here to protect our Son. He was sent here many years ago and was raised here by your people. Yataro and myself arrived only recently, and when we arrived, our Son...we had feared that we were too late to protect him. But now, we know that our Son is fine, he has others to protect him, along with us. We also know, that he has had visions of terrible things coming to pass. And since things are progressing much faster than we originally thought, what he has visioned will not come to pass. Though, the alternative that has presented itself before us is not much better.”

She sighed and looked at Shute holding out her hand, “Please come with us. I know that you are confused and that all of this is happening so fast, but trust me, if we don't act now, we won't get this chance again.”

Yataro took this time to look at the Gundam Force, “My friends, I suggest we leave the room for now. In the meantime, I will prepare you for our travels.”

“But, Lord Yataro, we have already done dimensional transport before, we don't need to prepare for anything,” replied Bakunetsumaru trying to show his respect to the King.

Yataro chuckled lightly, “I am sorry to inform you that we will not be using your dimensional transport system. We are travelling the Armonian way. And there is a reason I need to prepare you.. After my Rosalyn has finished speaking with young Shute, she will be preparing you for take off with her Chukkara.”

As the Gundam Force walked out with King Yataro, while side-glancing back at Shute, they then paused and thought the same question:

What is a Chukkara?

After the Gundam Force had left the room, Rosalyn turned to Shute and spoke softly, “I know you remember almost everything from your dream. And I also know that you remember me and Yataro in some way. You dream was right about us...and right about what is going to happen. It would have happened, but...Yataro and I are both here and I believe that has made the different in what fate had in mind for all of us...”

Shute nodded, “I remember the dream, and even though it didn't happen, it was going to? But since fate has been changed, everything is going to be different?”

She nodded, “I'm afraid so, and I believe that it will be worse than before. This time, there is no hope for Armonia, no chance of saving it in the condition it is in now. The General is decimating planets now, not just dimensional worlds. And he has discovered the most powerful one of all and if he makes it there before us, we're done for. Nothing we do will stop him. We will have to leave soon, and I must go prepare your friends with my Chukkara. Please come, we will need you especially,” she leaned in and kissed him softly on the forehead.

Rosalyn had gotten up and left the room while flipping her Chukkara tool in her hands, leaving Shute all by himself. He thought about all that had happened. The people in the world he dreamed about were real, who they were, were real, and because of one detail in the dream that was changed, their entire fate had been changed. He was definitely going, because if there was any chance of getting rid of the General once and for all, this was their chance. And they had to take it now before it came too late.

As Shute was going to find his friends, he remembered something. He had to bite his lip to keep himself from laughing.

Shute remembered what a Chukkara was and what it could do, but the Gundam Force didn't.

The screams of the Gundam Force could be heard throughout Neotopia.


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Well, there you have it! I think that is a good way to start off a sequel! Anyway, I hope you all love it. I was bringing the Chukkara back no matter what, I mean, come on, it's pretty funny.

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PS: If ANYONE is interested, there are Five Goddesses that I am going to be needing. If anyone wants to be a Goddess, let me know. Of course, let me know which Gundam you want.

The options are:

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