Shaman King Fan Fiction ❯ Divided ❯ Family ( Chapter 2 )

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“Yoh. Yoh, wake up,” a soft voice called, waking Yoh from his dreams. He had been having the same dream he has had all his life. A boy is crying out to him. He is all alone and in pain. And Yoh cannot reach him no matter how hard he tries. That dream always leaves him feeling empty, sad, and incomplete; like that boy should be very important to him.
“Wuh?” Yoh said sleepily, while looking around. He was lying in a nest of blankets, pillows, and children.
The voice that had awoken him belonged to Ren, Yoh's best friend. Ren was the same age as Yoh, just a little bit shorter and had the same body build. He had dark purple hair and a beautiful pair of gold eyes that were currently looking at the sleepy Yoh. He was dressed in his usual sleeveless T-shirt and baggy pants; which, according to him, allowed the greatest range of movement in a fight.
“What time is it?” asked Yoh.
“Six o-clock," answered Ren. “We have a job today, remember?”
“Yeah, I remember. I'll wake up Anna and get ready.” Yoh climbed out of the messy but cozy tangle of kids. The all slept together, all seven of them, for warmth because the rundown apartment in which they lived had no power, let alone heat. So they gathered all of the blankets and mattresses and made one large bed to sleep on. The younger kids in the middle and the older on the outside.
There were seven of them. They were Yoh's gang and the only way to survive in this world was to be rich or to associate yourself with a powerful gang. Any weaker gangs were swallowed up by the stronger ones. Fortunately for them, they had become one of the stronger gangs, and a very respected one, as well. And the reason for that was Yoh.

Yeah, thought Ren. The reason any of us are even alive is because of Yoh. Yoh had brought them together and he had kept them together. And that's why I own him my life and loyalty. Yoh had a Power, and that Power was the reason no one would dare mess with them. It was the reason they actually had a place to live and food to eat.
Yoh could rule the world if he wanted to, but no. All he wants is to live a quiet, peaceful life with his friends. Well, I guess he wouldn't be Yoh if he wanted to do something else. Ren smiled slightly as Yoh climbed out of the bed, taking care not to step on anyone. He stopped by Anna and gently shook her shoulder. Anna raised her blond head and looked at Yoh with her dark eyes.
“Ren and I are going out. You'll look after things around here, right?” Yoh asked her. Anna nodded. “All right, Ren, just let me get dressed. Then we'll leave.”

Yoh carefully stepped over the sleeping children. He smiled as he looked at them. He loved them dearly. They were his family. Lauren and Jared, the only ones who were actually related, were sprawled on top of Horo Horo. Mickale had somehow managed to evade the dog pile of kids and slept, curled up, nearby. Anna had already left the bed and was getting changed in the bathroom.
And that was them, his family. They were the reason he got up every morning to go do jobs with Ren. They kept him sane. Ren, Anna, Horo Horo, Mickale, Lauren, and Jared: they were his life.
Anna came out of the bathroom; her long blond hair had been pulled back with a red bandana and she wore a simple black dress. Yoh grinned broadly at her. She raised on eyebrow at him; giving him a look that said, are you insane? She handed him a stack of clothes.
“Thanks, Anna,” Yoh said. Anna just walked over to Horo Horo and gave him a light kick.
“Wake up," she ordered. "You need to get breakfast ready.”
Horo moaned. “Five more minutes.”
Yoh chuckled and walked into the bathroom. They had lived in their apartment for the past five years. Thankfully it had not been burnt down yet, as their last home had been. It was small, run down, and had no electricity. It did, however, have water and a working sewage system. It had two rooms. A main room, where everyone slept and did other random things, and the bathroom, which had a sink, a working toilet, and a not-so-working bathtub. Ren and Yoh had even built a closet, which held their emergency supply of food and water and where they put the extra bedding during the summer.
In Yoh's eyes it was perfect. Much better than that orphanage he had run away from seven years ago.
He finished getting dressed and walked out of the bathroom, while setting a pair of large, orange headphones on his head. He did not have the time or the battery power to listen to his music often, but when things were going really bad the music gave him a break from the troubles of life. Yoh walked over to Ren, who was looking out of the lonely window in the apartment.
“Ready to go?” Yoh asked.
“Of course,” Ren answered. His hair had already been jelled into a single spike, which was the way he liked to fix it when they went out on jobs.
“Anna, we'll pick up dinner on the way back and that should be…when?” Yoh looked at Ren.
“Around two; unless something goes wrong:
Yoh laughed. “Don't worry. Everything'll work out.” Ren just shook his head.
Yoh walked up to the door, with Ren closely behind him. He stopped just in front of it, slowly closed his eyes, and took down the Barrier that had protected them throughout the night and would later protect Anna and the kids while he and Ren were out. Once the Barrier was down, the two older boys stepped through the door. After they were through, Yoh replaced the barrier. That will keep them safe, Yoh thought with a smile. He grinned at Ren and said, “Lead the way.” He and Ren make their way to the next job.

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