Sky High Fan Fiction ❯ Maroon Heart ❯ Track Course ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
I can still remember the first day I actually met him.

Coach Boomer stood before the class of students. He watched them assemble so they’d sit next to friends and away from enemies. “That’s enough!” He called.

The whole place went quiet. Ten students marched up to stand behind him. They wore dark blue uniforms with black boots and the five girls had their hair tied back in tight buns to show off their faces and neck. Among them, and the last in line, was a brunette with a beautiful copper tint to her ivory skin. Her eyes were a bright amber.

They all swung around and faced the class, clasping their hands behind them, and snapping their feet together.

“Today, you average students will be partnered up with an advanced student. You will run through our Track Course with them. Should you not follow their lead, you will end up getting an F for today. Now, pick a student.”

The ten students spread out. Candy stood alone, leaning against a pillar, her arms crossed as she watched the students fan out towards the others. But five of them agreed to come and stand with her.

“What’re your names?” Candy asked. She had a kind voice and her amber eyes showed a burning ember that was kind and sweet.

Will spoke up for all of them. “I’m Stronghold. This is--”

Candy raised her hand. “Preferably your first names. I like to call people by their first names, Stronghold.”

“Right, um, in that case, I’m Will. This is Leyla, Maj, Zach, and Warren.” He gestured to all of them in turn. “Um, who’re you?”

“My name is Candice Maroon. It’s nice to meet all of you. What’s your power?”

They showed her the different powers and she watched them with a calculated stare. She didn’t say anything against them or when Leyla refused to show her the power she held, and she certainly didn’t say anything about Zach.

Coach Boomer called for attention. Candice had them line up behind her and she snapped back to that stoic posture from earlier. She looked like a soldier from behind when she was up-right and stiff. Warren watched her with a bit of a cold glare, obviously not used to being told what to do. Will, Leyla, and Maj thought she was amazing. She had a great way of producing her presence without screaming attention to herself, it was a bit over-powering, but it was still quite awesome. Zach, being Zach, he just watched her, gawking at her for not gawking at his power to glow and he obviously thought it was awesome and that she was just blind.

“Okay, Team Maroon, you’ll be going through course five! Team Ice, you’ll be going through course two!”

Candice quickly grabbed up a messenger bag. She signaled for them to follow her, and they did, obediently. She lead them out, into the open and she waited for them beside one of the ten busses lined up.

“We’re taking the forest course. To bad none of my have the ability to communicate with the plants. They like company.” She boarded the bus. “Good morning, Ron.”

“Hey, Candice! Glad it was you instead of Joker.”

“True.” Candice sat in one of the first rows of seats. “Pick a seat. It’s going to be a five minute ride there. Preferably near the front. It’s not easy to sit in the back and get off the bus when we get there.”

Candice let Warren sit beside her. Will and Leyla sat together and Maj and Zach sat behind Candice and Warren. Ron closed the doors and took off.

I remember looking at him and wondering if he had a girlfriend. He was so handsome and I felt like I could smile for him any day. I fell in love with him that day, in those three hours of Track Course.