Shaman King Fan Fiction ❯ Divided ❯ Broken ( Chapter 1 )

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15 Years Later
Hao snapped his eyes open. He felt his father approaching. He knew that if his father caught him asleep there would be hell to pay. As if I'm not in hell already, Hao thought. Just as he stood up out of his bed, the door slammed open.
“You, boy. We have a job to do,” said his father. Then he left.
Hao let out a huge sigh. “we have a job” always meant “you have to something to make me money.” What that something was varied. It could be stealing important files, being a bodyguard, reading someone's thoughts, or even killing someone. And he could do any of those things and more.
He was “blessed”, as his father says, or cursed, as Hao says, with Power. He could read people's thoughts. He was bombarded with a constant stream of what ever the people around him happen to be thinking. And he could not shut them out. Those thoughts drove him insane. It scared him to think that humans could think up such horrible things like some of the thoughts he has heard. The only thoughts that did not flow uncontrollably into his mind were those of his father. He could read his father's mind if he tied, but after one episode when he was eight he will never try again. He had nightmares for months after. His father's mind was like a dark hole. You just fall into it and feel like you will never come out.
The rest of his Powers were equally destructive. And destructive was just the right word for them, for that was what he did. He destroyed things. He could blow up a car with a thought or disintegrate it with a touch. He hated it, His Power, his father, and himself. He wished he had the courage to kill himself. It would certainly do the world some good. But he was too weak. Too broken. His father could claim responsibility for that. When Hao was younger, he would often be trained by his father. Which would often involve Hao beaten and bloody for no reason at all.
At a meeting Hao and his father attended, one of the men there remarked on how well behaved Hao was. His father replied, “You must break them at an early age.” How can you break something that was never fixed in the first place, Hao thought. That was his life; jobs, “training”, and pain.

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