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Chapter 4- A New Type of Over Soul

The sun rose over the horizon of the new day. After throwing a serious fit, Anna finally accepted Yoh to sleep at Yugi's place and was going to stop by the morning, but that only left about three hours of sleep before it was time Yugi had to get up.

His first stop in his room was the mirror. No sooner did a faint image of Yami appear behind him. "Yugi, didn't sleep well?" Yami asked.

"Barely, and then we have that fight with Ironac tonight. We gotta find out exactly how we're supposed to fight this guy." Yugi began to worry. "Yoh and Miranda seemed so confident of their skills in fights."

"Don't worry too much, we'll stop by Miranda's house today and see if we can't find some answers." Yami assured. A knock intruded and Yoh and Amidamaru entered.

"'Mornin' Yugi." Yoh greeted, wearing his outfit from yesterday and added on was an orange band with silver blades on the top of the left hand. Noticable was the multiple of scratches all over Yoh's body.

"Hey, Yoh." Yugi answered and spotted the band. "What's that?"

"This? It's the Oracle Pager, you win this if you beat the Shaman Fight Official." Answered Yoh. "Speaking of which, you have that fight with Ironac tonight, don't you?"

"Yeah, I'm still a little shaken about this. I've never heard of this Shaman Tournament before." Yugi said before his eyes shot wide. "Hey, you didn't get that yesterday!"

"I did, last night I had my qualifying fight and won." Yoh answered.

"OK," Yugi said in some confusion. "But what about my fight tonight? Any hints you can give me?"

"Well, usually you go with what your spirit and yourself have in common." Yoh briefed.

"We're both into Duel Monsters, that's about it." Yami replied.

"Typical, you have no chance in the Shaman Tournament unless you can put Duel Monsters to your advantage." Anna intruded. All three guys looked to see Anna leaning on the doorway with her arms crossed. "As I've seen with Yoh, an Over Soul can be put into anything the spirit can relate to. For you, it might be the cards in your hands. It's a risk, but your spirit Yami can probably adopt the powers of the Dark Magician, Buster Blader, even Slifer the Sky Dragon."

"How do you know of the Egyptian God Cards?" Yugi jumped at Anna's knowledge. "And how did you even get in here?!"

"Motou let me in, but back to the point. I am an Itaku, I understand most knowledge of spirits, including the fact that Yami used to be an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh." Anna answered in he usual stale voice. "Now are you going to try it or not? Other than the cards, I don't see anything else Yami can come to contact with." Yugi took a look at his deck, then glimpsed Yami and Yoh. Both of them seemed to agree with it.

"Al'right. I'll try."

"With Anna, 'Try' is not in the vocabulary." Yoh chuckled nervously.

"We begin...after breakfast." Said Anna.


It was not really a tough decision for Miranda at all. Kikaita, Raikoukou, and Tsunami voluntarily stepped down, and Yami Marik's experience in fighting was decided over Miran's comeback methods. By morning, Miranda wasn't training with her sword, but instead looked through a deck she collected from the Battle City tournament. Her thoughts were in deep as all of her spirit brigade was withdrawn except for Raikoukou sleeping in her room and Yami Marik looking out the window like the loner he is.

"It's after dawn, aren't you going to train?" Yami Marik asked impatiently.

"I am. I felt a slight weakness during the Zodiac Aurora Slash, a weakness coming from you." Miranda answered and sorted the cards in the deck.

"I'll admit, I don't favor long-range weapons." Said Yami Marik.

"Precisely why I have a different Over Soul tactic for you." Miranda stated and laid The Winged Dragon of Ra on the table in front of her along with other recognizable cards he used in his Duels. "Unless you're not up to it."

"All we need is the Shadow Realm and we'll pass the first round of the tournament." Yami Marik retorted.

"Too easy. I thought you'd prolong a victim's suffering for your amusement, being the twisted mind you are." Miranda plainly answered and began looking through another deck. "What I have in mind should surely entertain the opposition before destroying them."

"Entertain them?" Yami Marik looked to her with a questionable look.


After breakfast, Anna, Yoh and Yugi headed towards the card shop on the lower floor. Solomon didn't open for another two hours so they had time, little towards Anna's eyes. All of them sat in the middle of the floor with Yugi's deck to start things off.

"OK, I may not know Duel Monsters but like any Shaman, he and the ghost must act as one." Anna instructed. "I'm assuming here you're going to select the single card you can tap Over Soul into."

"Dark Magician, hands down." Yugi slipped out his favorite card, a powerful mage in purple armor and wielding a green staff.

"Pretty good, but don't you think you should start weaker?" Anna asked and swiped Yugi's deck to see through it herself.

"I don't mean to agree with Anna, but the Dark Magician does look like a powerful card. If you start out too fast, you'll burn up your Over Soul before you even start." Yoh picked up the Dark Magician and examined it himself.

"How about the Obnoxious Celtic Guardian, that's pretty weak with only 1400 attack points?" Yugi suggested the second thought as Anna found the guardian in the deck.

"It's a start, better than trying to merge with a Kuriboh." Anna kept the Obnoxious Celtic Guardian in her hand and returned the deck to Yugi. Even Yoh gave his Dark Magician back. "Now we'll head outside, if anything this could take as long as Yoh when he first tried integration." Anna led the boys outside through the front door and went around back. Yoh appeared confident but Yugi looked worried.

We just heard of the Shaman Tournament last night. How did we end up in it? Yugi thought in doubt.

I don't know, but Yoh and Miranda might need our help. Yoh says that the world is the stake in every one of these tournaments. And we can't let the fate of the world be in the wrong hands. Yami answered when they finally reached behind the store.

