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Chapter 10- Miranda vs. Montoya: Rout
The weeks went by. As usual for several weeks, all of the shamanic activities were done while the decisive star of the sun left the day out of boredom. However, it was unaware of the action this audience was missing.
The moon soon arrived, bringing itself in sight to watch the round of shaman fights taking place in various parts of Domino. Kaiba Corp. has already been locked up of day shift but someone as usual works his late night hours. Kaiba worked extensively on research of the Shaman Tournament; so far, no luck. Mokuba was on the roof behind the chain-linked fencing, watching Kaiba's guardian ghost fly in the night. The Blue-Eyes White Dragon nearly vanishing into the skies of the full moon; the light didn't reflect on its white scales.
“Kisara…” Mokuba murmured. He was witness to Kaiba's qualifying fight, taking no longer than maybe three minutes for his brother to land a hit on Kalim and adding more damage once contact was successful. He watched Kisara glide in the brisk air but reacted when Kisara stopped at mid-flight and looked down to the parking lot. Mokuba followed glance in the same direction and looked down. From over 15 stories, Mokuba could barely see one newcomer in the otherwise empty parking lot. “I'll go tell Seto, keep an eye on that person, Kisara.” said Mokuba. The Dragon nodded as Mokuba left the roof through a closed staircase.
Miranda just arrived to the site of her first fight of the Shaman Tournament. One of the lights that overlooked the parking lot seemed to make her the center of the spotlight. The chilly night forced her to wear a dark cloak until the fight began. Underneath was her sword and the God Card, The Winged Dragon of Ra, safely tucked under her memorial tablets that used to house her ancestral spirits. The fourth tablet, solitary on her left arm, was freed from Tsunami's beads; the necklace was now around Miranda's neck.
Raikoukou stood next to Miranda with ears scanning the scene for anything and everything. Her senses caught on to a Blue-Eyes White Dragon fast as it floated just beside the top floor of the building. Even found in the open, the Dragon didn't prove a threat or a coward; Raikoukou found it meaningless to react as her senses were locked on another presence. He's here… Raikoukou advised. Miranda flinched but kept her wits about.
Montoya came forward into the opposite of the parking lot and stopped under a light of his own. His cape, shimmering like a lake at midnight, let the moonlight bouncing off the sliver lining. His demon caller perched firmly on his right shoulder, eager for a fight. Yaril's silent message met Montoya's ears; Montoya didn't have the nerve to react. “Her progress belittles our own. Shame…” Montoya muttered under-breath; his eyes then locked on Miranda's appearance. As him, she was also to shield herself from the cold. “Patch picked a fine night for our fight, didn't they?” Montoya called for a small, idle chitchat. There was still two minutes before the fight began and none of them summoned up any mana yet.
The Zodiac shaman raised a brow in slight question, resisting to cringe at Montoya's sheer mana level on waiting. “Yeah, sure…” She replied, staring warily at Montoya. Soon another presence arrived: Montoya's Patch officiant Stelet. His cloak also enforced the cold off his body.
“Stelet? What are you doing here?” Montoya asked, Yaril cocked his head also to ask.
“I'm an overseer of tonight's fight, one of them anyway. Both officiants of the opposing shamans need to be present before the fight begins.” Stelet answered, “Though I'm usually a bit on the late side. Definitely my lucky break.”
“So where is Chrom?” Miranda wondered, making Stelet flinch badly and his eyes locked on the Zodiac shaman.
“Your officiant…was Chrom? …Oh my…” Stelet stuttered, “Chrom, the one who loved to sing and dance the most…was killed during a preliminary fight by a powerful shaman. We thought…we got everyone whom was Chrom's protégés transferred to another one of the Patch by Goldva. We thought we got everyone.”
“I didn't get anything about Chrom…” Miranda tilted her head, “so he's gone too…”
“You mustn't concern and distract yourself, the fight begins in under one minute.” Stelet advised.
“But you've just said that we can't fight until both officiants show up.” Montoya objected.
“I'll proclaim myself to be Miranda's officiant for this fight, I'd rather not throw a single fight off schedule. Afterwards I'll report to Goldva that we've missed one.” Stelet said. “Now ready yourselves, twenty seconds left.”
Yami Marik came to view along side Miranda; Raikoukou stepped back to be only on the sidelines of the fight. Miranda uncovered herself of her cloak, revealing her outfit of a purple short-sleeve shirt and snug-fitting jeans. Montoya kept his cape on, but revealed the black color-coordination underneath.
