Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ His Story ❯ His Story I: Escape From Eggman's Airship ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Shadow awoke in a trance, he looked around... where was he, and why were so many of his comrades and rivals in the same state he was?
"Awake so soon?" Asked a voice sarcastically. It was Dr. Eggman, and as he walked in, everything started coming back to Shadow, he had fought Eggman alongside Rouge the Bat, Omega the Robot, and Sonic's team. Shadow had failed and he thought Sonic would be able to fight Eggman himself, but from the looks of it, that was not the case. "I thought you'd sleep for at least 2 months." Said the doctor in his annoying, loud, overconfident voice. "Doctor, what is the meaning of this?!" Asked Shadow, in anger. "I thought you might ask that Shadow," Said the doctor, "You see after I defeated you and your friends, I was going to kill you and them on the spot, but I figured, that would be the biggest waste of life ever, so I decided I'd use you and the others as test subjects for my experiments, although Omega is pretty useless." Shadow was shocked by what he heard, and knew he would have to escape somehow. "What kind of tests doctor?" He asked. "Well, mostly minor stuff, I gave Sonic the ability to breathe underwater, but some were different than others, I tested a poison on Tails which killed him, and Knuckles... well, you'll see." Shadow slowly began to realize the seriousness of what would happen if he didn't escape, for Tails was dead, Sonic was half fish, and who knows what the doctor did to Knuckles. So later that night, Shadow escaped and set the self destruct mechanism on the air base. They all fell in different places, and the only ones who were together were Shadow and Rouge. I am sorry to say that this is as far as I can go now. Tune in next time for chapter 2 of His Story.
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