SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ The Simple Kind of Life ❯ Make It To The Other Side ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

" Captain!!!!" Shute screamed as he bolted upright from his bed. He sat there in shivers as his eyes stared widely into the darkness. The dream he had terrified him so much that he even forgot to breathe.

He gasped as tears welled up in his eyes. He burled up on his side and buried his head in his hands as he coughed and sobbed.

" Shute?!" The door slammed open as Captain, Baku and Zero came into the room. " Shute, are you okay??"

" K-kowaikowai…!" Shute hiccupped, not looking up. "Shinanaide…"

" W-what's he saying??" Zero asked.

" Don't die….?" Baku repeated in English. Zero and Captain looked at him. " He said he's scared and…don't die…" Captain went and knelt next to Shute's bed. He touched Shute's hands, making the boy gasp.

" Shhh, it's okay Shute," Captain whispered. Shute looked up. Captain held Shute's hands in his as the boy cried. " Shute, what happened?"

" Obviously he had a nightmare." Zero sat down next to Captain and tried to help comfort Shute by stroking his head gently. Shute started to calm down a bit. " My little brother used to have them all the time."

" Zero ACTUALLY had family??" Baku commented from behind. " I feel sorry for those poor souls that are related to you." Zero glanced back at Baku and shot him a `cannit-or-I'll-make-you-a-Eunuch-look. (A/N: Sorry RW, it wasn't Unix. ^^; If you dunno what Eunuch means, think castrated here….HAHA!)

" I did, and I loved them dearly," Zero growled. Baku's attention drew away from the knight however.

" Kawaii!" Baku exclaimed cutely. A question mark loomed over Zero's head until he looked over to Captain and Shute. Captain cuddled Shute close as Shute hugged the Gundam tightly. Zero smiled.

" C-Captain….." Shute sniffled. " I…I dreamed that y-you…" Captain held Shute tighter.

" Shh, don't talk about it, okay?" Shute nodded and closed his eyes. " Okay…" Shute blinked his eyes drowsily. He glanced over at Baku and Zero and slightly smiled.

" Sorry for waking you guys…" Shute said. " Quite alright, Shute." Zero patted Shute on the head.

" Yeah, Zero was getting too loud with his snoring anywho." Baku laughed, which received a glare from Zero. Shute giggled.

" Thanks guys…" Shute sighed. He was glad he had them for friends, since it was like having brothers.


Shute sat in his boxers, feeling embarrassed as little monitors were stuck to his body on suction cups. He had been standing there for the past five minutes as the old man clad in yellow monitored some machinery that read Shute's current state. That was all Shute knew.

" Woohoo! Looks like you need to go into field training there!" He said. Shute blinked as the doctor called up Haro up.

" …Field training…?" Haro came into the lab along with Juli. She didn't look to happy, but was straining to look pleasant as she held something black.

" Shute, put these on, then follow me," Haro instructed. Shute nodded, as Cou-Lyn took the monitors off of him. Juli handed him his clothes, which were a long, black trench coat with a blood red button up shirt and red jeans. He put them on, and slipped his usual shoes on. He looked himself over and adjusted his coat.

" …Why am I wearing this?" he asked. He put his hands into his pockets, and drew out a pair of red gloves. Shrugging, he put them on.

" Come along now," Haro motioned to the door. The boy was still confused about what he's going to do, but went out the door. Haro went to follow, but was stopped when Juli said; " This isn't a good idea…."

" I know. But this is for the best."

" ….For the SDG or him?" Haro didn't respond. He walked out to where Shute was waiting for him. Juli sighed.


Shute nervously held the gun in his hands as he walks quietly along the wall. He had on a pair of glasses that Haro gave him before he left. He kinda felt silly and cool wearing this outfit at the same time. (A/N: Can you tell I'm obsessed with Hellsing?? ^_^;;)

You know I put it in drive
Cause it makes me feel alive
The situation's awry
And goin' faster

" Shute to Haro," Shute mumbled into the communicator that hung from his right ear, and looped down to his mouth. " I'm in. Now what?"

// Go in the south wing.//

" The what?"

// South wing.// Shute sweatdroped. " Um…I dunno where that is…."

