SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ The Original SD Gundam Crossover ❯ Runway ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

The Original SD Gundam Crossover
By: May-VeggieGirl1
What the heck does this title mean and what am I doing making another fic? Well, this entire thing are shorts of scenes, pictures, or characters intertwining with the SD Gundam Force line! You'd be surprised how much of it is similar, but, for now, let's get going with the fun!
“We're ready for a flight, Guneagle!” Juli reported over the radio as Guneagle's shades flipped over his eyes, huge heavy metal pieces locking around his feet. He prepared to brace for the powerful movement, chuckling.
“I'm ready here whenever you are! It's been too long since I last got to stretch my wings out!” Chief Haro watched from the station as Juli went through buttons and messages at an alarming speed.
“We ready?” Juli pressed a few more buttons before sitting back up smiling, pumping her fist as red lights came on with a little countdown.
“Have a nice trip, Guneagle!!”
“Yeah, man, let's get this party STARTED!!” Guneagle laughed as the rush of adrenaline returned with the sudden force forward. But, halfway through the ramp on blanc base's finger, something moved at the end of it. He narrowed his eyes and tried to concentrate on what it was, he had no breaks on this operation now. Whatever it was he was going to have to try to move and get around it while still make the launch successful. Guneagle was flinging so fast toward it that, before he knew it was the end of the ramp pulling up into a vertical wall, it was too late to do anything but scream.
The locks released from his feet.
He pulled his arms in front of his body.
And flew straight through the pure steel wall, loosing all of his momentum and flight angle from being tussled.
“AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” He screamed as he dive-bombed like a quail shot out of the sky for hundreds of feet.
A quiet fell over the blanc base, only the whirring of machines indicated activity in the whole building. Chief Haro peered out the screen, glancing over at Juli.
“Status,” he asked with dread in his voice.
“…Operation: Blanc Base Getting A Hangnail complete sir!!”
She looked up with in euphoria.
He looked down at her as his green ears flipped out.
And they proceeded to break dance.
“She said to meet her by the canal alone.” Baku looked up into the sky dreamily. “Ahh, so sweet! Sounds a bit shy though.”
“Will you just shut up about your date,” Shute grumbled, obviously jealous, while occasionally staring at some posters for dancing girls.
“Bakunetsumaru, you know, if the Dark Axis attacks, you may have to forfeit your date to protect what is just,” Zero mentioned while nodding seriously. Baku ignred their words while still staring into the sky, until something caught his eye and he squinted.
“Hey… what's that?” Captain nodded at Zero's comment.
“So then…!” Suddenly, Guneagle plunged like a bullet from the sky, slamming into Captain's back, smashing him into the ground and creating a small crater in the process. Shute, Baku, and Zero watched in shock as Guneagle struggled to sit up off of the dizzy Captain's back.
“G-Ghrr, JERKS!!! I HEAR YOU LAUGHING!!” Guneagle shook his fist at the sky.
He'd be danged if lousy humans had their sick amusement with him!!
Parts that were crossed over with the SD Gundam MK series:
1. Guneagle slamming into a wall--- not sure what episode or why, but I saw it on a MK amv. I made some alterations obviously though—it was Gundam who slammed into the wall originally (making the most amusing expressions too for a gundam, you can't beat that kind of classic simple cartoon humor) and he unfortunately did not make it all the way through. Why he ran into a wall that popped up on the runway, I have no idea, but this just made sense.
2. Captain being crushed by Guneagle--- mostly based on MKII episode 2, but Gundam tends to have a bad tendency of having something go wrong at the last second and crush him. For instance in this episode, those weird rock-climbing bots. In MKII episode 1, bouncing off of the walls (literally) and the example I mentioned in 1. with a wall popping up on the runway.
Sorry if the runway part wasn't exact, I tried. >D<