Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ Darkness's & scoot's legendary quest ❯ jobs ( Chapter 1 )

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Darkmatter457’s first fan fic
Characters are: darkness, scoot, silk, darkmatter457, karaksis and Vulcan

Silk, darkness, scoot,
Darkness: ugh do I have to be here
Silk: yes we all need jobs ok to pay for stuff so shut yer yap and look for a job
Scoot: ow man all the jobs for a pimp are gone
Scoot: um no I mean
He is hit with a glass window
Scoot: ow that hurt a lot
Silk: oh I can’t stay mad at you scootiekins
Scoot: me either
Darkness: stop were looking for a job remember
Silk: um yea heehee
Scoot: hmm a job for a shop clerk at night
Darkness: ohh a job for a fireman
Scoot: darkness Ur a dragon they’ll think you caused it
Darkness: hm I guess your right hey look at this NO DRAGONS THAT’S DISCRIMINATION
Scoot: calm down
Darkness: ugh I’m goin somewhere else cya
Darkness takes off and flies around and sees a dragon standing on a hill
Darkness: hey watcha doin
The dragon grabs darkness
???: Pathetic dragon friends with hedgehogs you’re a disgrace to dragon kind
Darkness: so what’s it to you
He jumps into the air and throws darkness into silk and scoot but scoot puts up a chaos force field but darkness hits hit weakening scoot
???: Hahaha weak *teleports*
Scoot: hey are you ok
Darkness: yea I guess ow
Silk: what did he say?
Darkness: that I was a disgrace to dragon kind for being friends with you guys
Scoot: no-one says that ESPECIALLY ABOUT MY WIFE WHERE’D HE GO I’LL KILL HIM ugh *falls down*
Silk: no scoot you have no strength
Scoot: *starts walking*
Silk: no *tackleglomp*
Darkness: I’ll get him
Darkness flies off looking for the strange dragon when suddenly he his hit by something going at immense speed darkness hits the ground and skids across it
Darkness: argh *tries to get up* ow wh-who’s there
Silk: come on scoot back to blast mansion *she takes him away*
Scoot: n-no *his head touching silks bosoms* ok
Darkness: argh *looks at stomach and sees a big claw mark*
Silk: *is at blast mansion she puts scoot in there bed he’s exhausted* there you go scoot
Darkness: argh *stands up* wh-who are you
???: My name is karaksis I met you earlier
Darkness: why
Scoot: argh *falls to floor* argh
Silk walks in
Silk: scoot what’s wrong Hun
Scoot: silk the back of the drawer there’s a chaos emerald get it please
Silk: right *gets it out and scoot looks at it he is fully restored*
Scoot: right now to find darkness
Silk: I hope he’s ok
Darkness: well show yourself come on
Scoot and silk run up a hill and see darkness
Silk: omg darkness
Karaksis appears and kicks darkness in the face so fast darkness didn’t have time to block
Scoot: silk stay back
Silk: make me
Darkness: argh
Scoot: silk help him I’ll take on whoever he is
Out of nowhere scoot is punched in the face and kneed in the stomach and kicked away
Darkmatter457: *sees the action and runs over* what the
Silk: help *puts up a force field*
Darkmatter457: *runs up to the dragon* come on fight me
Karaksis: I don’t have time to waste on you
Karaksis throws some energy balls at silk and the battered darkness
Scoot: *weakly* noooooooo do something
Darkmatter457 jumps in front of the energy balls and it hit
Darkmatter457: aarrrrrrrgggghhhhhh
He falls to the floor
Silk: oh no are you ok
Darkmatter457: ugh yea *stands up* I’m not down yet
7 more energy balls appear and hit darkmatter457
Darkmatter457: aarrrrrrrgggghhhhhh fuck *falls to floor*
Darkness has been healed by silk
Darkness: oh hey y-your fight is with me not them me
Karaksis: hm you’re right
Vines pop-up and pull darkness down underground
Silk: noooooooo
Digs and digs to get to darkness
Scoot: silk why you argh TAKE THIS
Scoot jumps up and attacks karaksis but misses and is kicked in the back and head butted away
Silk manages to get to darkness
Karaksis: ha! Weakling I’ll be back for you all hahahaha *teleports*
Darkmatter457: n-need a hand up
