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A woman screamed. Her screams and moans of pain had been echoing throughout the large mansion all night. She had been in labor for fourteen hours. Finally, with one last groan, a child was born.
“What is it?” asked the father. “A boy or a girl?”
“A boy,” answered the midwife. “A healthy boy with brown hair and brown eyes.”
“Give him to me,” the father ordered. The midwife handed the baby to him. “He does not look special,” he said while frowning.
The mother screamed again. The midwife hurried over to her.
“There's another child!” she said, sounding shocked. “But she's bleeding too much.”
The father did not seem to hear the woman's words. All of his attention was on the crying child in his arms. “It is so hard to believe that this child will make me millions.”
“Lord Asakura,” Maria, the midwife said. “Your wife and unborn child are dying!”
“Save my wife if you can,” he said, still staring at his son. “Kill the second child. I cannot have it polluting my son.” He started to walk out of the room.
“No. Hao,” the mother said weakly. “Please… Please… don't take him. He needs to be with Yoh!”
“Hmmm, that was right. You wanted to name the child Hao. Very well, my dear wife, since you served your purpose so well and gave him to me, I will grant one of your requests. I'll name the boy Hao.” He left the room, chuckling to himself. As he walked down the hall, he called out, “Oh, Maria, make sure you kill the other child.”
The mother gasped again; tears poured down her cheeks. “Please,” she cried, looking at Maria.
“It's all right, Lady Asakura. I'll do my best to protect your other child. I may not be able to save Hao, but I won't let him hurt this baby.”
“Yoh, his name is Yoh.”
“Yoh, then. I'll protect Yoh.”
Five minutes later Yoh was born. His mother looked at him, smiled sadly, and gave one last shuddering breath. Yoh was strangely quiet as his mother died; as if he knew his life was at risk. He did not cry as most new born babies do.
Maria sniffed, cradling Yoh in her arms. A tear dripped off her cheek and landed on the baby.
“Well, then. Let's see about keeping that promise I made to your mother.” Maria wrapped the baby up in a blanket and quietly left the mansion. She took the next train to anywhere; she just wanted to get Yoh as far away from his father as possible that night. Several hours later she got off the train and started looking up addresses for orphanages.
She brought Yoh to one and handed him to a very surprised attendant. “Miss!” the attendant yelled.
“I'll try to visit him,” Maria called out to the startled woman. “His name is Yoh!” She quickly left.
When she arrived back home, the children's father asked if she had killed Yoh. She nervously said yes.
“Good,” he said and pulled out a gun and shot her.
“But… Sir,” she whispered as the blood dripped down the front of her.
”I can't have you telling anyone, now can I?”
Maria collapsed to the floor as the strength drained out of her along with her blood. No, she thought. Who will look after Yoh? That was her last thought as she died.
Somewhere in the night, Yoh cried for the first time.

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