"Alright, it's time for shot Number One. Yugi, I suggest you study Yoh. All Over Soul proceed like this but how it is resolved is up to the team." Anna instructed. Yoh nodded and revealed Harusame once more.

"Amidamaru, spirit form!" The ritual of summoning spirit replayed in front of them, "Into the spirit sword!" Yoh finished quickly and the light blue flame embroidered Yoh's sword. Anna clicked the stopwatch.

"Not bad, .9 seconds. But I've seen better from you by two-tenths of a second." Anna commented. "Now it's your turn Yugi, try to focus Yami's spirit from the Puzzle and into the Obnoxious Celtic Guardian. Yami must be the Obnoxious Celtic Guardian." She handed the Obnoxious Celtic Guardian to Yugi.

"Alright, here goes." Yugi pulled the Millennium Puzzle off around his neck and held the chain in his right hand and the card in his left.

Be the Obnoxious Celtic Guardian. Yami began to concentrate and the Puzzle reacted with the Eye of Horus glowing. Yugi tossed the Millennium Puzzle in his hand until the loop was in his palm and made a stance like he dueled with Kaiba's Duel Disc.

"Yami, spirit form!" Yugi threw everything he could muster into braking Yami from the barriers of the Millennium Puzzle. A gold-brimming spirit flame ejected from the Millennium Puzzle. "Into the spirit card!" Yugi directed Yami's spirit flame further as Yami darted through the card in Yugi's opposite hand.


"Just look. Revival Jam, Metal Reflect Slime, Archfiend Soldier, Winged Dragon of Ra; along with Swords of Revealing Light, Gran Maju Da Eiza, Inferno get where I'm coming at? If this can be pulled off, you'll be the playing field, the magic, the traps, and the monsters." Miranda reached conclusion. "If possible, you could even become The Winged Dragon of Ra."

Yami Marik looked very interested in the strategy. He smiled his grim grin and the right side of his face warped and vanished, signaling a power like none other seen since his appearance in Battle City. No surprise there.


Yami paused inside the card to recollect himself. Yugi began to feel a little heat in the Obnoxious Celtic Guardian card before the flame ejected and took form in the gold fire. Yugi felt blinded while Amidamaru, Anna, and Yoh watched with confident expectation.

Yugi again forced energy through his direction. "I summon the Obnoxious Celtic Guardian!" Yami found his final form in the fire and burst out of the flames. Yami saw himself in a new suit of armor and animal pelts, skipping the bladed helmet as the regular Obnoxious Celtic Guardian, but nonetheless armed with the trademarked diamond blade sword. All three of them saw the result of Yugi's successful Over Soul, and then they glanced at Yugi. They only saw a few drops of sweat dotting his forehead, but other than that he looked like he used little energy to pull it off.

"Incredible..." Anna stared and looked to the stopwatch. "Although it took you 2.3 seconds, that's not too bad for a first shot. And you don't even look tired out."

"Maybe the Obnoxious Celtic Guardian was no problem for you." Yoh smiled.

"He still needs to see if he can follow through and fulfill some sort of attack. Try to hit that tree over there." Anna stated and pointed to a tree against a brick wall.

"Al'right." Yugi nodded and returned focus on his Over Soul, Yami still holding out his synchronized stance of the Obnoxious Celtic Guardian. "Yami, use Diamond Blade Slash!" Yami followed the attack and took a twenty-foot leap above the tree and sliced down the middle in a stream of light. The slash evaporated and moments passed before the tree reacted and split down the middle.

"I did that?" Yami himself couldn't believe what he accomplished, and with little effort.

"It's hard to believe a card-player like you has so much potential." The rare event of Anna standing shocked took present.

"And you used about as much energy to play that Over Soul as I did just to integrate with Amidamaru." Yoh followed with his comment.

"Now's not the time to celebrate. Next monster, one more powerful than the Obnoxious Celtic Guardian. With the way Yugi is gliding along, we'll make Yami a fighting machine wielding the bladed staff of the Dark Paladin by lunch. For there's nothing for lunch for either of you!" Anna conducted, making Yoh and Yugi freeze with the thought of starvation. "Now move it! Time is not on your side, Motou!"


"It's odd…" Kevin though to himself in the rising morning, "why did I see an explosion near Miranda's place but nothing was mentioned on the news?" His hair was a total wreck after a rough night of hardly any sleep while staring down at a breakfast of pancakes and small sausage links.

Mai had her hair tied back in a ponytail and net to keep the untamed mane at least under control. Her usual cup of cappuccino was all she needed before going around for more Duels. She glanced to Kevin as the steam from his breakfast vanished off the plate. "Kevin, what's wrong? You love pancakes." She wondered, snapping Kevin from his concentration.

"It's nothing Mai, but…last night, did you see some sort of explosion a mile from here? Like somewhere around Miranda's place?" Kevin asked. Mai's deep purple eyes sparkled in shock.

"Do you know if she's all right?" Mai's morning routine was added with some panic and concern. "Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"I--" Kevin was about to respond until Mai guzzled the rest of her coffee.

"Get dressed, we're going to Miranda's a-sap." She headed into the bathroom immediately, leaving Kevin to finish his cooled-off meal.

Kevin returned his eyes to his breakfast. "Miranda, I hope you're all right…" He muttered and finally bit into his sausage. "This is so unreal… First Yoh comes with this Shaman King tournament, then this explosion after dark…" Kevin pondered his new events until the phone ringing broke his train of thought. He gulped his orange juice and snagged the phone. "Hello, Valentine's Residence."

"Is this Kevin Hunter?" The woman on the other side asked.

"Yeah but how did you know?" Kevin wondered quickly before the voice continued.

"My name is Ishizu Ishtar. I need to see you at the Domino Museum immediately concerning your father's artifact he donated two years ago."


To be continued…