Shaman King Fan Fiction ❯ Sweet bitter ❯ A rivalry ( Chapter 2 )

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…In the morning….
“Yoh wake up!”- Hao screaming nervously
” One more hour!”- Yoh said sleepy…
”Yoh!” -Hao screamed pertinaciously.
“What do you want from me Hao?”- Yoh still half-asleep asked him.
” Anna is sleeping in the yard. You can go there and wake her up with a kiss!” -The older twin said excited.
” Whakeupherwitht…with WHAT? Are you crazy!?” Yoh screamed horror-struck.
” Oh, just go!” Hao pushed him out of his bed. After that Yoh putted on his usual clothes and went in the garden while Hao was looking at him from the window. Yoh went quietly near Anna, he stood over her and started to went down and down and down… suddenly a few words cloud be heard screamed :
” Yoh and Anna are date couple!Yoh and Anna are date couple! Yoh and Anna are date couple!” Tray was screaming gibingly pointing them. Yoh stepped aside meanwhile Anna woke up…
Yoh was starting to said something like “I…just…” but Hao did some signs from the window, that's way Yoh finished” I just wanted to tell you that the breakfast is made by Hao and it will be ready after 0:30 minutes.” Then Anna looked at him coldly and said:
” Thank you I'll go after while. You can start without me.”
And then Yoh went back into the house…”What happened?” Hao asked nervous.
” Oh, HoroHoro save my reputation!” Yoh answered relaxed…
”What reputation! Reputation like an idiot! Anna is your fiancée! But you aren't kissing each other; you aren't hugging each other you don't even sleep in one room! Damn it!” The last Hao`s words were for that he cut his finger with the knife with which he was making the breakfast.
” Hao, actually we aren't engaged in the way Anna do you want to be my fiancée?.”Yoh said sadlyThen the twins felt a strange smell…
”AAAA! The food is BURNING!” They screamed together searching for water. Then a pail with water poured out over them and the fire. That was Anna.
” If one of you don't go to the town for another breakfast I'll kill both of you!”
…In the way for the town…
“I can't do it Hao, I can't tell her that I love her!” Yoh was whimpering.
” Why not? Anna I love you! What difficult have those words?” Hao asked ironically.
” Hao, what about if she doesn't like me?” Yoh looked at him miserably.
” Oh, Yoh stop being stupid! If you don't want her, let her to me!” Hao said angry.
” What?!” Yoh stopped at his place.
” You heard me! I like Anna too. She is beautiful, clever and very strong shaman plus she is an itako (medium).”Hao said confidently.
” You can't do that!” Yoh said shocked. “Just watch this night!” Hao said to him
…Before the diner…
Hao went into the room where was Anna. She was looking her favorite soup opera but it just finished.
” Anna, I was thinking, do you want to go out with me?” Hao asked the girl with unpainted spotless reputation.
” Is this a date?” Anna asked coldly.
” Yes exactly that I meant.” Hao said with confident voice unlike Yoh`s.
”What thing about your brother?” Anna asked him.
” What he has to say for that? It's not his business.” Hao asked surprised.
” No matter we don't live like engaged shamans I might love him, and he may love me. You shouldn't want to date with me. Anna ripped him with her speech.
” Yes, but if both of you are waiting the other to say what he feels, then you can lose your feelings, if you haven't lost them yet. Now you can go out with me to understand, do you really have some feelings to him or not. Is this only illusion that you can live one day like married shamans. I think you two don't love each other or maybe both of you don't have the courage to say what you feel. C'mon Anna if something will happen it has to happen.”
After the Anna's silence she finally said something ”Ok…what you want to do out?” Then with the greatest of pleasure Hao said
” Mm…I was thinking about one movie, then one dinner and then a walk around the lake. What do you think?”
“Ok, I'll be ready after half an hour ” Anna said with indifference voice.
When Hao went out , he saw his brother ran upstairs. Then Hao went after him into their room and saw him in the darkest corner of the room.
” Little brother, don't cry, it won't be a real date you know.” Hao said to him very gently…
”But I know you will kiss her!” Yoh said cheerlessly.
” Why do you think like that?” Hao said surprised.” Because you like her!” Yoh screamed.
” Don't worry Yoh. I don't want to still from you your fiancée. Everything will be OK.” Hao add to cheer up his little twin.
…Later in the evening when the date begin…
Hao was waiting for Anna, leaning against the wall near the door with hands crossed over his chest, with closed eyes, waiting to hear some moves and suddenly after an hour Anna-san was getting down the stairs. She was wearing a red long Japanese dress with a picture of tiger and dragon on it. The dress had a long slash on its right. Anna was also wearing long boots until her knees, with X-tied bootlaces.
” Oh, you are very beautiful tonight.” Hao complemented her.
” Thank you” She thanked him very nicely.
” Mm, let's go…”Hao proposed.
” Ok. ”Anna answered.
“Hao, I hope you know what are you doing with MY Anna…”The Yoh`s jealous voice said from the window of his room, looking haw Hao and Anna went out together…
* * * *
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