“Ten seconds,” Stelet announced as all three of their Oracle Pagers began beeping, counting down the seconds with a digital display. Miranda was first to unsheathe her sword; the Millennium Sword rested with a steady aura of once its spirit possessor. Montoya clocked his long sword out of its holster; Yaril posed itself while keeping its perch on Montoya's shoulder.
I've trained too hard to be defeated with an Egyptian God Card for an ally. Winged Dragon of Ra, help me please… Miranda thought and winced for all her hopes.
Montoya stared Miranda down, noticing her expression. I cannot show any mercy, Zodiac. You will be defeated quickly. Montoya kept his notions to himself as the Pagers counted the last of the seconds.
Miranda forced herself with a bitter rage that was never there before. She posed her left hand out like a claw about to swipe from underneath. “Yami Marik spirit form! Into the Sword!” She cried, her guardian ghost taking form of the spirit flame and being crammed into the blade. Her relic soon flared with black violent flames. After integration, she blasted towards Montoya with a furious charge and the sword streaming flames like a meteor.
Her first attack never succeeded; a swing from her right shoulder had Montoya shuffle to his left to evade. The flames behind the swipe came close but didn't scorch him. Again Miranda did a full circle of her sword in front of her and slashes right. Another failure as Montoya blocked with his sheathed blade.
What is wrong with this girl? She attacks blindly - without knowledge of her opponent's capabilities, but she's too close for me to attack with my longsword. Montoya thought as he blocked a strike from below. The flames coming close but again he felt no heat or burn. However I cannot give any mercy… Montoya jumped to right and evaded another strike, finally pulling out his longsword into the fight. He fed his mana into the blade and Yaril lifted its head high for a high-pitched cry.
Miranda made the mistake to hesitate on her assaults. Again she came forward for another attack. “I can't lose! I need to save my mother and my ancestors!” Miranda cried and struck down. Her attack was blocked again, this time by a horde of miniature demons that seem to have come out of nowhere.
“You may have a heart to save what you care about the most. But without heart in your struggle to achieve your goal, then you will never meet success.” His voice lowered, “Jst nvj rvek v rkvhf fs gvek crvf jst xvhk vystf nsgf. Ytf cztjstf rkvhf zm jsth sfhtddqk fs vxrzkek jsth dsvq, frkm jst czqq mkekh nkkf gtxxkgg.” Montoya side-commented in an indecipherable tongue and broke away the deadlock. The assault of demons only infuriated Miranda further and the flames of her sword rose to a new heat. Snakes of fire slithered over her body and disintegrated the smaller demons to ashes. Her pause left her open and Montoya first aimed for one of the three memorial tablets wrapped on her right arm; Tsunami's tablet was broken instantly. Miranda found a brief opening and slammed her left shin into his side; not a powerful blow but enough to make Montoya flinched for a second. “Z csm'f nzgg vdvzm.” He hissed.
After getting attention from Mokuba, Kaiba made his way to the rooftop, his medium dangling just about over his Duel Monsters Card picture locket. His piercing eyes glanced at the battle below in his parking lot, void but of three people and the fox-creature he had to tolerate during his Battle City Tournament. The Native American standing on the sidelines of the one-on-one looked almost alike to his officiant, Kalim. Next to the building, his Blue-Eyes White Dragon still hovered and entranced by the fight below.
Miranda backed off, regaining some of her bearings and realizing that her Over Soul weakened greatly over three uncontrolled strikes. “Nxuk badt ev cudwiuwo nuj kxak? Ak jeidtot cabo Dragon rik A seictd'k idtohjkudt u jadwco neht…” She asked herself in her own language.
Stelet watched under his cloak, as his familiars appeared at random to watch from the sidelines. The animals were made of cut steel as they made themselves out as a badger, a toad, a hawk, an alligator, and a deer.
“That's a disgrace of a shaman with a goal such as saving her family's spirits.” Steel Hoof the Deer justified.
“But what were they saying afterwards? It sounded like a whole bunch of letters crashing together.” Steel Wing wondered and cocked its head to Stelet while perched on his shoulder.
“I'm afraid I cannot say what they were muttering about. As much as I'm versed in several languages, those tongues are new to me.” Stelet replied.
Montoya was speaking in Demon. Raikoukou got Stelet and his familiars' attention. I've known that language for about 2000 years before Tsunami adopted me and taught me Dragon. Then as time moved on I learned how to decipher English to be my primary language.
“So you must be at least 7000 years old then to live as long as Tsunami's mortal existence.” said Stelet.
