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Chapter 7- Duelist Shamans
Small pebbles of sweat began to seep through Yugi's skin as he faced his officiate Ironac. Ironac threw off his cloak to show his solid muscles under the moccasin material as vest and pants, contrasting to his heavy-duty cleat shoes bound with iron rivets.
“Al'right Yugi Motou, I've heard a great deal about you in the game of Duel Monsters, but a game's skill is not the direction to go in the Shaman Tournament.” Ironac boasted. “In order to beat me, you must land one hit on me within ten minutes. The timer will begin when you're ready.”
Yugi nodded and swallowed the anxiety building in his throat. His Duel Disk snapped into action and activated its hologram projectors, emitting a new aura than a laser image of its display. Yami readied himself in the Millennium Puzzle, fresh in mind of the course training of card Over Soul. “Yami, spirit form!” Yugi declared. Yami's spirit ejected fast from the Millennium Puzzle and reformed on his right hand in a dazzle of gold spirit flames. “Into the Duel Disk!” Yugi slammed his spirit into Kaiba Corp.'s product, seeming to be Yami's perfect Over Soul focus. After his Duel Disk shined for a moment, Yugi drew his hand of six like he would in the beginning of any duel and scanned his hand.
Anna watched from the sidelines with her arms folded over. I've taught him everything I know about Over Soul focus. I hope he can pull it off… She thought.
Yugi pulled the first card from his hand and slapped it on the dueling platform. “I summon Mystic Swordsman Level 4! Over Soul, take form!” Yugi declared as the projectors produced Yami's image replacing that of the monster itself but equipped with all its attributes. Yami's Over Soul consisted of a pastel purple outfit, a sash over his mouth, minus the hat as the monster would, and a longsword poised to strike. “Go, attack Ironac!” Yugi made his first move with Yami coming at a charge.
“Hm.” Ironac pondered to himself and blocked with one arm. Yami's sword stopped right on Ironac's muscle without any sign of injury.
“What?” Yugi and Yami both jumped at the same time. Ironac only replied with a smirk.
“It's not my arm that protected me, it was my familiar, Irodillo.” Ironac said and instantly the hide of an armadillo appeared on his left arm protecting Ironac. “Sorry, but you're going to have to do better than that to touch me. I assume it's my turn?” Another one of Ironac's familiars sprung to life as iron wings sprouted from his back and carried him to safety in the altitudes. “I'm quite surprised Yugi. Most shamans don't know how to Over Soul until their preliminary match. Yet you know Over Soul like you know possession.”
“Of course.” Yugi answered. “Yami and I have been through a lot that required possession and working as one. And with our souls united, we'll triumph over everything.” Yugi announced. Ironac smiled with confidence of a fine shaman.
“Very well, but triumph over this!” Ironac began his counter attack as his metal wings pounded the crisp night air, pulsing aftershock after aftershock of wind blades. The consistent attack knocked Yami to the ground and withdrew his swordsman Over Soul. “My familiar of the wind, Irowl, takes out your first shamanic focus. You have eight minutes remaining…”
“Yugi shook his head from Ironac's attack and drew his next card. Maybe this will help… Yugi thought and skimmed his hand, pulling out two cards to begin his next turn. I'll start with Obnoxious Celtic Guardian. Over Soul, take form!” Yugi made his move as Yami took the place of Obnoxious Celtic Guardian, minus the elven helm. “I also play Heavy Storm!”
“Heavy Storm?” Ironac questioned the boy's strategy.
“You see, in the game, Heavy Storm is a powerful magic card that wipes out all other magic and trap cards. Hopefully I'm thinking right when looking at the scenario in this point of view.” Yugi answered with Yami making the explanation.
“You play in this as if you're the monster. And if that's the case, your familiars are nothing more than equipment, which means once they're disarmed, you're fair game.” Yami finished as a vicious storm kicked up. Ironac disappeared in the whirlwinds as the storm ripped through the park; thoughts of it drawing attention were imminent. Ever since the Egyptian God Cards of Battle City, the people of Domino were jumpy of the first unnatural thing appearing in the city and panicked almost immediately.
Inside the storm, Yugi and Yami both could hear the clashing of metal, hopefully the armors equipped to Ironac were detaching.
In Kaiba Corp., the CEO was at work as usual; it's a miracle his fingers haven't turn raw from all the deskwork. His blue eyes scanned the stocks every second as he kept Kaiba Corp. afloat. A flat screen TV was running the headline news in front of him, recapping the recent tournament. Sitting on the couch watching it was his brother, Mokuba. His commentary falling on deaf ears.
“Hey Seto, what do you think will happen to Miranda now she's keeping Marik's psycho side?” Mokuba asked. Kaiba never once removed his eyes from his work.
