Slayers Fan Fiction ❯ The Slayers: Mirror ❯ Chapter 23

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Slayers Mirror

“So,” the giant rumbled as he knelt in front of the gates to the castle, “you want to bargain with us, sorceress.?”

The blonde haired sorceress Hectate met his eyes calmly, the beautiful young woman keeping any traces of her deep distaste for him from her face. “If you and your men stop Lina Inverse,” she said as her blue cloak swirled around her, “I will give you a powerful enchantment of your choice, Ymir.”

The giant Ymir frowned, the massively muscled war chief scratching at his dirty beard. “Yet you won’t offer what we most want?” he asked. “You know we most need the shape shifting spell,” he complained.

The warrior Jira put her hand on her sword, standing protectively by Hectate’s side. “She already stated her position, sir,” she said, her brown hair flowing past her lightly armored shoulders, “don’t pretend stupidity.”

“Lord, we should just take the spell from the bitch,” a smaller giant rumbled, his black hair matted and dirty.

“Maybe so, L’oki,” Ymir rumbled, clearly considering the younger giant’s point as he studied the three humans who had come out of the castle to meet them.

“He insults you, m’lady,” Jira bent down to murmur in Hectate’s ear, “may I?”

Hectate hesitated a second then nodded, “Do it.”

With astonishing speed Jura was gone, disappearing from where she had been standing so casually seconds before and racing towards the giants. Her sword flashed as she leapt and swung, then L’oki staggered and dropped, blood fountaining from his thrashing body as his head rolled free with a shocked look on it’s face.

“L’oki!” a female giant called out in horror, the rest making loud growls and angry comments as they moved to attack.

“How dare you...” Ymir started.


Hectate summoned and casually tossed a fireball into the road in front of them, the blast silencing conversation as she glared at them all. “He dared insult me in my own home,” she said dangerously, “and threatened my people.” Her gown shimmered as she stalked to Jira’s side, “You knew my conditions when I called you here: I will not grant you the disguise spells to rape and kill human girls.”

‘She’s incredible,’ Gwenyth thought as she stood close to her mistress’ side, the pink haired woman offering what support she could.

“You are a hard woman, Hectate,” Ymir finally said after a moment.

Hectate raised her chin, meeting his brown eyes. “To survive, one has to be,” she answered, the three looking ready to face a army if need be.

Ymir actually smiled as he dropped his voice, “Well, I suppose that ended well. L’oki was planning to stab me eventually anyway.”

“Does that mean you’ll stop Inverse for free?” Jira asked with a smile.

Ymir looked startled then laughed quietly. “Oh, I like you girl,” he chuckled. He shook his head, “We’ll we wanting our spell, when we’re finished with Inverse.”

“I’ll be ready,” Hectate agreed seriously.

“All right,” Ymir straightened up and turned to address his band of giants, “we’ve got a job to do. Let’s go.”

Gwenyth, Hectate and Jira watched the giants drag the body away then she sighed softly. “I was frightened for a minute there,” Gwenyth confessed.

“I wasn’t,” Jira lied convincingly.

Hectate chuckled as they headed back towards the castle. “You might want to restrain yourself next time,” she noted to Jira, “I didn’t expect you to kill him.”

“I’ve dealt with giants a few times,” Jira admitted, “they only respect power. If you show any kind of weakness, they’ll stomp all over you.”

“I’ll try to remember that,” Gwenyth said, the shorter woman smiling wryly. She looked up towards the castle, “Is that....?”

On a upper balcony they saw a figure, then in a swirl of black hair she returned to the inside of the castle. “Naga,” Jira noted.

“Hopefully she didn’t see us kill that thing,” Hectate frowned as they neared the guards waiting by the main gates.

“M’lady,” Dan nodded, not looking any worse from being assigned to travel to the land of the giants.

“Well done,” Hectate nodded as they went past them.

“Why would you not want her to see that?” Gwenyth asked. A slight smile teased her lips, “Maybe it would teach her some respect, seeing your power like that.”

“That isn’t how I’d want to win her respect,” Hectate said dryly.

As they passed through the outer wall they passed another set of guards then through the inner gate to the castle’s main building, where surprisingly Naga the White Serpent was waiting for them. While looking cool and collected there was a faint sheen of sweat, showing he had hurried down from the upper floors.

‘What is she...?’ Hectate wondered.

“Oh ho ho ho ho!” Naga laughed, “I was very impressed, Hectate. You handled those giants nearly as well as I and my tiny former partner would have.”

“Thank you,” Hectate smiled wryly.

“Well done, killing that giant,” Naga added as she turned to walk away, “I would have done much the same myself.”


As Naga walked away, the tall, busty sorceress tried to bring her confused thoughts in order. She had known that Hectate was plotting something from listening to the guards and servants, so she had ventured out of the balcony to see what was going on.

‘Why is she dealing with giants?’ Naga wondered, frowning as she walked along the hallway aimlessly.

Giants were powerful but unruly beings, and possessed of bad habits. They were big, smelly, rude and violent, but their worst habit was how they dealt with females. To deal with how few girls were born to giants, they cruelly misused shape shifting spells to mate with human women. They could successfully breed that way, but the spells did not change their true nature and human women rarely survived the birth of their half breed children.

Using a bit of magic Naga had listened in on the negotiations, and she was glad that Hectate had refused to grant the Giants that spell. ‘Though in truth I wasn’t expecting her to,’ she admitted, ‘Hectate is many things, but not needlessly cruel.’ She was faintly surprised at the admiration she felt for her captor, frowning a moment.

Pausing before her rooms Naga hesitated, then smiled as she turned around and retraiced her steps. “Boo!” she stuck her head around the corner, badly starling the guard who was supposed to be shadowing her.

“Aaah,” the lady jumped, her spear clattering to the ground. “Don’t do that!” the redhead squeaked, a hand to her chest.

“Got you again,” Naga smirked, “Seres.”

“It’s rather hard to follow quietly in leather armor,” Seres bitched, bending over to pick up her spear. “All right,” she grumbled, “what do I owe you for nailing me this time?:”

Naga smirked, “A extra beer ration tonight?”

“I’m astonished at your ability to drink,” Seres shook her head wryly as they walked off together, “even Mistress Hectate doesn’t manage that much.”

“Maybe I’ll challenge her to a drinking contest,” Naga winked.

To be continued....