Shaman King Fan Fiction ❯ Sweet bitter ❯ The arrival ( Chapter 1 )

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I write Shaman king fic for the firs time, and I'm not very good at English, so I hope you can understand that I have written ^_^
I also don't know exactly what does” I do not own shaman king”, but I will say it:
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It was quiet night, some years after the shaman king's tournament. Everybody was waiting for news from Yoh-is he going to become friend with Hao or not. Actually Yoh didn't kill his brother, but just hurted him. Hao could escape but now he is back, and no one know what he want. Manta and Tamao were too tired to wait so they went to sleep, but Anna had have some kind of a bad feeling, so she stayed to wait for him. Suddenly the door opened .Hao was holding Yoh in his arm, who was with big bloody wound in his shoulder. Hao`s face also was covered with blood but it wasn't his. His upper garment was missing and his pants were ripped. Anna dropped the cup of tea, which she was preparing a few minutes ago. Anna helped Hao to move Yoh into the second floor.
” What happened?”- Anna asked anxiously meanwhile they were moving Yoh upstairs…
”It was horrible…it was…awful…I…I …they wanted me not Yoh!”-Hao said nervously…
”Let's move him in my room. It's nearer than his room,” -the blond girl said…-”Mmm… my room is first in the second floor”- Anna added when she realized that Hao hasn't been in this house before.
They rest Yoh on Anna's bed…
”Is he ok?”-Hao asked looking in Anna's beautiful eyes.
” He is going to be ok on the morning…he is a shaman after all, isn't he?”- She answered. -” Now, can you tell me what happened?”
Then Hao started with unconfident voice:
” Well, we were talking about us, when they come. They wanted to hurt me, but they were wrong and shouted him. Then I tried to beat them, but my foruoky had gone down and I was also a little hurt. I took care of Yoh and moved him here. Now only Yoh know the true. What are going to think about me Yoh`s friends? They will think I hurted Yoh.They are not going to believe me”
“I believe you”- Anna gasped,
“You understand me too…thank you…”
Meanwhile Manta and Tamao had woke up because of the door` crash a few minutes ago. Then they went together to the stairs, when they saw blood, blood which went to Anna's room. They went there, quickly opened the door and saw: Anna was under Hao, who was kissing her in very passionate way (Yoh is still unconscious) then Anna push him off from her, THEN they hearted a quietly noice-Tamao and Manta. Then Hao stood up and went out of the room, maybe a little blushed. Anna was standing like a stone, without movement. Manta asked her, like he haven't saw anything:
” What is happened to Yoh? Is he going to be ok? ”
Anna looked at him:
” Yes”…
”Why is he here? Is he going to stay here? ”-Tamao asked with unconfident and shy voice.
” I don't know…He saved Yoh`s life. ”
”Yoh`s life? Then he should stay!”-Manta said confidently
”He can sleep in Yoh`s room”- that was Tamao`s speech.
” Ok show it to him”- blond girl said… ~Yoh I hope you are all right~ she thought, and left the room.
…In the morning…
Anna was getting a cup of tea when Tamao came into the room.
“G -g-good morning Anna”- The pink-hair girl sat next to her (Anna's left) with some snacks.
” Anna, about yesterday, I didn't see anything…you know…”
When the door opened…Hao, yawning went into the kitchen. He got a bottle of milk and a cup and sat next to Anna (Anna's right) and talk to Tamao
”T-Tam-m…Tamao right?”-He didn't know everyone's name. -” Tamao can you go outside for a second?”- He added…
”Mmm…Ok”- Tamao went out of the room.
” What do you want?”- Anna asked.
” I just want to apologies to you …for…for yesterday…for…for that I kiss you…”
”You were kissing Anna?”- A hard voice went into the air
”B-brother? I…I'm sorry…I was just so close to her and flames was burning inside of me …and…and just …
”Stop here and go out, I want to talk with my… FIANCЕЕ.”- The boy with orange headphones said…
Then Hao went out lost in thought.
”Yoh,I...”-Anna started unconfidently meanwhile Yoh was washing his hands.
” Come here for a second” -He said.
Anna went near him…Suddenly Yoh turned fatly opposite her, caught her hand and pulled her closer…their lips felt the warm air from the other's skin…but right then…
”HHEEYY YYOOHH!”- A strong voice came outside …
Yoh pushed off Anna gently and went out to greet the guests…
”Tray, Len, Pirika! Haw are you?”
“How are we? What about you?! You look like you have been fighting with pillows! “-Tray said with joke in his voice
” Yeah, I was hurt a few days ago. Actually this was yesterday but Hao save me. ”-Yoh said relaxed…
”HAO???!!!”- Everyone said in one time.