Back to the battle, Miranda hesitated for her next attack to catch breath, another opening. Montoya disappeared from her sights and jammed the handle of his longsword into her back. “Frvf cvg ush frt pzxp zm nj gzwk. Jst csm'f yk frvf qtxpj vdvzm.” He mumbled and forced Miranda to the ground with another pack of demons weakly pinning her to the asphalt. A moment after her fall, she tried to put one leg under; now the demons becoming stronger to keep her down. Montoya watched with a smug look of disappointment from his opponent's abilities being less than expected. Though strength in numbers, he hoped that Miranda could throw them or burn them off.
Miranda wasn't ready for an opponent of his caliber. Why is she to fight him in the first round of the tournament? Raikoukou concerned for her owner.
“It is the will of the Great Spirit. Miranda and Montoya were fated to fight each other here and now. You cannot question the Spirits, but you can question our mistakes that we have left Miranda without a guide for the weeks before this night.” Stelet answered.
“So she was at a disadvantage to begin with?! That's crazy, this fight has to be postponed or called off!” Steel Claw the Badger panicked.
“We are powerless until one of their Spirit Controls break.” Stelet said calmly despite his familiar's hysteria and unsnapped his Oracle Pager from his left forearm. On the back of the display was a keypad of numbers. “All we can do is compare numbers and hope for an outcome not as devastating as the brutality Miranda is receiving.” Stelet punched in a code and Miranda's name came to view with three categories and numbers on the other side of the screen. He only winced when Miranda lost 75 out of her 225 mana points, her Ghost Power weakly holding a 25 and her Over Soul strength 440.
“Those aimless attacks did no help for her mana.” Steel Hoof commented in a snobby attitude. “She has plenty but doesn't know how to use them. It was a huge mistake to put her in a battle without a Patch replacement.”
“Let's see what Montoya stats say…” Stelet punched another number and Montoya's three categories appeared.
Steel Wing first commented on his mana value. “I doubt that lucky shot did anything for Miranda, he has 343 out of 345 points.”
“But it still doesn't make sense of how he has the advantage over Miranda, take a look at his Over Soul Power and his Ghost Power.” Steel Tongue the Toad croaked. Montoya's Over Soul power was just a single point, while his ghost power bounced around under 50 points, reaching the high 40s when he made a counter. “With stats like that Miranda should easily defeat him.”
“Ah but remember his qualifying fight? He didn't need to reach a Ghost Power of 30 for his successful hit.” Stelet answered his toad familiar, “It is not how much Power is within a shaman, but it is how the shaman uses that power to the fullest. And Montoya has potential and stamina to spare.” Raikoukou just laid low on the sidelines, trying to sound as impartial as possible while at the same time hopes that Miranda will be OK, win or loss.
Montoya waited, growing impatient to see any sort of counter assault from Miranda. “Tell me, what are you doing in the Shaman Tournament, Zodiac?”
“I--” Miranda tried to answer but was stopped short.
“That was a rhetorical question. Look at yourself. This is barely a taste of my true potential. You may have stood a chance against the Harlan freak that took your family spirits but I'm in a league far beyond your own. Anyone could defeat these demons so why can't you? The Buster Blader was able to wipe these hired demons off his body easily!” Montoya mocked and mocked further, “A shaman who could hold control of four spirits at once can't utilize the full power of just one of her spirits: a disgusting irony. You should just throw out your Over Soul; there's no point in moving on for you.”
Miranda still staggered under the weight of the demons to get to her feet, all the while her anger becoming more and more vicious and forgetting about her Over Soul. She felt the sword pulse in her grip, bringing her back to her senses. She understood what the silent Over Soul was reacting about. “Whouk roujk ev kxo jb0, fcoujo xouh m0 sh0. Odlocef kxo tojohk nakx 0eih wcen udt sujk oeih huwo ifed m0 veo…” She chanted again in a language of her own. Her sword pounded in her palm once in reaction but she didn't move under the pit of demons. Two spots of gold light flashed on her shoulder blades and blinded the demons in that range. Soon the lights called for a show of rays and lashed out, throwing the demons off as they hit the ground in small explosions around the parking lot. The light faded, and the gold plates concluded a set of wings.
“Miranda's Over Soul just jumped from 25 to 100 in nothing flat!” Steel Hide the Alligator snapped.
“Then she'll be nothing if that Over Soul is broken!” Steel Hoof turned negative again.
“That's correct. Their Mana Power is decreased whenever their techniques are countered or worn down and eventually broken. Their Over Soul Power judges how much their techniques uses up their mana. Montoya's demons only needed one point thus that's how he only lost two mana points.” Stelet explained. “Miranda never thought her strategy out first before turning to rage and extinguishing her own mana count. Each unsuccessful swing for her sword cost her 25 since she was worn out quickly. It did nothing for Montoya to ambush her in the back except reduce her Ghost Power. Her beginning GP was 480.”
