Slayers Fan Fiction ❯ Admiring From Afar ❯ Angst (Hanging) ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
This story is inspired by sources.I also owe thanks to varius people. First, Rvincent for the support. I'd never have the balls to even write Slayers yuri if it wasn't for you. Amelia Seyruun (ala Dragonhealer), it's knowing that fans of this genre like you that keep me writing. Something Washed Ashore, your marvelous writing inspires me.

This fic was mostly written while listening to Voxtrot's 'The Start of Something' and Counting Crow's 'Mr. Jones.' as well as many Brandston songs. All the emo caused my writing style change.

Angst deserves it's own chapter.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------
'You're the water to her fire'

Amelia abruptly sat up, pushing sweaty sheets aside, ignoring creaky mattress, and touched her lover's shoulder. The smooth dry skin felt wonderful to her own clammy hands and she wondered again what was wrong with her

(how could she)

and why now did she have insomnia.

She stroked Lina's back, enjoying the silky skin. Skin she had dreamed about touching whilespending timewith Zelgadis. That hair that would drive her crazy and remind her of (fire) something

'Why her, Amelia?' Wide-eyed Zelgadis. Frantic.


Hanging by a broken thread, who had said that before? Where had she first learned that phrase? Some song?

The sheets were dirty, she'd have to be the one to clean them. Lina was anything but a good housekeeper. Distraction such as those were good. Amelia brushed some of her hair out of her eyes, trying to ignore...Muscles tensed as the loud snoring stopped, only to begin a second later. Amelia sighed, feeling older than she ever had before.

(how could she) Infuriating phrases

ran through her head. She shifted, mattress creaking again.

('If those neighbors complainabout the noise again, I'm going to...')

All those memories and words, and nothing would escape her lips as she listened to Lina's stuttering excuses. Lina Inverse never stuttered except in company or mention of her sister. But she stuttered then. And again and again and...

(how could she)

Hestitantly, Amelia touched her own brow and felt sweat. The room was cold in fact, chilly even. She shivered after seeing her shadow on the walls. Rain, soft somehow and undramatic, couldn't block out the snoring. (or the creaking, her mind added smuggly)

The small girl winced and shifted, all she could hear were the snores and the voices in her head, the voices of her friends from memories.

'Say, you and Lina look pretty cute together' Weak smile. Poor Gourry. Not at the end of the day though.

Hearing Zelgadiss musing. 'You're the water...'

Not anymore. Lina needed no water, or she had found it again in Gourry.

('I'msosorryI'mso...' the insane urge to laugh as she watched her lover acting like a...

Not a fire.

She touched the sheets, glanced at the clock and began to wonder when she could get up.
Waking Lina would be a mistake. Right now, the sight of those big eyes (fiery) would make her feel hollow and like...not a fire.

'You're the water...'

(how could she)

Amelia looked at the window. Dark grey outside.

'IloveyouI'msosorry' No fire

They were after all, hanging by a broken thread.

(how could she)

'You're the water...'

------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------
I woke up at two A.M with the phrase 'How could she' in my head. This fic arose from that (infuriating) phrase.

And, I hate to ask this, but any comments on this would be great. I honestly think it's a semi-decent fic. But that's probably the lack of sleep.