Slam Dunk Fan Fiction ❯ Bi-Polar Monkey ❯ Chapter 1

[ A - All Readers ]
It's a typical day, many basketball games won. Kainan is the #1 team in the district. They'll be advancing to IH-Competition. Kiyota is packing up for the next day, leaving for another city for the IH Tournament. <i>It'll be an exciting event,</i> he thought. He smiled while he was packing his clothes and other items. Yup, everything's going to be great for him.

*Knock Knock?

"Come in," Kiyota replied as he continued packing.

His sister comes in the room, but she remained by the door after doing so. She knows how this is important to him and doesn't want to disrupt his packing. The relationship between she and Kiyota is very mischievous. They usually tease each other by joking around with each other. However, they love each other from the bottom of their hearts. Their teasing attitude is their way of showing each other love.

"Um...I came here just to say that I'm happy for your team's accomplishments. You all did a wonderful job and...All I can say now is good luck," Shizuka said while she's looking at the floor.

Kiyota heard her voice, stopped for a short time period, worried because he saw her head down.

"Thanks...But are you okay? You look so sad," Kiyota said, worried.

Yes, she is happy and sad. She is happy that her brother's team has made it to IH-Tournament again. Because of that, she's proud of her brother and the whole Kainan team. However, she's also sad because her brother will be gone for few days to weeks [depending on how the team does.] If he's gone for only few days, she wouldn't be as sad. But she knows he and the whole Kainan team will be gone for quite a long time because she knows that they will win many games.

"It's because I know your team will do extremely well, I'm going to miss you. I mean, when your team wins many games, your team advances and whatnot. That means you'll be gone for a long time. I anticipate that you will stay for a long time...Well, you know what I mean," Shizuka said.

"Shizuka, boku no imouto, don't hesitate to come in any further. I may tease you alot, but you know how I'm reserved and quiet sometimes too. It's not like I'll bite. Here, make yourself comfortable," Kiyota said as he took one of Shizuka's hand and led her to the middle of his room. Shizuka, feeling slightly better, sat down on Kiyota's bed. She watched her brother pack-up his stuffs. She also looked at the posters in his room. <i>I'm proud of you, onii-chan,</i> Shizuka thought.

"Will those be enough for you?" Shizuka asked.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Kiyota asked, confused.

"Never mind...Even at a time like this, you're still naive. So sad..." Shizuka said.

"You're still trying to keep yourself happy right? I know it's going to be hard for you because you'll be missing how I always tease you and such. Don't worry; you may not know this, but it's because of you I'm motivated in facing all odds against me." Kiyota said.

"I'm glad I helped, although I don't see how. But during the game, always focus because I don't want to distract you in your mind. I don't know if this is all I need to say...Gosh, there's so much more that I want to say!" Shizuka cried out as she hit her legs with her fists. Seeing such reaction, Kiyota got up and away from his bag and walked closer and closer to Shizuka. He also sat on his bed, next to her, and put his arm around her shoulder.

"You're never a distraction. To be honest, I'll be missing you very much when I leave tomorrow. I think I'll be as sad or perhaps even sadder than you...So sad that I might not be as loud as I usually am at school. I might be even quieter than how I am right now," Kiyota whispered as his embrace around her shoulder got tighter.

Such words made Shizuka drop a few tears. She hugged her brother as tight as she can.

"I have an idea. From tomorrow, until the day you come back, I'll start wearing pony tails. I know it seems silly to let you take one of my hair-bands with you. But this is all I could think of to let you have some part of me, you know? I just want to..." Shizuka was interrupted by her brother when he put his index finger on her lips.

"It's not silly. I think it's a great idea. You're always part of me in my heart, not to mention that this will only assure my feeling. By the way, if possible, I'll try and call you to tell you how things are going. How about that?" Kiyota asked.

"Good idea, onii-chan," Shizuka said as she smiled.

Kiyota, seeing her smile, smiled and got off of his bed to go to the balcony in his room. [In Japan, condos tend to have small balconies in one's bedroom. In this case, it's situated at Kiyota's room.] Shizuka followed him to the same place. As she approached closer to him, she gave him a full hug and laid her head on his shoulders. He hugged her back and laid his chin on her head. <i>Good luck, onii-chan, I'll always support you</i>, Shizuka said as she turned to look at her brother. Her brother looked at her and kissed her forehead without saying a word.