SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Three Worlds ❯ Captain's Affliction ( Chapter 1 )

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Three WorldsBy: May-VeggieGirl1It's been so long. D:*ducks from flying bricks and boos* ;_; WAH, I'm sorry!I've been on an extreme SD Gundam kick the last two weeks... Extreme... ^^;;;; But I still can't somehow update my fics. I have officially decided to take down Realm of CHAOS!, Childhood, and POSSIBLY Yabureru Mapputatsu... because, honestly, I didn't really even START that fic. If I can just push that entire plot from my mind long enough, I mind be less distracted in other things to update. MAYBE even The Songstress... because it's destined to be too long and tedious. T_T; I am sorry everyone... -_- I know what I want to write for CHIBIFIED, I just can't get it ALL out. ;-; I have maybe 1/3 of it done I can safely say. And I definitely won't have anything really new update-wise for maybe a week or two for CHIBIFIED... I have been doing pieces so I can add it to what I have at home... I also have almost all of Requi's Revenge done (gasp x.x) and then I can get going on Trial By Ketsueki but... just bear with me... -_-;;; This is probably the only thing I'll be ABLE to update for a bit...Also, check out my main deviantArt account for SDG stuff for request drawings. 6.6 Okay... yeah... onto this fic! ^^;;;Disclaimer: It's been so long, I'm sure you all totally forgot I didn't own SD Gundam. :> NOT!~*~*~*~*It was just any other day after the Dark Axis really.Or, it was actually just the end of any other day. And the beginning of many days ahead of uncertainty.After saying goodbye to his friend and checking up on a few things with Haro and Guneagle, Captain Gundam, Neotopia's savior, and possibly, all world's, sat down to shut down for a night's rest. He sighed softly and looked up for a moment at his room while he prepared for sleep initiation.It had been a few months now, and they hardly ever got any news from Zero or Bakunetsumaru from their worlds. But it was to be expected. They knew peace would separate the three great warriors.Captain's eyes grew heavy as he leaned back and went into any other normal sleep.

Deep in the cold interior metal walls of the SDG base, a shadow stirred from hiding. Skillful and creeping, it slowly made it way with each scrapping clawed footstep. Metal parts, wires and circuits once in full use now in shambles, scattered about his feet as he brushed them aside. Some liquid and a GM head. Finally, after trudging this far. He looked up at the red elevator light, glowing brightly in the dark against his own red eyes.The liquid darkness overcame the light and slipped into the elevator's shaft.

Captain awoke startled by internal notifications and his limbs suddenly becoming numb and tingly.System crash, reboot.System fail, abort all operations.System error--Captain suddenly opened his eyes and grasped his chest where his soul drive was as error after error after error bombarded him until he had completely lost a sense of what was going on. He looked around confused as to what had happened, what was going on, but it all whirled and sometimes swirled together everything recognizable until it became unrecognizable. Struggling, he forced himself up only to be overwhelmed by pain."Gah--" Captain choked out and fell back onto his side, watching shadows that were once bound to light dance freely around him. Were they monsters, or his own mind? Everything was crumbling apart, and he had nothing to stop it.This all had to be some weird dream. Because that was the only thing he could understand before his head became heavy and unusually light in the same motion. He struggled against it, but, eventually, fell back into the darkness of his unconsciousness, his last thoughts revolving around Shute."Ahh, I'm so happy summer break is around the corner," Shute sighed while placing both hands behind his head."Why so, Shute?" Shute looked away meekly as Captain continued. "Is gaining knowledge not...?" He trailed off quietly."Of course it's all good, Captain," Shute looked at the ground while kicking a stone to keep up with their walking. "It's just tiring. Didn't you ever feel tired of fighting the Dark Axis day after day?" Captain paused to consider the inquiry. Tired... from protecting Neotopia? From keeping what he held dear safe...?"No." He said bluntly and continued walking. "No, I never did." Shute blinked and looked over at his friend before staring up ahead. They walked side by side quietly for a moment before Captain smiled and added. "I had everyone by my side with me through everything. Through the victories and losses, so it was never tiring." Shute smiled back and nodded."Yeah." It was Shute's turn to pause. "Things were better back then." Captain stopped startled and turned back to Shute."Shute! Never wish for something like that." Shute stopped with him."What? I didn't wish for anything...""Neotopia, Lacroa, and Ark were at the mercy and wrath of the Dark Axis at one point or another. Things weren't better back then.""Well... I grew up differently than you." Captain frowned."What do you mean, Shute?""I grew up here in peaceful Neotopia where everyday was the same as the day before... until I found you.""Captain is back online, sir!" It was Juli's voice that told Captain that he was awake. Otherwise, he may have never known in his current shape. He tried to open his eyes but there was light shining over it and his eyes just kept wanting to roll back inside his head and never come out again.He distinctly saw their shapes and color though, and that was fine for now with him compared to the other shapes and color moving that he didn't see."Captain!!" A white and black blur greeted his semi-return to their world and Captain felt better seeing Guneagle. He tried to move, but it was futile. He didn't even know why. "Hey, don't worry about it man, Kao Lyn will have you better in no time." He heard a sigh near him, and then saw yellow come up from next to him."Sure, no time, if I can even get past these error messages to find out what's wrong.""Doesn't the error message say?," a blackish blob with green and purple shifted. Kao Lyn's yellow shape made a motion as to no and the figure he decided was Bellwood huffed. "Well that's just dumb.""Captain, how do you feel," Cheif Haro's green and almost justified blob moved around Juli.I," He managed to groan out, but nothing more. What would he tell them how he felt? He couldn't even put words to it in his own mind... the dulled and almost euphoric like vision, the weariness, and then there was the weirdest thing he ever felt, like his insides were rotting. He could only speculate, he was only a robot... Captain attempted to move again, this time successfully moving his head down. It made him dizzy to look up into the light. The rotting feeling lurched and then spiked to a completely different degree as he winced and started to writhe."Captain," Guneagle's shape moved over next to him. "It's okay man... It'll be okay.""Guneagle." His shape paused and turned around to the Chief. "Please. I understand how you feel, but we don't want you exposed to Captain until we understand what's wrong. I'm sure Captain doesn't either." Captain thought he saw Guneagle glance back at him before nodding, but he wasn't sure exactly.He justed wanted his voice back."What IS this," Kao Lyn mumbled, seriously for once, to himself as Captain finally felt his toying hands near him... no, in him. His chest, and upon thinking of it, that enormous grief came back to him. Noises were muted as he cried out and shuddered, thrashing at his sytems to calm down, stop whatever it was doing, but to no avail. The colors and shapes went away as he squeezes his eyes shut, greeting nothing.