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H o s h i - g a - h o s h i i - d e s u

"I want the stars"

by Lucathia

-----chapter 5: the trip home-----

Before he knew it, one peaceful year passed. Although he still couldn't remember his past, he led a content life. His life was quiet and uneventful. The only event that was out of the ordinary was when he merged with Hoshisuke and saved Tsuki. It was a boring life, but at least he had two caring family members.

He had a feeling that maybe it was better that he didn't remember. Who knew what his past was like? It couldn't have been too good, or else he wouldn't have been found unconscious.

Hoshi, content with his peaceful life, went to the breakfast table while yawning.

"Ohayou, Tsuki. Ohayou, Sora." Hoshi greeted the two and sat down.

Sora smiled and served breakfast. Today's breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. Hoshi grudgingly poked at the food. He didn't like American food that much.

While Hoshi was eating, he remembered that Sora had wanted to say something the night before. He glanced at her, wondering if she still wanted to say anything.

//Hoshi is always picky with his food.//

Hoshi scowled. If that's all she wanted to say, he might as well tune out of her thoughts. Taking her thoughts in mind, Hoshi quickly finished off his breakfast, just to show that he certainly wasn't picky with his food.

As Hoshi stood up to take his plate to the sink, Sora's lips parted.

"I have something to tell the two of you."

Tsuki and Hoshi both looked at her questioningly.

Sora gave a nervous smile. "I don't know what you'll think of it, but..."

But what?

"I've decided it's time for us to move back to Japan."



Hoshi packed his things in a suitcase. He didn't really have much, and none of it really belonged to him in the first place. His possessions were mostly the old things of Tsuki's brother. The only prized possession that he acquired in his one year stay was his spirit, Hoshisuke.

Sora made sure that everything was packed. Packing all of their possessions had taken an entire month. She also had to call a company in Japan to rent a house. All in all, it was very time-consuming. Hoshi didn't understand why Sora wanted to move to Japan. America was just fine. He could enjoy the outdoors, the sunlight, the moonlight, and the stars. He wasn't sure if he could do that in Japan. For all he knew, he never went there before.

The last thing that Sora packed was the photograph of her husband and son.

After that, she closed the door to her small home and said "goodbye" to America.


The plane ride was a long one. Hoshi vaguely remembered riding a plane before, so he wasn't surprised when the plane was taking off. Tsuki, on the other hand, was jumpy during the whole take-off. When they were finally in the air, Tsuki calmed down and looked outside the window.

"Hoshi-niichan! Look at that! All the trees are so tiny!"

Hoshi glanced over Tsuki's shoulder, amused.

"Yeah, they are so tiny."

He fell asleep at some point during the ride, but he woke up to go to the toilet. When he looked at himself in the mirror, he grimaced.

His hair was so * f r i z z l y.


He tried smoothing his hair with some water, but after the water dried, his hair became frizzed again. Giving up, Hoshi pulled his hair back and tied it up.

There was way too much static on planes.


Tsuki clung onto him during the landing. Hoshi gently placed his hands over Tsuki's smaller ones.

He leaned towards Tsuki's ears and whispered.

"Daijoubu. We're here." And home.

He blinked.

Home? Was Japan his home?


They settled down in Japan quite easily. Tsuki accepted their small but snug house, despite missing his old home terribly. Even Hoshi missed the old house, although he only lived there for a year.

Sora seemed to like telling them stuff over the breakfast table. A week after they settled down, Sora was serving breakfast when she told them about school.

"I decided to move back to Japan because I don't want you two to forget that you are of Japanese descent." Sora smiled slightly. "Besides, our home in America was very isolated. I want you two to interact with other people more."

She looked at Hoshi and Tsuki. "Well, school is going to start in two weeks."

Hoshi blinked. School? What was that?

Sora continued. "Tsuki's going to go to elementary school for first grade, but Hoshi, I don't know what grade you're in..." She turned towards Hoshi, who was even more clueless than she was.

"Ah...I'm not sure either."

Sora frowned and remained silent for awhile before she spoke again. "Okay then...well, I'll take you to cram school. Hopefully after a few lessons, the sensei there will be able to determine your grade level."

-----to be continued-----

ohayou - good morning (informal)
daijoubu - it's all right

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