Silk: um no thanks *creates a disc and brings her and darkness up*
Darkness: who the hell was he scoot are you ok
Silk: scootiekins where are you
Scoot: *in a tree* o-over here
She rushes over and gets him down
Darkness: all of this because of him argh where is he
Silk: leave it darkness
Darkmatter457: yea but he said that he’d be back when he comes we’ll be ready for him
Silk: yea if you go now you’ll only get beat again
Darkness: grrr ok
The all go back to blast mansion and scoot is put into bed
Silk: scoot needs his rest
Darkness: hmmm I see
Silk: does anyone need a drink or
Darkness: no silk you don’t have to do that go to scoot and take care of him
Silk: ok he does need me
Silk goes back into the room and darkness and darkmatter457 are left standing and looking at the sunset, when suddenly darkness and darkmatter457 are teleported
Darkness: silkkkkk
Darkmatter457: where are we
Karaksis: well hello again
Darkness: you
Karaksis: hahaha time to die DRAGON
Darkmatter457: what the hell is wrong with you
Darkness: come on then
Darkness flies up and hurls himself at Karaksis when he is stopped in mid-air by a punch to the stomach then he is kicked down and smashes into the ground
Darkmatter457: darkness that’s it
Darkmatter457 hurls himself at Karaksis as well but he is sliced and punched repeatedly then thrown to the ground as he hits the ground he notices that silk is there
Silk: STOP THIS MADNESS *starts to cry*
Darkness: no silk argh why you arghhhh
Darkness hurls himself at Karaksis again this time he hit’s him in the face
Karaksis: *grabbing darkness’s neck* how dare you touch me
Karaksis stabs him and electrocutes him
Darkness: arghhhhh scoot where are you
Meanwhile back at blast mansion scoot is waking up he puts the TV on
Reporter: shocking news today people it sees darkness the dragon and darkmatter457 have been teleported to a floating piece of rock oh … wait I’m getting images that silk the hedgehog is there
Scoot: what silk
He runs out side and darkmatter457 senses that he is awake and teleports him to where they are
Darkness: argh scoot
Darkness is still being electrocuted
Scoot: darkness silk NO ARGH *turns into super scoot*
Karaksis: hm so you not just a pathetic hedgehog after all
Darkmatter457: were not pathetic you’re a MONSTER
Karaksis: oh thanks for the compliment
Super scoot: raaa you will not harm them anymore
Super scoot jumps up going to punch Karaksis but is stopped in mid air by Karaksis he is sliced and held in mid-air
Karaksis: hahaha well now I can kill you first
Silk: nooooo *crying*
Darkness: the only way to stop you is argh
He flies up and clings to Karaksis and blows himself up sending scoot flying into a spike
Silk: darkness noooo
Darkness: yarrrrrrrrrrrrr
Scoot: dd-darkness no *falls unconscious*
There is a big bright light shouts and then an explosion
Darkmatter457: whoa darkness
The light fades and nothing is left
Silk: nooo *crying* oh scoot
She runs over crying and gets him off the spike
Darkmatter457 stands up and teleports them all back to earth
Silk: noo we need to find darkness
Darkmatter457: look he’s gone look after scoot or you’ll lose him as well
Silk: grr. Your right come on scoot
She puts him in bed and lays next to him
Silk: oh scoot why
She kisses him on the forehead
Scoot: silk I-is that you
Silk: oh honey stay you’re wounded
Scoot: g-go get the c-chaos emerald
Silk: oh yes
She hops off the bed and gets the chaos emerald and puts it next to scoot and he has energy again he hops off the bed then collapses
Silk: scoot what’s wrong
Scoot: Karaksis he must of drained the emerald where’s darkness
Silk: oh scoot darkness he um
Scoot: he’s dead isn’t he?
Silk: um yes *teary eyed*
Scoot: argh why did he do this
Silk: to save us all
Scoot: grrr hey what’s that
Scoot looks out the window and sees a fire ball heading for earth
Silk: whoa c’mon scoot
Scoot: ok wait up though
Silk: who says we have to wait
She makes a flying disk and takes them out side when they hear a loud CRASH!
