Sky High Fan Fiction ❯ Maroon Heart ❯ Friendship ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
After we’d gotten the Maroon Heart, I clearly remember looking at them and seeing the fear of my power. So much for being nice and showing them I was good.

Candice had killed two men already and Leyla was starting to fear for her life. She had a hard time believing that someone so sweet could be so mean and dangerous. It was like a butter knife cutting frozen meat. It just didn’t match up.

Candice had finally sent Zach and Will to create a diversion so they could get that one trinket. She was waiting with Leyla while Warren and Maj went to get the power out to make it easy for the people to be scared by Zach’s sudden flow of bright colors.



Leyla wet her lips. She had to chose her words correctly or she might end up making things worse. “What do you hope to achieve after high school?”

Candice turned away from her watch. She was supposed to be watching the hall for the inevitable strike of green. Her hair was tied back now and it showed her beautiful jaw line and somewhat perfect neck. She had a pair of black earrings that were rings with stars of red dangling just three millimeters from the lop. “I don’t know. I’d like to just be normal, Leyla.”

“Do you have any friends?”

Candice turned away. “No. I was friends with Gwen and Penny. Of course, I found out they’re not the best of friends.” Candice looked back at the hall. “They called me Candy, so, I don’t mind if you do.”

Leyla reached out and touched Candy’s arm. “You like Warren, don’t you?”

Candy shook her head, a sad smile on her face. “Even if I did, I’m not the only one. But my power has a draw back. Heat destroys water. My body deteriorates during the duration I spend in contact with heat. I can also die from my whole body freezing over if I’m too close to something frozen.” She looked and the lights flickered. “I never told anybody I liked Warren.”


“Warren is like the celebrity of Sky High. All the girls think he’s cute. Or, at least the ones I meet. What chance do I have if pretty girls like hot guys?”

Leyla smiled. “Warren is quite the odd-one, isn’t he?”

“Oh?” Candy looked Leyla right in the eyes. “You dated him?”

“No. Well, not dating dated. More like ‘jealous-up-your-crush’ dated.” She smiled and was amazed when Candy truly laughed.

“I can see how that would be quite the way in.” Candy gave Leyla her sad smile again as she waited. “I was there when Warren set the cafeteria on fire. I helped him clean up. I also helped him when he set part of the library on fire, too. He doesn’t remember me, I think, because I was always shy and wouldn’t look at him.”

“That’s normal.” Leyla smiled brightly, perking up. “Everyone gets shy around people they think are cute. I’ve done it before.”

Candy blinked. “I thought that was just me. Hey, do you mind hanging out after this?”

Before Leyla could say anything, the lights went out and they heard a commotion and then a bright green light emanated from down the hall. Candy grabbed Leyla by the arm and the two bolted for the end of their hall.

The room rolled out before them. Warren was standing by a window in the room and had lit his arm so he could see. Candy started searching, tearing apart the room as Leyla kept an eye on the halls.

After five minutes of searching, Candy found it. “Got it! Let’s go help Will and Zach before they get killed.” Candy grabbed Warren’s collar and dragged him down the hall to where a fight was still going on.

Candy, acting fast, had thrown the Maroon Heart over Warren’s head while he stood up and she began to fight.

It was no more than thirty-minutes later that they were running through the forest, leaping over down logs and dodging branches. They had agreed to split up to vex the minions and they would meet up where they’d been dropped off.

Candy was there when Warren reached the clearing. She was leaning against a tree and was staring at the sky. She wasn’t out of breath, but she sure looked like she’d run right on through a tree a few times.

“How’d you get here so fast?” Warren asked, his breath coming in short. He put his hands on the top of his head and took huge gulps of air.

“I tree hopped. It’s much faster when you can make yourself lighter than air. Sadly, I can only make myself lighter.” Candy stood up. “Here come the others.”

Warren watched Candy dust off her cloths. He was vaguely reminded of a sweet, kind-hearted girl who’d helped him worm out of trouble the first year of high school and he also vaguely recalled her saying that she wished to be lighter than air.

Was she the same shy, unknowing, clumsy girl?

I had always hoped for a chance to see him up close. How easily that wish came true.