Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ A New Shadow ❯ Yes! ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Ch. 3 Yes!
“Hey Knuckles?” asked Rouge.
“Yeah, what is it?” Knuckles replied.
“I think that it would be better for us if we uhhh, ……. break up,” Rouge spat out.
“Hold on. What did you say?”
“You heard me.”
“Fine, I'm leaving!” Knuckles blurted.
Knuckles stormed out.
“Hey Shadow?” asked Rouge.
“Yah, what's up?”
“Let's go out to some place nice!” proposed Rouge.
“Hubba hubba hunnm hhunnbb,” he slaps himself upside the head, “I mean, sure!” Shadow said.
They went to a place called Fissures, were they had steak and cocktails. After their feast, they went for a walk down Angel Island Coast.
“Hey Rouge? I really love you, you know that right?” asked Shadow.
“Me too Shadow, me too!”
They stroll past flowers and towers of oaks.
“I don't understand Rouge? Why did you break up with Knuckles? Don't you love him?”
She gives him a gentle kiss.
“That's why,” she said, “we were meant for each other.”
Knuckles is in his room on his bed.
“I just don't understand? Why, why, why! Oh jeez I am a bloody mess!”
Later on
“Thank you for this perfect night Shadow.”
“No problem”
They hold hands and look into the others eyes. They kissed gently, and soon got more intense. Shadow hesitated and then backed off.
“Rouge, I love you a lot, but………I'm not ready to go this far,” Shadow said.
“You're right. I was a little hesitant too. I guess this is goodbye.”
“Yeah, okay then.”
“Until we meet again my little rebel,” Rouge said romantically.
“Goodbye, Batseeboo!”
The Next Week
Shadow and Rouge's relationship was now going steady and they couldn't wait to break the news.
The doorbell rang and Rouge, still in her tight-fitting pajamas answered it. Shadow was there and he was carrying a bundle of white roses.
“Who are those for?” asked Rouge.
“They're for you, of course. Who else would they be for, Amy? They reminded me of you!”
“Oh Shadow, you're so romantic,” Rouge said.
She gives him a kiss.
They went to Tail's house after Rouge got ready to break the news.
Well, most of the group was excited, but Knuckles was still mad.
“Well,” Sonic said, “This is cause for celebration! Let's pop the campaign! Oh, wait we're all underage. Okay then, let's pop the soda.
Every one started laughing and having a good time. But Knuckles left as soon as Sonic ended the sentence.
I can understand the situation he's in, but no one wants to be a party pooper!!!
“Congrats, you guys!!” said Amy.
As the party dragged to an end, Shadow told everyone that he had another announcement to make.
“Rouge, I know that this is really soon, but……. will you marry me?”
Tears of joy ran down Rouge's face. “Oh yes Shadow! I will!”