" …Just ahead of you, Shute." Shute blinked. " Oh….okay…" Shute continued to walk forward, wearily.

// Take a left, Shute.// Shute obeyed and took the left hall. This was like a dark maze. What was he doing here?

// Stop here.// Shute stopped. There was nothing here but doors. // Knock down the door to your right.//

" Why?"

// Do it now!!// Shute flinched. " Okay, okay…" Shute took a breath, getting ready to kick the door down. // Just be ready to shoot//

" Huh?!" Shute didn't have time to stop and ask what Haro was talking about, since he already let his foot make impact with the door. The door flew off of its hinges. Shute started to sweat when he saw three large guys. He swallowed hard.

// Shute!! Fire!!//

Shute zoned out at the command as he saw the three guys get their guns readied to fire at Shute. He ducked to the side as bullets started to fly out into the hallway.

Shute shakily sat on the ground, frozen in fear.

// SHUTE!//

" W…what?!"

// Shoot them with your gun now!!// Shute remembered he was still clutching to the weapon. He took a breath and looked to the doorway. One of the guys came out. He spotted Shute and started to raise his gun. With quicker reflexes than the man, Shute lifted up his gun and pulled the trigger.

And now I'm hunting you down
And getting fear from the sound

Blood started to drip down the man's lip as he stood there with wide, unbelieving eyes. He let go of the gun and fell to the ground as his shirt was starting to be covered in blood.

Shute gasped at what he did. He didn't have long to reflect on what he did, because the other two came out, and started shooting at Shute.

Shute jumped to his feet and grabbed the body and used it as a shield. The two stopped when they realized what they were doing.

` …Now's your chance!' A voice in Shute's head screamed. Shute dropped the now dead body and open fired at the two's guns, making them fly out of their hands.

And with my mayhem abound

` ….Kill them.' Shute narrowed his eyes and pulled the trigger two times.

I am your master!

Smoke sizzled out of the gun Shute held as he watched the two fall to the ground. He blinked, then dropped the gun. He drew his hand up to his eyes and stared at them in fearful disbelief. " My god…."


A week went by, and Shute still attended the same military school. Haro and Juli were in the control room, running some performance analysis on Shute.

" His aim has gone up three degrees, and his speed and reflexes have increased by 12%," Juli reported.

" Good." Juli looked at Haro.

" Why did you do it?"

" What?" Juli's eyes narrowed. " You know what!" She stood up. " Make him your new assassin operative for other dimension criminals! He's a boy for god's sake!" She then added a bit more quietly and forcefully, " Your boy…"

Haro just looked at the computer screens as though it didn't affect him. " Are you even listening to me!?" Haro turned around and left. " Haro!!! He's just a child!! Haro!!" Haro went out the door. Juli frowned and sat back down.

" Why are you doing this to him…?"

Come on and let the hunt be the hunted
Come on and let the hunt be the hunted
Come on and let the hunt be the hunted
Come on and let the hunt be the hunted


Shute leaned against Captain as he and his friends sat around in the base, bored. Shute didn't tell them about what kind of training he's been going through, since he didn't want them to worry. He just said that it was basic target practice and stuff like that. They fortunately bought it…

…. For a while anyway. Captain started to worry about Shute lately, since he started to talk less and less. He was sure the others noticed too.

" Shute, is there something wrong?" Captain asked. Shute yawned.

" Yeah. Nun' wrong," Shute said simply. Baku groaned, " Soooooooooo booooooaaaaared….!" Zero hit him over the head.

" Quit whining!" Captain sweatdroped, then turned back to Shute. " …Shute?" Shute was staring off into space. Captain shook him gently. " Shute?"

` …How many people did I kill in this week alone? And how many more are going to join the list…?' Shute thought. ` Why do I have to do it?….What's becoming of me….?'

Shute yelped as he felt something clam down on his ear. He jumped. " What the hell!?"

Baku chuckled. " See? I told ya biting his ear would work?" Everyone else sweatdroped.

" Now, why would you think of that of all things?" Zero asked. Baku shrugged. " My brother used to do that to me all the time."

" ….But you don't have ears…"

" Would you rather have it I bit Shute's arm off?"