And they get to the area of the crash and the see a large crater and a battered crispy dragon
Silk: darkness!!!
Scoot: whoa c’mon
Silk brings them down and picks darkness up and takes him back to blast mansion
Scoot: I’m gonna heal him
Silk: no you’re too weak
With what he had left scoot tried to heal darkness
Silk: noo oh scoot *smirks*
Darkness: I-I wont try th-that again
Silk: oh darkness *hugs him*
Darkness: argh still hurts
Silk: oh hee hee
Darkness: all this because of me
Silk: don’t blame yourself
Darkness: I know you do
Silk: no I don’t
Darkness: don’t lie
Silk: I’m not
Darkness: I may as well tell you I can tell your mad at me you can’t even look me in the eye
Silk: !!! Oh I’m sorry I’m just mad
She walks out the room and darkness gets up
Darkness: I’m sorry *he heals scoot* I can’t stay
He flies out the window just as silk walks in
Silk: hey get back here now
Darkness: no I can’t you will not influence me one iota
Silk: please come back
Darkness: no
Silk: fine I’m tired of shouting fuck off!! *realises she’s swearing and walks over to scoot*
Suddenly scoot and darkness are teleported
Scoot: silkkkkk
Silk: scoot where are you
Scoot and darkness end up on another planet
Karaksis: hahaha if I can’t kill you I’ll kill your wife muhahaha
Scoot: nooo darkness what are we gonna do
Darkness: … argh *flies off*
Scoot: argh wait up
Darkness: wait n-no it can’t be
Scoot: what
Darkness: I-it’s my homeland
Scoot: wait that’s in another galaxy isn’t it
Darkness: yes it is
Scoot: WHAT
Darkness: !!!! *flies off*
Scoot: huh hey wait up
Darkness flies up to a mountain and shouts some dragon words and the moutain opens up
Scoot: whoa
???: who dares disturb my home
silk: scoot *crying* nooooo
Vulcan: silk come here I’m so sorry
Silk: get away from me
Vulcan: ow come on silk
She locks herself in her bedroom and starts crying
Vulcan: let me help
Vulcan: come on scoot
????:get away
Another dragon takes down darkness
Darkness: scoot there’s a phone inside call silk
Scoot: r-right
Darkness: GET OFF ME
He shocks the other dragon and kicks him off
????: so your stronger than I thought
Darkness: hurry it up scoot
Scoot: yes *ringing*
Vulcan: silk phone
Silk: tell em’ to go away
Vulcan: come on silk just pick it up
Silk: ok fine *she answers* hello oh scoot my love
Scoot: silk oh it is you look me and darkness were on another planet in another galaxy
Darkness is slammed against the wall and uppercut in the face
????: ha weak I’ve been training most of my life you wont beat me
Darkness: ha *licking his lip* nice moves
Scoot: look sil-
Silk: let me speak for a second oh scoot I missed you soooo much I love you
Scoot: yes I love you too
Darkness: argh anytime scoot
The other dragon pulls out a big axe
Darkness: ow come on
Scoot: I’ll be back as soon as I can trust me
Silk: oh I love you scootiekins
Scoot: hehe I love you too bye
Darkness: ok that’s it no more Mr. Nice dragon
Darkness flies at the other dragon punching and hitting him reputedly sending him flying away
Darkness: whew scoot you ok
Scoot: ya-um ye-yes come on we gotta get back how do we
Darkness: I don’t know I can breath in space
Scoot: um yea I can’t
Darkness: argh how are we gonna get outta here
Scoot: I don’t know but I’ll try anything to get back to silk
Darkness: yea I wish I had someone to go back to scoot take the phone
Scoot: k but you have me and silk
Darkness: not exactly a bachelor life is it huh
Scoot I guess not

most characters were my own I had permission to use the rest I hope you liked it there will be others I’m working on them as we speak so I hope you read the others the story will get serious as it progresses

By Oliver samuals darkmatter457