Shaman King Fan Fiction ❯ Sweet bitter ❯ The end ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been so long till I last wrote, but I decided to finish my unfinished stories! So let me tell you what happened till now with two sentences:
The Shaman tournament is over and after few events Hao turns out to be good boy and he stays is Yoh's house. He happens to find out about Yoh's feeling for Anna and encourage him to make a move. Yoh is too shy and refuse. Then Hao clearly says to him, that he also like Anna and take her to a date…
* * *
After the movie they watched and after the dinner, the Asakura one took her to the lake. He spoke:
“Anna, can I check something?”
“Sure” she said, not aware of what exactly he wanted to check. In that moment, Hao put his hand on Anna's waist and pulled her closer to him. With hey heart beating faster opposite his muscular body, she turned away at the lake.
“It is so romantic with that moon light here…Do you date for the first time?” he looked at her.
“Hmm…Yes, if that is a date” she answered still not looking in his eyes.
“Then, let's make it a date…” Hao moved her chin so he could face her, still not letting his other hand holding her waist tightly. He kissed her lips - gently and calm. Anna didn't pull back, so Hao slipped his tongue in her mouth and turned the kiss into very passionate one…
No reaction…How must he take that as? Does she like him? Then Yoh's image appeared in his mind `I love her, brother, I'm telling that only to you - Don't worry little brother, it won't be a real date. I promise…' Hao pushed her back and screamed madly:
“Why don't you move? Do you rally like me? Do you enjoy my kisses?” - no answer. The boy went over to one tree and while resting his back on it, he went down on it till he sat on the grass still with his back to it.
“You women are so strange creatures….you never know what you want…”
After a few seconds Anna touched her lips with her fingers, still looking confused. Hao was waiting for an answer, but as he saw Anna doing nothing, he stood up and went near her again. He grabbed Anna's hand that was over her lips and screamed -
“Who is the person you love? Me or Yoh?!?” - no answer. Instead, Anna's eyes went wet as if there was going to appear some tears. Hao's face changed and he took her in a friendly hug, while taking a big breath of something like relieve.
“You is a lucky one…” he said.
“Please don't tell him anything!” she asked.
“Ok, what should I tell him?”
“Nothing, just that it is your own business.” She suggested.
“But Anna, I went out with you mainly to check if you love him, how can I tell him that it is my business?”
“That means, that he loves me?”
“I won't tell you, he will. For now I'll just say you gotta told him how you feel about him. Ok?”
She nodded and then they went home.
Meanwhile You, who was burning of curiosity stayed awake and waited on the window fir his brother with his fiancé …with his Anna. As seeing them coming, Yoh quickly went to bed playing asleep. After five minutes his room opened and Hao entered. He made few steps to his little brother's bed and whispered “Don't worry little brother, she will tell you soon”. Hao went to his bed and probably fell asleep. Yoh hardly waited for about fifteen minutes to pass by, when he stood up and went to Anna's room. Hao smirked in his bed.
Yoh quietly entered her room and approached her bed and sat on its edge. He lovingly stroked her hair and whispered:
“I love you so much Anna, but I couldn't tell you, because I was afraid that you don't like me, but I'm not afraid anymore…” he didn't finish when Anna stood up to face him and said:
“Neither do I Yoh.”
“Anna? Weren't you sleeping?”
“No…I was waiting for you to come…and you came”
“What were you waiting me for?” he asked stupidly.
“I love you Yoh” As hearing that from her, he couldn't help it but smile.
At that moment Hao was giggling with his ear on the door and took a romantic breath.