Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ The Lost Ones ❯ Parental Expansions ( Chapter 2 )

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They left the laboratory that day, all two hundred and seven of them. Shadow and Sheeva were not the only ones with a child, there were many more, though most of them did not form couples.

Nearly all of the animalsthat left that day were confused, and weren't sure of where to go, they had been trapped there for so long that thye couldn't remember where they had come from. But eventually, all of them went their separate ways, though some into groups.

Shadow did not see the strange green hedgehog that had freed him among the crowd. He supposed he had left already. There was a small gray fox with red tipped tails that from the moment they left the complex began following Shadow and Sheeva, though at a distance at first.


They were walking throught the woods deciding where to go when the black hedgehog decided he had had enough of the sneaky fox heding behind them. "Hey, Fox! If you're going to come with us, then why don't you just walk with us instead of acting like a thief or whatever?" He yelled. A couple seconds later the fox lost his footing and fell to the ground in front of them.

Shadow stared at the little one in surprise, he couldn't be no older then three years, and was so small. The fox stood in a crouched position and backed away fearfully.

"We won't hurt you, it's alright" Sheeva said, tyring to coax him closer. The gray fox appeared as if he were going to bolt, but then quivered as he carefully stepped up to them.

Sheeva handed the baby to Shadow, who stared at his child in surprise. He didn't know how to hold an infant, but he attempted to be as gentle as he could, acting like he was cradling a glass vase.

The brown female kept trying to talk to the little fox, but after a few mintues, it was apparent that he didn't speak at all, a mute, though he understood what they were saying to him.

Meanwhile, Shadow's son was waking up, and began squirming, moving his tiny hands back and forthl THe older hedgehog looked ot the infant's mother, confused, but she was still communicating with the gray fox.

The babe began to whimper, then Shadow had an idea, and pressed the child closer to his chest. The little one immediatly stopped struggling, and sighed as he snuggled his face against his father's warm chest fur. So that's what you wanted, Shadow wondered.

Sheeva tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention and he turned. "This little fox can't talk, but he's alone. He doesn't have anywhere else to go, so that's why he was following us, he though we looked nice." She told him.

The black hedgehog nodded and smiled, he hadn't felt this happy in a long time, he was holding a child that was his, an unexpected pleasure, he had found a beautiful mate, and a new friend in the small, innocent fox.

"That reminds me. Whatever happened to that beast of a scientist anyway?" He asked. The fox froze in fear, and Sheeva flinched.

"We... Don't know... He diappeared after that green hedgehog gave him a good throttling and started freeing people. I guess he just gave up and left." The brown female said quietly.

After a long silence, they started walking again. "Where are we going?" Sheeva asked him. "I don't know... Wait, yes I do. Most definitely you've never heard of space colorny ARK, but that's where I was 'born' and it's a safe place until we figure out what to do next." Shadow replied.


The ARK was no different from when he had visited it a couple years back, still running perfectly since his repairs he had applied to it. He turned all the systems back on, besides the life supposrt which was already running, and Sheeva and the small fox gasped as all the lights returned to the Control Bridge. They had never seen anything so big, except for Bujin's labs, and it was hard for them to believe that this place was not made for evil purposes.

It took the black hedgehog a while to convince them that this was not anything like the mad scientist's base, that in the past, it had only been meant for good, or until the professor had become insane and he had to shut the eclipse cannon down.

While the two hedgehogs talked about the future they could have, the gray fox they had decided to name 'Flick' kept playing with the gravity controls. They ignored the fact that at times they would be floating near the ceiling, and that he kept flapping his arms and zooming around like he was a brid of some sort.

Sheeva finally told her new mate that she was going to call their son 'Shade' after his father. This pleased him greatly, even more that she was letting him still hold the baby for the time they talked.

It was an hour later when Flick turned the gravity back on, and Sheeva nearly fell on her head, but Shadow landed on his feet with his sonic in his arms with no trouble.

Flick began to run in circles for no reason but to amuse himself, and Shade began crying. The female took him, and began to walk into another room. "He's hungry." She explained.

Shadow nodded, and decided to go look for some decent clothes for her and some shoes for Flick and himself. It didn't take him long, and the gray fox loved his new shoes and gloves, while Shadow found ones for himself that were identical to his old ones.

He found a white skirt and blue shirt that had bee Maria's when she had been much younger then at the time of her death.

It wasn't long before Sheeva was finished feeding Shade, and the ARK clock counted down til' the night. They were all tired, and found themselves suitable places to sleep.


The next day, they heard Flick knocking on the door of their room, waking them up. The two hedgehogs were curled up together, the female resting content in her mate's strong arms. Shadow yawned as Sheeva pulled out of his embrace to leave the bed.

She quickly pulled on her clothes and picked Shade up from his makeshift bed. Shadow rolled over and acted as if he were going back to sleep. He heard his mate and the fox 'communicating' again, in anxious tones. The gray fox kept making noises with his feet and hands. Sheeva came back over to him and put a hand on his arm.

"I think he's trying to tell us that Bujin put trackers in our bodies. He's frightened and thinks we should removes them before he finds us." She said.

The black hedgehog immediately got up, and put his shoes and gloves on. He then started leading them down the hallway.

"There's a medical machine we have for removing 'foreign' objects within the body, and detecting them as well. It should still work." Shadow muttered. Flick started trembling violently when they entered the medical bay, and Sheeva did as well. Nevertheless, they followed him anyway, and did as he said.


They destroyed the tracking chips once they had gotten them removed, then waited a couple days. There was no sign that Bujin had bothered to track them though, and besides the space traffic with the shuttles the humans normally carried out, all was quiet.

