Shaman King Fan Fiction ❯ Hoshi ga Hoshii desu ❯ my name is Hoshi ( Chapter 2 )

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H o s h i - g a - h o s h i i - d e s u

"I want the stars"

by Lucathia

A/N: Well...I don't remember if this is mentioned in the anime, but in the manga we find out that Hao can hear other people's thoughts. Anyway, Hao's power is kicking in right now, even though he doesn't remember anything about it.

-----chapter 2: my name is hoshi-----

"Hoshi. My name is Hoshi."

The little boy's eyes darkened. The used-to-be unconscious boy wondered why saying "Hoshi" had this effect on the little boy. He turned to the mother and found a similar brooding expression on her face.

//He said Hoshi. What a coincidence. Or is this encounter a gift from God?//

The boy who said that his name was Hoshi winced and brought his hand to his face. He just heard voices in his head. Was he going crazy? But wait...that sounded like the mother's voice. He looked towards her, but she didn't seem to have opened her mouth.

//Hoshi niichan...//

This time it was the little boy's voice! He narrowed his eyes at the little boy, wondering what these two people were doing to his mind.

Sora, the mother, broke out of her daze before her young son did. She nervously tucked her hair behind her ear. "You said your name is Hoshi?"

He nodded slowly.

The mother smiled slightly, a teardrop slowly rolling down her face.

Alarmed, he tried to sit up, but once up, the pain in his head became unbearable. Sora quickly pushed him back down.

//Hoshi...I miss him so much...//

The pounding in his head became worse each time he heard their voices.


Argh...why wouldn't they shut up and let him rest in peace? Why did it look like they saw someone who they thought were dead? Why was the little boy calling him BROTHER? Why was that stupid woman crying?

The woman wiped away her tear and smiled at him. "I'm sorry to alarm you like that. You haven't done anything wrong. It's just that..."

//Hoshi is the name of my first son...the one who passed away.//

He narrowed his eye. He probably shouldn't have said that his name was Hoshi. His name probably wasn't Hoshi anyway. So why did he say Hoshi and cause all these unnecessary reactions?

The woman didn't complete her sentence, but he already knew what she was going to say anyway. Instead of urging her to explain, he closed his eyes and soon drifted to sleep.


When he woke up the next day, he found that the little boy Tsuki had fallen asleep in the wooden chair next to him. He slowly sat up and watched the boy's peaceful expression. Hoshi's mind was blank. He felt that there was something that he was supposed to be doing. He knew that he was missing something as well, something that had accompanied him for a long time. But, he didn't remember what he was supposed to do and he didn't remember what he lost.

While he watched Tsuki sleep peacefully, Hoshi felt oddly peaceful. Although it felt wrong that he couldn't remember somehow felt right at the same time. At least it was quiet now.

He slid his legs off the bed and stood up. Glancing around, he found what he wanted in the corner of the room. He walked over with soft steps.

When he reached the mirror, he slowly extended his hands towards the small piece of glass. He closed his hands over the sides of the mirror, and then closed his eyes. He brought the mirror in front of him. Taking a deep breath, he opened his eyes.

A young face. Blank eyes that could pass off for innocence. Long dark hair up to his waist. A tan skin color. A small mouth.

Holding the mirror in his right hand, he touched his reflection's eyes with his left hand.

He didn't recognize himself. He had no idea that he would look like this...because he felt so much older than what his reflection implied. That young face, unmarred by wrinkles or worry. Those innocent looking eyes. That long, dark hair without a single strand of gray. That healthy skin color. Each physical aspect of himself contrasted with what he had in mind.

Why was it that...although he felt so old....

...he looked so young?

-----to be continued-----

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