“I don't care what that girl or any other of those duelists do now that the tournament's over.” Kaiba answered, “As far as I know I'm working on the best and worthy location for our first Kaibaland construction.” His response made his brother's face light up like a Christmas tree.
“We're…we're really going to do it?” Mokuba asked hopefully. Kaiba looked to his brother with a smile of confidence.
“We will Mokuba, soon.” Kaiba nodded. Then distraction hit as Kaiba's Duel Disk tracer satellite system sounded off on his laptop. “What, I thought I deactivated the system.” Kaiba muttered and his fingers flew over the keyboard. Ultimately his satellite wasn't going off from an active Duel Disk, it was more than that.
“Seto? What's wrong bro?” Mokuba turned off the TV and trotted to look over Kaiba's shoulder. The screen displayed the statistics of a Duel Disk in particular. “What's going on with Yugi's Duel Disk?”
“I have no idea. But according to the tracer system, his hologram projectors are not emitting the projection compound I've designed.” Kaiba briefed.
“It's not? How can that happen?” Mokuba asked. Kaiba continued running diagnostics by simulation comparison. He hooked up his Duel Disk to the laptop and ran the match-up scan. Two wavelengths of the same category were unmatched the first split second then paired up evenly.
“I don't understand…both of our Duel Disks match perfectly.” Kaiba ran into his conundrum of the night. He exited his program and set the comp to auto programming, unplugging his Duel Disk from the USB port. “Once the Duel Disk activates, run a scan on all active Duel Disk systems.” Kaiba commanded.
Can be done Kaiba. A mechanical voice called from the laptop and Kaiba prepared his Duel Disk, pulling his first card, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Scanners online and ready to go. A small webcam popped up from the laptop cover and focused; the screen imaged on Kaiba and his Duel Disk ready for testing. He faced the window, looking out into the night skies.
“Go Blue-Eyes White Dragon!” Kaiba declared and slapped his card on the display plate. As usual, the Duel Disk took a half-second to register the card and calibrate the projectors.
Scanners activating… Analyzing card from database… No match… Er, Kaiba? The computer questioned but was talking to itself under the roar of resurrection from Kaiba's Duel Disk. Both of them were amazed to see the Blue-Eyes White Dragon come to life outside the window. Its scales reflected the violet aura of the night though visible by the office lights inside the building.
“Hmp, just as I thought.” Kaiba deactivated the Duel Disk and turned around. “The next time you're going to sound an alarm, give me a good reason.” Mokuba just looked shocked as he stared beyond his brother.
“Uh Seto?” Mokuba was aghast to speak though willful enough to send a finger point past Kaiba towards outside.
“Hm?” Kaiba turned around again, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon was still there even after Kaiba shutdown his Duel Disk. He jumped and stepped away from the window, his eyes twitching from what he couldn't understand as a genius in the game and technology. “Mokuba, meet me downstairs, I want to know what the heck is going on!” Kaiba stated and took the elevator to the bottom floor.
In five minutes, Kaiba exited the building and looked up. The Blue-Eyes White Dragon dived to the concrete and landed on all four white talons, avoiding the cars in the parking lot and producing a black shadow from the lights and emitting light itself as would any other holographic projection. Kaiba returned a concentrated look an approached the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. He reached halfway and stopped. “Give me what you have on the scans.” Kaiba commanded and his computer blipped.
I found no match of this Blue-Eyes White Dragon in the database. In fact I can't find anything of your processes in this Blue-Eyes White Dragon. It as if it's standing alive in front of you, scales and all. The computer replied.
Despite a truthful response, Kaiba looked to the Blue-Eyes White Dragon in disgusted disbelief. “What trick is this?” Kaiba demanded. The Dragon simply looked to Kaiba in attention as if waiting for some sort of order directed to it. Void of any other resorts, Kaiba approached it further and stood in its length of reach with its head and stared it down in its blue eyes. “What…are you?” The Blue-Eyes White Dragon lowered its head to Kaiba's level, the heavy gale of a breath rushed through its nose, proving another sign of life. It rippled Kaiba's white long vest behind him. He still looked on, still oblivious to what the Blue-Eyes White Dragon truly was.
“Are you just going to stand there? Or are you going to accept whom the guardian ghost has chosen?” A voice boomed in the area. A quick survey found a stranger wrapped in a cloak of ancient but beautiful design of the Native Americans, standing behind Mokuba on the property lines of the business.
“Who are you?!” Kaiba demanded. He got his answer fast in return.