Finally, after four weeks, they decided to go back to the surface for a while. Though the ARK had everything they physically needed, Flick and Sheeva wanted to be around the true earth. They had never really had that chance, to meet humans and interact with society and such. Shadow had always felt as if he had to be alone, but maybe, just maybe, he thought, being around people wouldn't be so bad after all.

The black hedgehog used Chaos Control to teleport them down to the planet, though it was difficult for him to concentrate with Flick continuously poking him.

Upon arriving, Flick immediately took off without them, and even though the two called for him to come back, he ignored them, and ran away. Shadow made a move to follow him, but Sheeva grabbed his arm.

"If he wants to leave, let him. From the way he was acting before, I think he wants to be on his own for a while." She said.

"But he's so young!" Her mate started. The brown hedgehog shook her head again, still holding their own child.

"It's his decision. When we left the lab we all gained free will to go as we please. It's unwise of him, but it wouldn't be right to stop him. Besides, I think he's afraid to be around too many people, or to even trust them"

After only a few hours, Sheeva told Shadow that she didn't want to go back to the ARK. She enjoyed the endless skies and gigantic fields in the country, and all the stores in the big cities.

He understood, the ARK had a biosphere with plants and flowers in it, but it could never compare to the earth's number of them. And the colony certainlly didn't have any malls.

He was uncertain of where they should go at first, but then remembered an old house he had once slept in for a few days. It had running water and a bathroom, and that was pretty much all they needed. Neither of them ever found out where it came from or what it was doing there.

The days went on, for a month all seemed well and quiet. Shade was growing at a fast pace, like Shadow had when he was created. The genes caused him to age quickly to a certain degree, then his growth would permanently stop; though his son hadn't reached that level yet. At thirty days, it was as if he were a toddler, and he was already walking and saying words. Shadow marveled at this, the child acted so much like him.


On one of these near perfect days, the ebon hedgehog was sitting on the steps to the porch of 'their' house relaxing, when Sheeva asked him to go the store for her. Shadow got up reluctantly; he was enjoying the peacefulness of his new life and had wanted to think.

Nevertheless, he ran off, not even thinking that he might should not leave her alone. After all, Bujin had given up, and they had taken the trackers out, there was no chance of him finding them again, was there?


It was late and long after sunset when Shadow returned, he had been secretly searching for Flick whenever he went to the city, though Sheeva had told him to forget. He just couldn't leave the idea of it alone, the fact the tiny, mute fox could be lying in a cold gutter somewhere with no shelter.

It was raining and having not taken an umbrella or anything, the black hedgehog was soaked to the bone. He had forgotten to buy groceries completely, and realized this the moment he walked back into the house.

"Dammit." He muttered under his breath. He wondered why the lights were off, sure Shade would be sleeping but Sheeva usually waited for him.

Searching the entire house, he began to become worried.Where could they have possibly gone to on such a stormy night?

Knowing better then to just wait to see if they came back, he looked for clues. Nothing seemed out of place, until he saw that the back door was unlocked. They had been keeping it bolted because Shade had learned to open doors, and the lock was far above his reach.

Shadow walked out the door and froze. There, lying on the ground was a small scientific instrument. Picking it up, the hedgehog realized it was for injecting chips into animals. Bujin.

And the disgusting monster hadn't bothered to hide his tracks either; it looked as if some huge aircraft had landed in the yard, leaving deep indents on the ground.

Shadow sniffed, though it was raining and his senses were somewhat hindered, he was the ultimate lifefrom, and could easily smell the nirotic energy trail the machine had left in the air.

He followed the scent deep into the woods, and came upon a small base, not much of one though, apparently Bujin was just getting on his feet. There were no other capitves, and at first he didn't see a trace of Sheeva or his son. But as he destroyed the defenses and moved farther into it, he sensed them near.

The hedgehog halted at his next sight. His mate. She was there, lying on the ground in a small pool of blood, the scientist hadn't even bothered to cover here or give her a proper burial. Shadow stood rooted to the spot in which he was standing, unbelieving. How, could this be?

After several minutes, he still did not go to her, instead he turned a look of demonic rage coming to his eyes. They narrowed and he felt his heart rate increasing as the fury continued to build within him. His fur stood on end as he started snarling in anger.

Bujin must die, was the only thought that came to his mind. The power of the ultimate lifefrom's hatred was something that no one had ever really seen before, he had never snapped as far as this. This hedgehog turned demon sured foward in search of his prey, the one that slaughtered the helpless.


When Shadow woke from his blinding rage, he had returned to normal. He couldn't remember what he had done, only why. The last thing he could see in his mind was Sheeva dead, and everthing after that was nothing more then an empty space of time. But he knew what he had done.

The black hedgehog was standing in the pouring rain in the woods, holding his trembling child, and staring at the new body at his feet.

The crazed scientist was no more, his neck and back had both been broken, and his normally gray-green face was blue from being suffocated to death. His lab coat had turned red with blood, and Shadow's fur was matted with it as well from the scientist's gaping wounds.

Though when Shadow looked, Bujin had not gone without a struggle. There were various sophisticated weapons lying about, all broken and smashed to pieces, and injection needles.

He pulled out the last one sticking in his leg and recognized the label. A GUN issued tranquilizer, 20 ccs. But it hadn't knocked him out, nor had it slowed him down, until now.

He could feel a slight grogginess to his senses, but began to walk off anyway. Shade began to sneeze as he started back to the house, and he prayed that his son wouldn't catch pneumonia, he didn't want to lose him too and be alone again. 'Please don't get sick....' He thought desperately as he stumbled through the storm.