SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ The Spaz Show ❯ Pilot Chapter ( Chapter 1 )

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The studio was packed with tons of people.
Excited chatter came from them, talk of questions that the Gundam Force would be asked to answer.
Upbeat music began to play, signifying that the show was now officially starting.
The crowd roared as lights came on, showing a stage that had a three-seat couch and a chair with a table, and running onto the stage was a girl the age of thirteen, dressed in a graphic tee, a vest to go with the tee, jeans, black Converse and barrettes in her hair that were fashioned to look like wings. She had curly brown hair that almost reached mid-back, and brown eyes. She was also carrying an iPad.
She stopped once she reached the center.
“Hey everybody! My name is Emma Marie, and welcome, to the first episode of The Spaz Show!”
The crowd applauded, eager to get on to the questions.
Once the crowd calmed down, Emma began to speak.
“Okay, a few things I want to go over with you. First of all, fangirls please don't go TOO crazy when the answerers come out.
“Second of all, this here,”
She held up the iPad.
“Is the iPad as most of you know, I'll be using it to bring up the questions that will be asked.
“Also, the questioners' identities will NOT be revealed.
“One last thing, I myself will be asking three of my own questions to the answerers, aimed for all of them to answer.”
A stage crewmember came out, running up to Emma and whispering something in her ear before running backstage.
“Oh good the sedative's worn off-IMEAN Introducing the first three questioners to appear, Captain Gundam, Zero the Winged Knight, and Bakunetsumaru the Blazing Samurai!”
Sure enough, Captain Zero and Baku came walking out, stumbling a bit and looking a bit confused, taking a seat at the couch.
Marie took a seat at the chair, and once it looked like everyone was settled, she began to talk.
“I just wanna say real quick, sorry we had to uh . . .what's a positive way of saying kidnapping?”
The three sweatdropped.
“Okay then, welcome to The Spaz Show guys!”
“Spaz Show?”
“It's just a question-answer show, I'm going to ask each of you guys some questions that your fans have for you, and you'll answer them! Simple as that!”
“Then why do I have the feeling that crazy stuff is going to happen?” Baku whispered to Zero.
“We'll just have to wait and see.”
“All right! Here's my first question, aimed for all three of you to answer.
“What do you think of being on this show?”
“It does seem very nice so far.”
“Other than the fact that you FREAKING KNOCKED US OUT AND DRAGGED US HERE this is actually nice.”
“There are no words that express my gratitude to be in the presence of such a fair lady.”
Zero snapped his fingers, a famous Princess Rose appearing there, and gave it to Emma.
“Okay, that doesn't really answer the question . . . but oh well!”
Baku rolled his eyes.
“Seriously Zero, do you have to go and give a rose to every girl you see?”
“I am just showing the fair maiden that she has as much beauty as the Princess Rose.”
Baku and Zero continued their squabbling as Emma called to a stage hand to take the rose and give it some water.
“Okay then second question!”
The knight and samurai stopped the bickering and resumed attention to the human girl, ready for the next question.
The Gundams blinked.
“That isn't really a question-“ Captain was about to point out that what the host had just said wasn't indeed a question, but was stopped mid-sentence.
“Right then next question!”
Once again they blinked.
“Oh boy . . .”
Marie stayed quiet, before shouting,
Yet again, they blinked.
“Isn't that the Dai-Shogun's move?”
The Spaz backhanded Baku.
“W-what the-?! What was that abo-“
“Now for the questions from our questioners!”
The crowd cheered, happy to finally hear the questions that fellow fans had.
`I knew crazy stuff would happen . . .'
“The first question is for Captain.”
She glanced down at the iPad.
Captain blushed.
“Aw shucks.”
Zero and Baku facepalmed at this.
“The next question is for Zero.”
Zero quickly sat up.
“Do you wuuuuv Baku?”
Zero eyes went to the size of dinner plates, he also blushed.
He began to stutter, a mess of “Uh”s “Well”s and “You see”s, Emma let this go on for a whole minute before saying,
“Okay next question!
“Baku, why did you let Genki get the spotlight in season two?”
Baku didn't realize he was being asked a question, since he was having a similar reaction to Zero from the previous question, minus the stuttering.
Emma was about to go over and pour water on Baku, but he finally snapped to reality.
“H-Huh what? Oh well, Genkimaru just appeared out of nowhere, and there seemed to be nothing we could do about it.”
“Cool, then onto the next batch of questions!”
She took another glance down to the iPad.