Montoya jumped slightly out of a startle but cracked a small smirk off one side of his mouth. Finally some competition; however, this is not the same signature as the summoning she did back at the museum…but it's just as powerful for being brought forth so quickly. He thought.
Miranda's head cocked up to catch sight of Montoya again with a fierce look, her rage finally being put into her fighting. The wingspan of the gold extended ten feet from her body at full. They pounded on the ground once to carry her off her feet, and again to make a charge. Her sword still burning with black flames struck first, it looked like a direct hit but Montoya leapt straight up and landed a kick in between the wings. She lost balance in flight low to the ground. She worked to stay off the ground by another flap. Instead her next move tripped her up and met the ground once more.
Montoya landed on the ground with no scratch whatsoever and turned to Miranda. Despite the hit with a major counter, she still kept the wings. “There is no point going on with this. You're struggling to keep those wings.”
“Not exactly Montoya.” Miranda and crept back to height, “these wings belong to another mana completely separate of my own. I don't need to control this mana, I just pray, it won't affect me if I lose them or not mana-wise.” The wings flexed once. “This Spirit Control has a medium that's unbreakable except for what equips on to me and it'll take more than a single kick to break theses wings.”
“That's right, it took Harlan four direct hits to break that Spirit Control.” Montoya commented. “Bet I can break that record in half.” He took on the challenge and charged on Miranda himself; Yaril, throughout the fight, still attached to his shoulder.
“Wait, how did you know about that Harlan creep?!” Miranda demanded her question only to be ambushed again from one side. It was either one slash or a hundred tiny demon claws that landed the hit and broke the right wing. Metal flew all over the area and vanished before they clattered on the parking lot.
Stelet watched as Miranda's Mana Points dropped by 25. Her Over Soul was rebuilt by half of its original mana value: and gold claw manifested itself on her right hand, and the sword gained a wider blade with teeth of a large saw.
“Unbelievable, look how fast her mana was restored, and at such a small cost!” Steel Tongue cheered.
“Don't get uppity, Steel Tongue, there's no telling how long that improved sword will last.” Steel Hide growled lowly while lying in his stomach. From the previous check-up on status, he knew Miranda's mana value stood at 125 against Montoya's 342.
Montoya didn't hesitate to strike again, the left wing exploded on contact. Shards of gold landed on Miranda's growing sword and fitted into formation. Another 25 points lost but it made a small shield of scale mail covering her arm and locked the sword in her grip. She saw her opening and went for a thrust to Montoya's right shoulder; again her attack proved failure: Montoya hooked his sword to one of the teeth on Miranda's blade and jerked back. His own advantaged resulted in another hit to Miranda's back and skidding on the pavement.
Her arm-shield still maintained, but her ghost power dropped double than the last, 360, and her mana decreased to a meek 75. Montoya recovered from his guard impact and turned to Miranda, his dark eyes gazing in disappointment. “Like I said, there's no point in going on, Zodiac.” He reinstated after justifying in the fight. “However, it was an improvement you actually thought about spending your mana points wisely. How about you call it a loss and win your other two fights?”
Miranda grunted under-breath, weakened from Montoya's ambushes. “I'll fight…until my last mana point…is gone.”
Montoya shrugged and brandished his sword. “Suit yourself.” Montoya chanted in concentration while Miranda slowly recovered.
What is going on? He withdrew his sword? Raikoukou wondered. Montoya finished his chant and a wall of mana appeared in front of him, making the manifestation visible with black veins all over the glass of mana.
“This, Miranda, is my mana in its purest form, it'll cost me 100 if it's broken. And now, I have a test for you.” Montoya stated. “With what you have left, you must break this wall with your Over Soul. If you cannot, I'll end this fight immediately with one blow.” His eyes scanned Miranda thoroughly at the distance.
Miranda's eyes narrowed and her teeth were quick to clench in another spell of anger. He's mocking me again?! She thought and charged in once more. Both hands wrapped around her sword and struck down on the wall.
“Why did Montoya do that?” Steel Claw wondered. After a moment of stalemate, the sword was forced back and threw Miranda five feet away but balanced herself to land on her feet. The wall dissipated back into Montoya's being.
“I agree that this wasn't a fair fight due to Miranda's lack of training. However it was the will of the Great Spirit that she and I fight, and it was fate that she will lose.” Montoya answered and gestured to Yaril with his right hand. Yaril screeched highly and varieties of demons latched quickly to his fist; the gathering formed an Over Soul of a monstrous demonic claw wrapped into a fist.
