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Smallville Bio
Gender: female
Name: Faith
Nickname:Fai or Coco
Superhero Name:Rogue
Date of birth: Oct. 31, 1992
Age when she started living with the Kents: 3
Age when the show started: 8
Hair: black with bangs. Just a little past the shoulders.
Eyes: one blue and one green
Abilities: Able to absorb other people's abilities. Kind of like Rogue from X-men. But it's only through her hands and only those with special abilities or super powers. Later other abilities will come along. Like being able to put up barriers, absorb blasts and send it right back at the enemy.
Hobbies: singing, music, dancing, writing, arts & crafts, horseback riding, rollerblading, reading, drawing, dance dance revolution, and video games.
Bio: Because of how close Martha and Jonathan were to Faith's parents, they were both made Faith's godparent's if something were to happen to them. The Kents figured this was a very good idea, especially with hoe well Clark got along with Faithand how he seemed protective over her. And they noticed how he was always careful around her. One summer day, when Faith was 3 years-old and the Kents were watching her, Faith's parents went into town to take care of some business. But unfortunately on the way back their car had an accident and they were killed. Faith has lived with the Kents ever since. At some point her bangs turn white.
Gender: female
Name: Alexis
Nickname: Lexi
Age: 9,
12 years later: 21
Hair: red. Long with bangs
Eyes: blue
Date of birth: same as Lex
Hobbies: making her father's life a living hell, music, gymnastics, swimming, skating, horseback riding, and embarrassing her brother.
Bio: She is Lex's twin sister. She completely despises her father, Lionel Luthor. She is always doing anything and everything to make his life a living hell.Alexix fought her father at every turn, not to mention fought with him every chance she got. When Alexis turned 18, she left for Smallville. She got a job and has been in Smallville ever since. The only person who knew where she was at was her brother, Lex. And, as per her request, he told no one. Alexis made sure the they both stayed in close contact with each other. This was done through E-mails, internet chat room, phone call, texts, letters, and the occasional secret visit. They were reunited when Lex came to Smallville.