“Captain, when was the Soul Drive created?”
“Before Dark Axis activity, it was made in hopes that it wouldn't be used for battle,”
“But then the Dark Axis appeared.”
“Yes, and then the Soul Drive was hoped to end the threat quickly,”
“Buuut then you were blasted through the sky.”
“Still very interesting to hear about the Soul Drive. Now for the next question!
“Zero, how old are you?”
“I . . .”
Everybody leaned in, eager to hear his age.
“ . . .Don't know.”
That was the sound of everybody facefaulting.
“How do you not know your age?!” Emma asked, getting up and dusting her clothes off, and checking the iPad for any damage.
“I was busy with fighting the Dark Axis and such, my age just sort of slipped from my mind . . . I haven't even thought about it until that question was asked . . .” Zero said this as he rubbed the back of his head, a sweatdrop forming.
“Whatever . . . Next question!”
Once everybody had tooken their seats,
“Baku, can you tell us about your childhood?”
“Why yes I can!”
Baku went on to ramble about growing training to be a samurai, Emma let him go for a minute, then bumped in saying,
“But I was just getting to the good part!”
She backhanded Baku before looking back at the iPad.
“Captain, do they have any lounging areas in the SDG base? We don't see much of the base other than the repair ward, hallways, etc . . .”
“Yes there is, but whenever we want to relax, we usually go to Shutes' house.”
“Cool, a lot of fans assume there's a lounging area, me being one of those people.
“Zero, when Knight Gundams hatch from spirit eggs do they come out as kids or adults?”
The host raised an eyebrow.
“Yes, sometimes they'll be hatched as children, sometimes as adults. There's no real explanation to it . . .”
“Interesting. Next question!
“Baku, how do you stuff riceballs in your mouth when you have a mouthguard?”
While the question was being asked, the samurai had pulled a riceball from out of nowhere and began to eat it.
“Not telling.”
He continued to eat the food.
“Okay then, next batch of questions! The next few questions are aimed for each of you to answer.
“First question, how old are all of you?”
“We really don't know.”
Everybody except the Gundam Force facefaulted.
“Should we just say your excuse is the same as Zeros'?” Marie asked, once again standing up and dusting her clothes.
“Ridiculous we don't know our own ages . . .”
“Then onto the next question!
“Are you sure you're males?”
“We're very sure.”
Bakus' words started up another bickering match between him and Zero, but Emma moved quickly so that the fight wouldn't get carried away.
The knight and samurai glared at each other before turning back to the host.
“Who's the strongest?”
Captain once again was stopped mid-sentence.
“Obviously I am!”
“No I am!”
Yet again Zero and Baku broke into a fight.
Emma panicked, knowing them fighting would slow the show down and possibly get people hurt, so she did the first thing that came to her mind.
Which was knocking Zero and Bakus' heads together.
“Oh my gosh I'm SO sorry!”
Zero and Baku sat on the floor, back-to-back, swirls being where their eyes should be.
“I-I just panicked, and I did the first thing that came to my mind, which was knocking your heads together I'M SO SORRY!”
Marie proceeded to help Zero and Baku back up to their seats, Captain helping too.
“Okay, just three more questions to go, lets avoid fights . . .
“Captain, What OS do you use for your hard drive?”
“A Mac OS X.”
“Zero, what do you strongly believe in, emotionally?”
“I'm not so sure, I've never really thought of that . . .”
“Baku, if you came across a small fox kit, and found out it was actually a fox spirit, what would you do?”
“Obviously I'd care for it, and let it do whatever it wants, since there's really no way you can control a spirit unless they let you . . .”
“Alright! That concludes the show!”
Emma gave each of them a hug and squeed, and they left, definitely wondering what went on in the Spazs' head.
As they left, Emma walked to the center and began to address the crowd.
“Okay guys! Listen up! The trio that will be interviewed next time will be your favorite Dark Axis trio! Make sure to check back next time! Other than that stay spazzy!”
The crowd cheered, the lights dimming and the crowd began to file out.
Zero and Baku were holding ice packs to their heads, still hurting from the head knocking from earlier.
Emma walked up to them,
“Again, I am SO sorry about earlier!”
“Don't think of it milady.”
“You don't have to worry about us.”
She gave a sigh of relief, and began to walk off, but tripped on a cord.
She fell face first, which was embarrassing to her since she did that right in front of the Gundam Force.
“My guess is that you're very clumsy?”
She sighed.
“You have NO idea.”