Sky High Fan Fiction ❯ Maroon Heart ❯ Fight ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
In the long run, talking to Leyla helped me. I finally understood what was happening in my head. Of course, nothing’s easy at Sky High.

The six students sat in a neat circle now. They were sweating and still panting for air as they started to wait for the bus to come back for them. It wasn’t as if they were stranded in the middle of nowhere, and it certainly was familiar territory to Candy, who simply knew what to eat, what to do, and where to go.

“Hey, where’s the locket thingy we were supposed to be getting?” Will asked after a few struggled breaths. He looked around and saw Candy was just idly sitting there cross-legged, staring at the dirt between her knees. “Do you know, Candice?”

She just lifted her hand and pointed at Warren. “I slipped it on his neck so they’d never sense it when we passed through.” Candy stood up and stretched, throwing her arms out to make her body a cross before she turned around.

As she did so, a huge blast of fire spurred over her head and she ducked, falling under a log. The fire hit a tree and it exploded into charred embers that fell on the other five, who covered their heads.

“Dive for cover! We’re under fire!” Candy called over the sound of gun fire. She wasn’t surprised when they started to protest. She reached into her jacket’s inner pocket and pulled out her cell phone. She started dialing a number as she called over the sounds of the fire. “If you want to die, stay there! If not, then I suggest you listen!”

Warren ran about fifteen feet and jumped up, grabbing a low branch on a tree that Leyla was growing and the two of them stayed close to the trunk. Will had punched a hole in the ground and was hiding with a log over his head.

Maj had transformed and was hiding under a shrub near Candy. Zach was quite well blended with the smokey sunlight and he easily could be mistaken for a tree when one looked at a glance at him, glowing and everything.

“Principal Powers, send us a transport! We’re under fire and I’m not sure how much more fire the students can take! No! Yes, we got it! Send a transport! We’ll backtrack and meet them in the clearing! We don’t have time!” Candy suddenly froze as a blast of fire rocked her log and almost caught her on fire. “We’ll fight back, but I doubt they’ll know all the ins and outs of being a team! Yes, ma’am.” Candy stood up and snapped her phone shut and put her arms up.

Maj gawked. “Hey, what’re you doing?! Are you mad? Surrender isn’t a good idea!”

“I’m not surrendering, Maj.” Candy slowly lowered her hands and it began to rain, sweet, beautiful rain that drenched everything in a nice dew. When her hands were fully at her side, the earth around her was quite dry, but everywhere else was wet. “I’m making my own weapon. Start getting some weaponry together.”

Warren had obviously taken the hint, as he was quickly drying off his arms and stripping away his coat. When it dropped to the ground he started to dry the tree he’d come out of so Leyla could easily maneuver it. He kept looking at Candy, as if he was waiting for a cue that said “go ahead and kill ‘em” or something.

Candy started to twist her wrists as she brought them down, faster and faster. She finally whipped her hand and sliced right through a fire blast. It whizzed right by her face, missing by millimeters. The wind threw her hair out of it’s tight bun and it flew out and she turned. With that momentum, she thrust her arm forward and it sliced right through the next barrage of bullets. She ducked low and charged forward.

Warren saw an onslaught and quickly darted in front of Candy. With his powerful legs, he launched himself into the air and drew the fire up with him, making them flare in the sky high above. That gave her a drift forward as well as a clear shot.

But it wasn’t always easy to make a hole. They sent bullets after her and Will used his little log defense to break them away. He surged forward, kicking off, into flight and he swept up two of the lackeys.

Candy was now locked in combat with Mr. Jackal. It was quite easy to mistake her power for his and vise versa. Warren, Will, and Zach were dealing with the male lackeys that were attacking with their spears and other weaponry. Maj was currently running circles around the woman who was head of the platoon of fighters.

Leyla was debating weather or not to hang them by their feet or their hands. She opted for the prior of her choices and snagged all but three of them. Leyla ducked behind a branch when they fired on her.

“Hey!” Will grabbed the gun and twisted the end. “Nobody attacks my girlfriend!” He pulled it away and threw it on the ground. “Now, you’re gonna pay.”

Candy, in the meantime, had drawn Mr. Jackal far from the others. She was in a ditch, at the moment, waiting for Jackal to make his move. “Of all the times, why high school do I get an arch nemesis? This is so not what I was expecting.” Candy watched the opening and then saw a flood of water coming down on her head. She quickly shoved it back and rode the semi-geyser up to the top of the ditch and kicked out, landing a good kick square on Jackal’s nose. Candy spotted the other five in danger as they were about to be shot to death, or executed, either one Candy would rather not have.

She gave a shrill whistle and the men turned around to see her. She was standing over an unmoving body of Jackal.

“You five, get outta here! There’s a clearing about five miles east! Meet Rob there! He’s going to take you back to the school! It’s safer there!”

She took off running and vanished into the trees. The five stayed a moment before they took off after her, not wanting to leave anyone behind. It was a silent agreement and they were certainly not abandoning Candy here, not after that quick and painless lesson in regular infiltration she’d just taught them.

“Stay back! Go and meet Rob! I’ll follow you once I’m done! I don’t want you to see! Go away! Hurry!”

Warren was the last to retreat, back east, back to the clearing, and he was also the closes to hear that deafening scream that filled the forest. He tore through branches and underbrush, breaking through tough spots, and bounding over down logs. Fear gripped him when he heard another scream that was joined by another and then a nasty sound, like metal creaking and then, out of nowhere, a loud, deafening, earth-shattering “BAM” and he fell short of the clearing.

Looking back, they all saw the dust cloud rising in the distance and it was Will who acted, pulling Warren out of the forest and towards the yellow bus that was parked in the center. As they did so, another earsplitting scream racked the air and made Warren cover his ears. Tears streamed down the girls’ faces as well as Zach’s. The noise was so painful and they had to stumble and fall into the bus as Rob closed the doors sharply behind them, stifling the noise.

“Where’s Candice?” Rob asked, looking at the faces on the ground behind him.

“She said to leave her behind.” Warren slowly got up, his body still a bit unsettled. “Take off, we can’t stay here. We have to get away or else we’ll be caught in something we shouldn’t be a part of.” He staggered forward and grabbed the ignition key and started up the bus. “There’s nothing we can do to help her right now. Let’s just get out of her way, okay?”

Rob nodded and drove off, taking off towards Sky High. The bus rocked lightly and they all looked out to see Candice in the clearing and still fighting off two of the men with her bare hands and their guns. She looked up, gave a short wave and dashed back into the forest.

Something about the way I watched the bus made me think twice about actually staying with this lot. Of course, I did enjoy to company, and to know that I saved Warren’s life was enough for me.