Miranda quickly braced herself for impact but futile to hold out for long. Montoya charged fast and punched right on the shield and broke it to pieces like glass. The relic sword was lost from her fingers as she was thrown once more to the ground winded, and her Over Soul broken for the last time.
“The winner…is Montoya…” Stelet declared but in a solemn voice. Cue for Raikoukou to come up to Miranda's side now that the fight was truly over. Miranda's breath was shallow from the impact, and still struggled to regain air. Yami Marik's translucent form kneeled next to Raikoukou with the expression of humiliation all over his face. Montoya came up to Miranda's fallen pride last, his shelter back under his silver-lined cape. None of the three exchanged eye contact as Montoya kneeled on Miranda's left side and lifted her shoulders off the ground, successfully helping Miranda recover consciousness.
Stelet kept his distance, and his familiars vanished one-by-one until it was just Steel Wing remaining. “I better go report to Goldva, Miranda will get another officiant in a few days, hopefully.” Steel Wing gripped his talons on his shaman's right arm and flapped its massive wingspan to get him off the ground.
“Agreed. I'll take care of things here.” Montoya bid farewell and Stelet disappeared into the night. He returned attention back to Miranda when her breath became deeper and out of any danger. She regained sight and saw the company around her; when sight was set on Montoya she shifted her head in the other direction, in shame more so than resent. “Are you feeling all right?” He asked, Miranda was hesitant to respond.
“I-I'm fine.” She stuttered as the last of her air was renewed.
“Doesn't sound like it. I'll walk you home.” Montoya offered. “Oh, by the way, I found out about the whole Harlan episode from one of my demon messengers that I sent to spy on your training. Sad to say that I wasted my own time training for the fight we had.” Miranda softly gasped and let her head roll forward in self-pity.
Montoya let himself stand after seeing Miranda sit up on her own. He looked down on Miranda, looking for a new reaction out of her. “You do have potential, I'll admit that. You just have a slight problem to get that potential to good use, that's what disappointed me.”
Miranda finally stood after Raikoukou retrieved her cloak. She kept quiet verbally but her thoughts cursed volumes in her head as she went for her sword, turning her back on Montoya. She had her reach on her Millennium Item when Montoya's hand landed on her right wrist like a vice. Miranda grumbled while avoiding eye contact, “Rub salt in the wound why don't you?”
“I didn't sound pessimistic, Miranda; I wanted to offer my services.” Montoya added. “I see potential in you, and I want to help bring it to surface in the name of a second chance.” Both shins replaced her footing on the ground. Miranda's hand slipped away from Montoya's and both of her fists set firmly against her knees.
“How are you going to train me if I accept?” Miranda asked with an averted gaze.
“We can talk about it while we walk back to your house. Let's go.” Montoya began to take his leave, Miranda soon to follow after she concealed her sword and called Yami Marik into his mortuary tablet.
Kaiba watched the whole thing, unimpressed of the one-sided fight. “Montoya just led her to her defeat like a dog on a leash.” Kaiba commented. “With someone of that power, he shouldn't have given Miranda the mercy of follow-the-leader.” His Oracle Pager sounded off fast, marking the notice of his first fight.
“What is it Seto?” Mokuba asked as Kaiba read the marquee on his display.
“My first fight is in a week from now at the aquarium.” Kaiba answered and turned away from the window. “He'll be sleeping with the fishes when I'm through…”
Miranda led Montoya to the neighborhood where she lived while spacing out on thoughts of her own and her bangs blocking most of her view. Rai's gaze was attended on Yaril; her curiosity set on the special demon she never seen before in her millennia of existence, while riding Miranda's left shoulder. Only Montoya had his eyes straight, he was the only one that saw smoke rising in the general direction Miranda was walking home.
“Maybe you should stay at my apartments tonight; they're not far from here. Your house is four blocks down, right?” Montoya suggested.
“I'll be fine to walk the mile-and-a-half. But if your place is just around the corner, then you can go ahead and head on home. I'll be fine with Rai.” Miranda answered and walked ahead closer to the rising plume of smoke. Montoya winced and chanted to himself, gesturing his signs under his cape. Miranda clutched her throat fast, feeling no air come into her lungs from her last inhale, and fainted on her feet, Rai sparked in shock of herself to a breathless cry and also fell unconscious. Both fell into Montoya's arms as he fled to his apartment and avoiding streetlights along the way. The remnants of two small demons, wielding blades on their wrists and bodies built for excessive speeds, giggled with their rewards of mana from a mediocre task and vanished in puffs of smoke.
Didn't see that one coming? Miranda, you really do need help… Montoya thought as Yaril grabbed his keys and flew ahead of him.