“My name is Kalim of Tribe Patch. We are the officials of the upcoming Shaman Tournament.” He introduced and stepped on the asphalt of the parking lot to further reveal himself in the light, though still hiding under the cloak. The only thing visible was the top of his black wavy hair and two feathers from a headband circling his forehead.
“Shaman Tournament? Ha, don't give me that. Do you honestly think that I could be some sort of `Chosen?' That's what that witch Ishizu said and it turned out to be false entirely.” Kaiba boasted. “Now unless you have some sort of business here, I suggest you leave before I get mad.” Kalim tilted his head down, then returned the stare against Kaiba.
“Open your eyes. Your card knows a powerful entity is emerging just as it had before. Your technology cannot explain everything Seto Kaiba.” Kalim said. “Standing before you is the spirit of the card, the heart of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. It has come forth to offer protection for you and your brother.”
Kaiba gawked, “Protection? I don't need it. And I don't need you explaining to me how my Duel Disk system works.”
“Kaiba,” Kalim called, “face your Blue-Eyes White Dragon and look carefully into its eyes.” Kaiba gave a smug look but turned around anyway. The Dragon had its head raised with a clear shield of tears welling in it eyes. Kaiba watched it amazed to see what he called a hologram show human emotion.
“It's…it's crying. But why?” Kaiba watched as a single tear fell from its eye to its row of teeth and followed the fangs like a trail.
“The soul of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon cares deeply for you. It has known the hardship you fought in the past to achieve the goal. It knows your anger, your future goals, your love for your brother and your life.” Kalim explained. “Now it's the Dragon's turn to help you. A grave entity of ancient powers emerges from one thousand years ago; his strength is unparalleled to any single soul that can match it. Your Dragon wants to protect you and your brother from that force of darkness.”
“You speak nonsense. Now tell me whether or not you know this Dragon can remain even after my Duel Disk is deactivated.” Kaiba demanded.
Kalim sighed, “Believe what you want. But soon you will open your heart to the truth, and spare a world worth living for yourself and your brother. Your Dragon that remains in absolute loyalty to you, she and her brethren that still remain in your deck, only wish to help you on achieving your goal.” Kaiba looked over his shoulder to the Dragon once more as that single tear reached the tip of the front fang and fell. Falling like a raindrop, the tear crystallized to a solid state: a diamond prism no bigger than the palm of Kaiba's own hand clattered on the asphalt without shattering, trailing it a thin but durable white metal chain.
Kaiba bent down and picked up the prism, cut like a professional diamond cutter's work. He felt a pulse like his own inside it; his instinct told him to drop it but he clenched it, the crystal unusually warm in his grasp.
“I'll have to take my leave now. I wouldn't want to miss Ironac's fight against Yugi.” Kalim commented. Kaiba's eyes flashed wide at the name of his greatest rival.
“Did you say Yugi was in this so-called Shaman Tournament?!” Kaiba asked, seeing Kalim still standing on the far end of the parking lot.
“He is, do you have some sort of competitive spirit against him?” Kalim wondered. Kaiba stood up to his feet with the diamond still wrapped in his hand.
“You have no idea. Al'right, I'm in this Shaman Tournament, just tell me what to do.” Kaiba's eyes narrowed in his trademark ruthless determination. Kalim nodded in acceptance and unveiled his form from the cloak. To every Patch Tribe officiate, they wore a vest under their tanned muscles and pants equipped with a dagger, in contrast to durable boots of his trademark metal.
“First you have to prove yourself qualified for the tournament!” Kalim declared. “You have ten minutes to land one hit on me to enter the tournament!”
“With pleasure!” Kaiba tucked the pendant into his pocket and posed a fighter stance. Unaware of what he said next. “Kisara! Spirit Form!” The White Dragon responded with a roar of charge and exploded in an array of light streams equipping on to Kaiba's body at random. Scale mail form-fitted on his arms with metal plates on the shoulders and elbows. His feet clamped by the White Dragon's talons and made shield up to the knees. Topping it off were a pair of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon's powerful wingspan emerging from his shoulder blades and the head of a Blue-Eyes clashed on his right arm and ready for battle.
Through it all, Kalim was amazed of Kaiba's fast interest and eagerness to the tournament. “Well, you know how to Over Soul. But do you know how to use it?” He asked with his own confidence of his victory behind his voice.
“Please, if what you say is true, then Kisara is sure to give me victory. Just like in the past, I strive for a future. Now I can have a future without guilt by defeating Yugi!” Kaiba charged with the power of his Dragon backing up his cry for victory.
“Let us just see about that!” Kalim called out and charged with his Hawk's wings pounding as well.