” Yep, my brother.”- Yoh repeated calmly-” He isn't the person who you remember, now he is different and he is going to live here in this house with me.” -Yoh added confidently
“Hao, am I wrong or you can't stay like that-only with pants.”- Tamao asked unconfidently as usual
“Ya, you are right. What I suppose to wear?”- Hao asked
”Yoh already give me a permission to give you some of his clothes. Come with me to give them to you.”
“ Oh, that is…nice”- Hao thanked…
…At the dinner…
"And He moved you to here?”- HoroHoro ask confused
“Yep”- It was Yoh`s usual answer
“So He isn't evil anymore, that right?”- Blue hair girl said
“That is right Pilika, he wont be dangerous neither evil”- Manta answered-”But I still don't get it, haw Hao had changed?”
“He will tell us by himself”- Yoh said calmly as usual.
“Wow” -Ren said confused looking something behind Yoh.
Everyone turned to see Hao with Yoh`s sweatshirt-he was just like his little twin but his voice was diferent
”Hi everybody. It is nice to see you!”
Everyone gaped at him without Yoh.He stood up and went next to his twin, he huged him and said:
” I like Hao very much like my brother and friend, not like an enemy.”-Yoh said.
“ Stop talking and go here to eat.”- Anna said coldly.
” YEAH!”- Everyone was screaming happily.
Anna was cooked rice with pieces meat and salad of vegetables including the big Japanese black mushroom.
” Is this food cooked by you Anna?”- Yoh asked confused
“Not exactly, I get the refill from our backyard, I mean I found it.”-Anna answered peacefully.
” You said you were found it?”-Hao asked worried.
” Yes why?”-Yoh`s fiancé asked confusedly
” I lost my refill for that food yesterday.”- Hao answered.
“You can cook?”- Ren asked him surprised.
” Yes” -Hao answered proud of himself.
“So, you have changed a lot. Tell us haw you are still here. You should be dead. What happened?”- Ren asked, hungry for answer.
“Well, I could escape from Yoh`s attack but later the Great Spirit have drain off almost all my foriouky (sorry for that I don't know haw to write it! -_-), when he separated from the spirit of the fire. Then the only thing that I have left was the hope of better live. You see, Yoh opened my eyes a few seconds before he attacked me for the last time. I thought I was done for, and have never the opportunity to change. And when I realized that I was still alive, I had to change, and then the Pach village took me, and 3 years I have lived there. They remembered me what is second chance and so I really have changed. I came here to talk with Yoh, you know, I can't live there forever. I want a modern life.”- Hao took a glass of mineral water.
” I'll teach you how to live in our world-humans and shamans together “-Yoh said happily-But now let's eat! HoroHoro, can you give me that bottle please?”- He asked meanwhile he was pointing the vodka bottle.
” No, he doesn't have to do that. You can't drink vodka yet.”- Anna said coldly
” Then what is that bottle doing here?”- Yoh asked angrily
…It was silence until …
”It's mine”- someone said. And that was…again Hao.
”You are alcoholic?”- Len said confused.
” Not really, only…why I should tell you everything? It's mine and that is it!”- Hao said this time shamed of himself.
…Later at night…
Hao and Yoh were in their lightless room and they have to be asleep right now,but…
“Yoh, do you sleep?”- Hao whispered
“ Yes why?”-Yoh answered
” Very funny”….”What shall we doing?” -H
”Living, why?” -Y
“Stop it!” -H
“Stop what?” -Y
“Never mind.” -H
“Ok.” -Y
”You love Anna is that right?” -H
“Why do you think like that?” -Y
“Because your face was redder than a tomato when I said I kissed her” -H
“That is not true! I have never blushed!” -Y
“Yes you were!” -Then one pillow flew from Yoh`s bed to Hao`s bed…
”How was the kiss?” -Y
“You love her! You jealous!” -H
“Ok, ok yes I am! Now tell me about the kiss!” -Y
“What did you say?” -H
“Boys why aren't you asleep? It's 2 p.m. and you are talking foolishness! If you don't become asleep about at 5 minutes, one of you is going to sleep in the 1st floor! Capeeche?!“- One angry blonde girl said and then left…
”It was nice but not for long because she wanted me to be you.”- Hao said very, very quietly.
” Are you sure?”- Yoh asked in the same way
” Yes little brother, she loves you, I know that, so are you! Soon you shall understand!”-
Hao reassured his litle twin.
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Do you like it? It will be more interesting in the following chapters, don't think that the “sweet night” have passed already. I will white the next chapters soon (1-2 days), because they are already whiten have to type them.
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