SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ The Original SD Gundam Crossover ❯ Egg-tastic ( Chapter 1 )

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The Original SD Gundam Crossover
By: May-VeggieGirl1
What the heck does this title mean and what am I doing making another fic? Well, this entire thing are shorts of scenes, pictures, or characters intertwining with the SD Gundam Force line! You'd be surprised how much of it is similar, but, for now, let's get going with the fun!
“Guys, I'm really worried,” Shute began while strolling down one of the many Neotopian streets, Baku and Zero following behind him at each side. “We haven't seen Captain in a long time.”
“I'm certain he is busy with his duties towards justice, my good boy,” said Zero as Sayla came around a corner in a short mini-skirt, dragging along a road-side cart. It was multicolored with a little boy on top, running in circles to shread ice with the contraption. They glanced at him in question of his enslavement before quickly forgetting it as she flicked back her hair and smiled sweetly.
“Hello Shute! I was wondering if you would like to buy some shaved ice…” His blush spread and he grinned at her wink at the end. Was it just him, or did she somehow seem five times as alluring as before—if she ever had been?
“Sure thing, I'm hot just standing here looking at you…” Sayla pulled out the scooper and put the ice in a cup, and, while patting it down, Zero scooted over to her with a princess rose extended.
“A lovely princess such as yourself shouldn't work at such menial things! I would be glad to do your labor instead for nothing but knowledge of you being thy happiest.” She giggled and took the rose to dust her nose against it, shoving the shaved ice in his hands. Shute's face and ears turned red as Baku nudged him, chuckling.
“Oh well! I guess we can't expect a human to challenge a gundam now over the heart of girl, huh?” Baku snickered as Shute glared back, jamming his hand into his pocket roughly with anger.
“I'll fight fire with fire then!!” He pulled out… a quarter. Then he ran off to the side of the road to a little toy dispenser by a store, inserting the change and cranking the wheel. Baku watched in fascination, never have seen one before.
“Is this some kind of primitive gattling gun,” Baku crossed his arms as Shute smirked.
“Nope! I'm giving her a present!” The plastic toy egg rolled out of the bottom, falling onto the ground near Shute's feet. “Aha!! There we go—“ Upon reaching to get it, the egg wobbled on it's own. “Huh?” He pulled back in time for the egg to burst open in an explosive display of color and light, revealing…
“Captain Gundam is here!!” Captain stood where the egg once was, posing dramatically with his finger extended at the sky.
Shute stared, mouth agap in shock. But Baku, on the other hand, gasped in delight and jumped, excited.
“WOW! Just—Wow! I didn't know Gundams of this world came out of little eggs!!” He grinned and clasped his hands together. “Shute, if you're going to give Sayla Captain, can I have an egg too??? I don't care who it is!” Captain looked over at his comrades and smiled, pulling out another small plastic egg from behind his back mysteriously.
“Here you go Bakunetsumaru!”
“YAY!” Baku squealed in delight while snatching it away from his hands. Finally getting out of the initial shock, Shute shook his head and slapped his forehead.
“Wh-WHAT are you doing Captain?!”
“What do you mean Shute? Should I not have given Bakunetsumaru the egg?” Baku clung to the egg protectively.
“No! Mine!!”
“I mean what are you doing IN A PLASTIC EGG!?!” A silence passed over Neotopia as Captain stared at Shute processing the question thoroughly. He blinked his blue eyes and then frowned.
“I still do not understand what you are asking.” A vein protruded from Shute's head as he shook it off.
“Fine, whatever, but what am I going to give Sayla now?!” His best friend continued to stare at him as if he were speaking another language. “OH FORGET IT,” he cried while sat down and pouted, restraining his temper tantrum. After another moment of watching, Captain shrugged it off and turned to Sayla to inform her of the information he gathered about Shute's behavior.
“I came out of an egg for you.”
“Aww, how sweet!” She hugged Captain as Shute's mouth dropped.
“WHAT!?!” Zero sat down next to Shute and extended a shaved ice.
“It seems we both lost the battle.” Baku sighed in disappointment while poking the egg on the ground with a stick.
“Shuuuuuttte, how did you get the egg to explode?” Shute huffed while licking the flavored ice.
“Try cracking it.” Baku nodded and did so, producing a little paper. “Hey—no fair—wait a minute…” Captain and Sayla leaned over to read the note along with him. “Yattai!! I got a daaattee!!” He giggled clutching the paper against his chest, Shute proceeding to spurt out the ice he was sipping on.
“Who is Zakuto,” Captain asked as Baku sniffed the paper.
“Who cares!!”
“WHAT THE FREAKING HECK!?!? Am I going to be the only person who gets none?!” Zero looked down for a moment.
“I… am terribly sorry Shute. Here, please accept my apology.” Shute blink as Zero produced another princess rose to extend next to him. He stared with mixed feelings, quite speechless.
“Well, I… thanks Zero.” He smiled while touching one of the delicate petals, before it poofed into smoke, revealing a tag of paper.
Reading `Sorry, please keep playing and try again.'
Parts that were crossed over with the SD Gundam MK series:
1. Captain popping out of an egg--- in MKII episode 2, the three human characters are given a box that can “summon three great gods”—referring to gundams because the whole episode was a pun on rpg games, especially an MK rpg game—and Gundam (Captain Gundam's original design and character) was the first gundam to appear out of the egg… and the only one to successfully make it out too.
2. Sayla and the shaved ice--- in MKII episode 2, same episodes, Sayla shares shaved ice with everyone out of a giant ice cube with poor frozen Dom inside. One of the three guy questers ran in circles on top of the device to shave it.
3. Sayla the icon--- all through MK, Sayla appears to be the talented, blonde, cute, and optimistic girl that many of guys admire. Namely in MKII episode 2 for her ice skating.
4. Baku getting a date with an entity called “Zakuto”--- this will be reported on when we continue it in the following chapters.
5. Shute being a bit perverted--- ALL GUYS IN SD GUNDAM MK ARE PERVS. End of story. :p
Review please, and, if you're wondering I typed up a lot of chapter two of The Three Worlds... but it was deleted. @_@; I'm working on restoring what I lost, so it shouldn't be much longer.
Will this ever have a plot?
Maybe… if MK ever were to make a SERIOUS plot that I could find. :]
Will other chapters be this long?
No. Especially not next chapter, it's for simple laughs. Whether I elaborate on it all depends.