A flap of Irowl's wings took out easily the tyrant Heavy Storm. In the clear, Ironac's armor was only scratched from the wind blades. “I admire your thoughts in this duel you two. But in the Shaman Tournament you gotta learn to think on your feet!” Ironac charged in on Yugi with his iron craft of a fox skull armed with sharp fangs ready to strike both Yami and Yugi in one clean hook. On the reflex, Yugi bounced back to avoid the iron fangs.
Whoa, how did I do that? Yugi thought as he landed on the cement of the park's walk and drew another card. “You might wanna be careful Ironac, I have a trap waiting for ya!” He declared as a card hologram lied on the cement.
Anna speculated with her arms crossed. Yugi declares all his moves, a rookie mistake. Yet the giant card on the ground might be obvious, declared or not. What can Yugi be thinking? She thought as a night breeze crossed the park.
“Trap huh? Easy to avoid!” Ironac came in for another dive like an owl hunting.
“Not quite, go Mirror Force!” Yugi triggered and Yami went to the defensive. He posed his sword to act as the shield and shards of glass came together and formed a barrier to protect. “The only way to avoid traps is to counter them. Thanks to Mirror Force your attack is negated!” Yugi declared. I hope this breaks off his armor familiar spirits. Yugi thought. The shards of Mirror Force shattered in front of Ironac as he went for the attack. The impact made his feathers slip from his headband and lose Irowl's wings.
Anna's eyes came wide to the twist. I get it! Since Yami is the one fighting Ironac, Yugi is helping by weakening Ironac's defensive strengths. However Yugi needs to keep this up, he has four familiars to go. She figured it out herself.
“Yugi, his wings are gone!” Yami spotted the obvious. “Did Mirror Force do that?”
“I'm only going on a limb, but we can't let Ironac get those feathers back.” Yugi drew his card. “Al'right Yami, time for a little help. I summon Gazelle, the King of Mythical Beasts in attack mode!” Yugi called as his lion monster approached the field, while at the same time Yugi felt a weakness in himself.
“Yugi!” Yami cried.
“Well that's common sense!” Anna cried in anger. “Yami can only Over Soul one monster at a time! If you summon two monsters, you'll be pulling your own strength into the competition. The more monsters summoned, the more the struggle to maintain Over Soul is!” She directed. Yami also felt a decrease in his own power.
“You've got five minutes, Yugi!” Ironac advised and charged on his own two feet towards Yami. Before Ironac's fox fangs made contact, Gazelle jumped in front to take the blow and shattered in a gale of shards that disappeared before they hit the ground. Yugi felt the aftershock as he fell to one knee in fatigue.
Yami backed away from Ironac's intercepted attack fast, utilizing the Celtic Guardian's impressive speed. Yugi made his next draw of the card, send it instantly to the graveyard slot and pulled two more cards.
“I sacrifice the Obnoxious Celtic Guardian for Jack's Knight!” Yugi announced and Yami changed outfit right on the spot; now in a suit of armor fitting to be almost a living Jack-of-Spades. “Go, attack the Iron fox head on his right arm!” Yugi cried with all he had left. Yami followed and rushed in. Ironac tried to counter the under-swing with Irodillo. Yami smirked as he almost went under Ironac; he pulled his new sword away on the feint and thrust the blade through the fox head. The sword pierced the armor critically and broke away the leather band holding the bone of a fox's skull.
The stance lasted a moment. In it, the leather fell to the ground and a thin red line formed on the arm. Ironac saw the scar in shock. A hologram of mana… truly a breakthrough for the Shaman Tournaments. “Congratulations Yugi, you're qualified for the Shaman Tournaments' preliminary rounds.” Ironac nodded and backed from his stance, as did Yami.
“We…did it?” Yugi asked himself and deactivated the Duel Disk. Yami lost his Jack's Knight form and returned to his translucent image. “Yeah, we did it!”
“It's impressive, to fill a hologram with mana so strong it would as appear as if your guardian ghost stands before you in living flesh.” Ironac commented and picked up his leather band, the fox skull undamaged from the final strike. “Then again, I have the record of the most shaman passing when fighting me. I'm the newest member to the Tribe Patch Officiates and I fight the less-experienced shaman.”
“So?…” Yugi looked to Ironac with a doubtful gaze.
“Oh don't worry. In fact it's impressive with your unique skills as a shaman. Your quick-thinking was way too quick for me to pull my totem spirit cannon like Silva and Chrom.” Ironac yawned to a fight's end of exhaustion. “Well I wish you the best of luck in your Shaman Tournament preliminary rounds, Yugi Motou. And as proof of your qualification to the tournament, I give you the Oracle Pager.” Ironac finished digging through one of his pockets and pulled out a black object, the same style as Yoh's Oracle Pager. The Marquee reading Welcome to the Shaman Tournament, Yugi Motou!