Smallville Fan Fiction ❯ My Favorite Drug ❯ One-Shot

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
My Drug

Our lips met with one anothers with a crushing force, sending sparks through my body causing me to shiver with pleasure. We knew there'd be time later for the soft gentle kisses we usually shared. This is what I wanted most, to be with him, in his arms once again. To feel alive again. We pulled apart after a while, unwillingly, to breath. He was now proped up on his arms above me.

My lips still tingled from the kiss that we had shared just moments ago. I close my eyes, content. After a few moments I open them again. He's staring at me, lips curled into a small, yet meaningful, smile. My eyes must have shone with curiosity because he tells me how he was just thinking of how beautiful I am. I was blushing, I could feel it. I attempt to hide my heated cheeks with no success. He laughs softly at my reaction. He always found it adorable. He tells me all the time. I stick out my tounge at him in response.

I'm flustered, I can't speak. I know its obvious. I twist a strand of hair around my index finger. I hear him chuckle again before he kisses my forhead, telling me to relax. He uses a tone of voice he never normally uses, unless we are alone together, like now. I release the strand of hair and place my hands comfortably above my head, he sees this as an oppertunity. He drags his fingers along the side of my stomach, causing me to giggle from the light sensation. He ignores my protest and pleas, continuing the onslaught. I wiggle in a vain effort to escape. I can't give up. I have to keep things challenging. I make another attempt to break free only to end up with his lips capturing mine once again. I can feel him smiling through the kiss. I smile to myself mentally. He thinks he's won, but the game has just begun. I'm going to win. But if I happen to lose, I'd still be happy.

He leans in close to me after releasing my semi-swollen lips. Usually, I can expect what he's about to do but this time he is hiding his plans. Really well, I might add. Silence fills the room. I stare into his eyes. Normally, his eyes would be a dark shade of blue, always reminding me of the ocean. Tonight was different. The eyes that were staring back at me were a rarely ever this shade, a light icy blue with sliver-like flecks. I noticed something flash across his features, uncertain though of what it was exactly. My hands moved to his face, then snaked themselves around his neck, pulling him closer to me. A grin spreads across his face, reminding me of the Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland. His arms are locked tightly around my body, holding me close to him. His face is only mere centemeters away from my own.

My heart is beating a million miles a minute. I'm sure he can feel it. He begins to tease me. Starting at my neck and slowly makes his way toward my sensitive stomach. He knows what he's doing to me and oh how I lothed my body for reacting so easily. I go to speak but it's a soft mumble, my ablility to think and form any objections is gone. I'm losing. My body is heavy and dreached in sweat. He stops. Waiting. The seconds feel like an eternity. My body begins to shake slightly from the retraction of warmth. I whimper. I wanted him. I needed him. He's still waiting, amusement dancing in his eyes. He could be so cruel sometimes and just when I'm 100% positive I know all his tricks, he proves me wrong.

He makes me laugh one minute and make me cry the next, he has the ability to make my heart feel no pain and the power to shatter me, he can calm me as well as infuriate me. He brings out both the good and bad extremes in me. I always hate it when he's not around, and when he is, the high doesn't seem to last long enough. I find myself always wanting more of everything he offers. I know my addiction is bad yet I find myself time after time indulging, reveling in the feeling. Suffering through the withdrawls is the price I pay for the love of my drug. He's nothing like the others. He is more potent. He's dagerous. Deadly. But that's never stopped me before.

Everything becomes blurred and hazy, I'm starting to become overwhelmed, but I don't stop. Another dose, stronger than the last. The effects are immediate. Pretty soon there will be nothing left. I'm destroying myself. The room begins to spin and all I hear is his voice asking if I want more. I nod my head fully aware that this was the end. It's bittersweet. The only thing I see is the lovely eyes I couldn't get enough of become dark and empty. Black eyes now gazed at me. The look of death. A pain unlike any other shots through my body, my world becomes pitch black. Tears find their release. I take my final breath with a small smile on my face. He really was deadly after all, my favorite drug, the sweetest posion. It's what I deserve. And with that thought, my heart beats for the last time.