" ….Your family had a thing about eating and biting everything, didn't they?"

Shute rubbed his ear tenderly. " Damnit…"

" Shute, there's something wrong," Captain said. " Now tell us, please." Shute looked away slightly.

" …Nothing's wrong."

" Shute--"

" I got to go now." Shute went to the door, threw it open and slammed it shut behind him.

Get in my way and I'll be blowin' up somethin'
Come on and let the hunt be the hunted

Shute held his gun in his teeth as he searched in his pockets frantically for more bullets. He hid behind a shattered remains of a wall. ` Come on….' He finally found his bullets; he quickly loaded them and pointed the gun above his head, where a strange purple creature loomed over him with saliva dripping from its fangs. ( A/N: No, not Barney…)

He pulled the trigger, letting his bullet rip through the creature's flesh. It screamed, making Shute flinch. He rolled out of the way before it landed on top of him. He looked at it, wondering what it was.

// Good work Shute. Return to base immediately.// Haro said on the other line.

" But what was that thing?" Shute asked. // Don't ask questions, just return.// Shute sighed.

" Whatever…"


Shute had not been outside in public for a very long time. Not since what Sayla said to him that one time. He was too scared of rejection to go out there anymore. He stayed inside the base on his free time, which wasn't very much time at all.

The boy lied on his bed, his legs crossed, and his gun in his hands over his chest. " What's happened to me…?" he muttered, clutching the gun tighter. " I've had to change who I am, and my old life…and for what? This?" He held his gun up slightly and looked at it. " Why? I had a good life, lots of friends….no killing…."

I'm trying to make it to the other side
And I'm dying to make my move

(So get outta my way cause I'm coming for you!)

He held that gun to his forehead; his expression blank. " I don't want to be like this anymore…I want out…"


Bakunetsumaru yawned while cracking his neck. " Man…that's the last time I spar with Guneagle…" He rubbed his left arm. " He punches like a girl! Yeow…" (A/N: Heheh, we punch harder than guys!!) He went up to Shute's room and knocked on the door. " Yo, squirt!" Baku shook his head; he's been around Guneagle too long. " Time to eat, you coming?" He waited for a reply, but got none. He put a hand on the doorknob and tried to open the door, but it was locked.

" Shute??" He banged on the door. " Shute!" Baku growled, " If you don't open this door, I'm--" The door creaked open. Baku gasped in horror at what he saw.

Shute stood there, with blood dribbling down his head, and covering his front. He blinked out tears while holding his gun. " Why can't I just die…?!" Shute sobbed. Shute coughed, then passed out. Baku caught him before he hit the floor.


" He tried to kill himself…" Zero muttered in disbelief. He shook his head and looked at Baku. " How is he taking it?" he said, referring to Captain. Baku looked to the other side of the room, where Captain sat, looking down.

" Not to well…"

" Do you think Shute will be alright?" Baku shrugged. " Probably. He took a direct shot to the head and was still standing…"

" …This reminds me of a story about a boy who turned into a monster," Zero started. " The boy was banned from his village, and was forced to live in the woods, far from anyone…"

" What happened to him?" Zero sighed while closing his eyes. " ….He vanished. No one knew what happened to him, so he must have either moved far away, or committed suicide." Haro stepped into the room. Everyone looked at him in anticipation.

" Well? Will he be alright?" Baku asked.

" Yes." Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Shute walked out behind Haro with his head down. " I think for his own safety, he should be assigned back into your jurisdiction." Captain looked up at Shute. He got up and walked over to the boy.

" I think we should leave," Zero whispered to Baku. He nodded. Haro seemed to get the message too, and also dispersed from the room with the other two.

" Shute…why did you do it?" Captain asked.

" …I'm tired, Captain…" Shute still didn't look up. " I'm tired of being a freak. I shouldn't have lived. I was supposed to have died, it was my time…" Shute suddenly shot his head up when he felt Captain's hands clamp tightly on his shoulders.

" You listen to me, if you did die, how do you think we'd feel about that? You're important to us!" Shute sighed. Captain just didn't get how he was feeling.

I know that you will have to realize
The danger behind you
(So get outta my way cause I'm coming for you!)


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