Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ A New Shadow ❯ A Plan in the Making ( Chapter 1 )

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Chapter 1: A Plan in the Making
Late one evening, Sonic was cleaning out his closet. While searching, he found an old videotape. He decided to watch it. In the tape, Sonic and friend were at McDonalds, and Sonic had accidentally knocked over Shadow's soda.
“God Dammit faker! What were you thinking?” Shadow screamed.
“Well, sorry Shadow” Sonic replied.
“You better be”
The video ended. Sonic had finally realized how obnoxious and rude Shadow really is. And he decided it was finally time to put a plan into action.
The next day, Sonic was eating lunch with Tails. He told Tails about the past night, and they devised a plan.
Knuckles said, “Hey Amy, Sonic called me yesterday, and he was wondering if you and I could meet him for lunch today.”
“Okay” Amy responded.
Later (At Tails' House)
There is a knock on the door. Knuckles and Amy came inside.
“Wuts up guys” Knuckles said.
“Hey” Sonic replied.
Sonic and Tails told them about their plan, and they decided to put it in effect.
Boy did Shadow have a surprise coming his way. That night they called Shadow and told him to come to Tails' house. Shadow came.
“What do you want?” Shadow said.
Just then Knuckles dressed in a black overcoat, glasses, and a false mustache.
“Umm, I am Mr. Green” Knuckles croaked. “I have come to, uh, counsel you.”
Sonic has a disappointed look on his face.
“We should have let Amy do it” Sonic said.
“Come into this room, and we'll, uh, umm,”
Sonic is whispering the word “talk” into Knuckles ear.
“talk” Knuckles finally said.
There is a doubtful look on Shadow's face, but then he smiles and says, “Okay.”
Shadow is in a bar getting high. There are about 12 empty beer bottles at the counter by him.
“Whoo! Oh, crap, I think I'm drunk.”
The bartender says, “Of course not, you're fine. Have another beer.”
Shadow starts laughing out of his lowered state of mind, then falls off his chair, passing out.
*End Flashback*
Yeah, that's how Shadow bought this shit.
They went into a room with two chairs.
“Soooooo,” said Knuckles, “Tell me everything that's happened to you.”
“Okay,” Shadow said, “ It all started at age four. I wanted a pony, but mumsy said it was too expensive. So then they took away my killing license at age eight. The reason is cause I killed my sister. Okay, you ready for this? At age thirteen, I met this fatass plumber named Mario, and I did his girlfriend Peach, and I shot his brother. And now I'm in love with Rouge, but I'm too embarrassed to tell her or anyone else. What do you think?”
By this time Knuckles was on the floor laughing.
Shadow passed out(again), and Sonic put him in Tails' bed.
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