Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ The Lost Ones ❯ Omar ( Chapter 3 )

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Shadow got home and Shade was quivering from the cold in his arms. The hedgehog could feel the tranquilizers beginning to take more of an effect on him, such an overdose he couldnl't withstand and knew he would be unconsious soon.

Still stumbling, he gathered up some blankets and collapsed on the couch in the main room, wrapping the babe and himself closely together for warmth. Shadow closed his eyes, unable to fight against the heavy sedative any longer.

When he awoke, the blck hedgehog could feel his son sleeping peacefully against his chest. Shadow sat up carefully, as not to wake him. Glancing at the clock he was shocked to see he had been sleeping for nearly seventeen hours straight. It surprised him that Shade hadn't fussed at him for it, but then again he had been through a lot.

Shadow stood, and staring out the window, saw that it was night once again. What could he possibly do now? With Sheeva gone, he didn't know how to take care of a child... True, he had helped his mate some during the short month they had been together, but nowhere near enough to do it on his own.

His son chose this time to open his eyes, and started crying softly. "Momma?" He asked in a small, frightened voice. Shadow sighed and shook his head.

"No. Momma's gone." He told the toddler as he walked outside.

"Come back?"

His father couldn't stop his own tears from falling as he began walking towards the city. "No, Shade. Momma's never coming back." He choked, and held the little one closer.


Shadow continued on through the city, wondering if he might find someone familiar from his past that could help him. Anyone would be welcome, even that blue faker, Sonic, if he knew how to take care of babies.

Shade was quiet; his father had bought him some milk and candy to make him happy and was walking steadily beside him holding his hand. Shadow had also bought a scarf for him, and shoes and gloves as well. Sheeva had always insisted on booties and uncomfortable looking outfits with frills, but Shade nearly always ripped them to shreds. These he would not.

As they passed an alleyway, the small hedgehog heard panting and whimpering coming from it. He looked up and saw that his father was staring at the stars and not paying attention, so he started to pull at his hand. "Somedy' dare'!" He said, pointing to the dark area as his father looked down.

They walked in, and to Shadow's surprise, there was the green hedgehog he had seen so long ago at the lab. He was lying on the ground, unconscious and covered in cuts and bruises. Four Gang-like animals were standing around him, fishing in the pockets of a black jacket that they had obviously taken from him.

A female thug that was also a hedgehog with several tattos started to pick the badly beaten person up, snickering. He opened his eyes and moaned in pain as she kicked his leg that Shadow now saw was in a cast.

"You're mine, sweetie-pie. We'll have lots of fun tonight." She cooed darkly at him.

"I don't like gettin' fucked by people I don't know, sorreh bitch." He muttered and smirked, then began yelping in pain as she kicked him again.

"I'll do whatever the hell I want with you, stupid little..." She turned and the gang noticed the two black hegdehogs. A large red male cat stepped up, still holding the jacket.

"If I were you I'd turn around and forget what I saw, cuz if you stay, you're gonna be the same as that little bastard." He said, flicking them the finger.

The other two that had remained silent saw the look that came to Shadow's eyes, and started backing away. They were small, and the tall, ebon hedgehog couldn't see them in the darkness very well as they leapt into some trash cans to hide.

"Hunh, Lil' wusses." The cat said, turning his head to look at them.

It was his first, and last mistake of that day, as Shadow reached up behind him and squeezed a pressure point in the red gangster's neck. He crumpled to the ground, out cold.

"So, you wanna fight hunh?" I wonder what you'll be like in bed after I beat you to a pulp! Scud, Slip, get out here right now and help me!" The hedgehog snickered as she dropped the green one and brought her fists up to fight.

The two creatures that were hiding in the trashcans peeked out, but didn't moved otherwise. They knew far better then to pick a fight with someone that had the light of justice in their eyes.

"What?! Damn you filthy little turnpikes, you're worthless!" The female charged at Shadow, who swiftly turned to the side and grabbed her by the neck as she passed by. LIfting her up, he squeezed her throat tightly, causing her to choke and gag.

"Listen here. I should give you the same treatment you were giving to your victim, in which I'm sure you were going to kill him after you were done with him, but you're lucky I give second chances. Though you don't deserve one." He said, hitting her head against the wall to knock her out. She fell beside the cat, and the fox and raccoon immediately hopped out of the trash cans and backed away.

"Hey, come out. Now, or I'll fetch you myself." Shadow told them in a neutral tone, not sure what their status was in this attack. They stepped up, and he stared in disbelief. "Flick?! How did you get mixed up in all this?"


The young raccoon named Chip explained what Flick couldn't because of his muteness. Apparently the fox and raccoon had become friends shortly after flick had ran off from the hedgehog, and then the two gan-member-like animals had found them, forcing them to follow them everywhere and carry things.

They were scapegoats, if one of their crimes went wrong, the two would run off and leave them to be blamed for it. Though something like that hadn't happened yet, the two had heard their captors plotting.

"You two can stay with me, though I don't know where I'm going right now. I have no idea what to do now...." He muttered. Looking to his side for Shade, he saw his son had gone over to the green hedgehog. The injured animal had mananged to get into a sitting position leaning against the alley wall, and was breathing heavily. He looked up at Shadow as the ebon hegehog stood over him.

"Eh, if I hadn't busted meh leg a while back, I would have kicked their sorreh butts." He said weakly, almost toppling over before Shade pushed him back up. "Thanks. Hey, last time I saw ya, ya were jus' lil' bitty!" With that, the green hedgehog slippded into unconsciousness.

Shadow thought for a minute, then got the leather jacket from under the red cat, and carefully picked up the injured creature. He had 'recovered' his emerald from the museum upon returning to the city, and now used Chaos Control to teleport them all to the ARK.


Shadow didn't know much about broken legs, as the thugs had busted the cast partially off, but read what the computer had to say about it and put a new one on his strange, furry guest. It took a while to clean him up though, and Shadow decided to leave him in the medical bay to rest for a while before waking him for questioning.

The young animal was strange for his species, but then again he had come from a lab. He was heavily furred, and along with the black jacket, he wore boots and had piercings on his face, eyebrows, ears, and quills.


He watched Shade play with his new friends for a while, then fell to sleep himself after a few hours. It was strange, this dream he had. It had gigantic lizards flying around, and all of them were in it, including some others he had never seen before. The strange visions didn't last long, and the backgrounds and motions were blurred heavily; he could barely see anything. Walking with a start to see Shade poking him, he blinked it off.

"Yes?" He asked.

"Gweens 'wake. Wants you." The toddler said in a broken sentence, the sped off without another word towards the medical bay.

When Shadow walked into the room he had left the injured hedgehog in, all he could do was stare for a moment. The furry male was spray painting the cast on his leg black, and looked bored. He glanced up at the black one.

"Heya. Thanks for rescuin' meh, meh name's Omar. Ya Shadow right? Is Sheeva 'round?" He asked. Shadow shook his head, a sassy one this was, he could tell by the voice.


After explaining everything to Omar, the black hedgehog asked him what he was doing with a broken leg. "Oh that thing. Kinda longo sotry but it involves meh slippin' on a banana peel for a talent act. Kinda landed the wrong way, if ya know what I mean." He muttered. He shook his quills and scratched between them, sighing.

"So, ya given them a place ta stay, that's nice o' yah. Ah, I don' mean ta be imposin' but, I kinda got nowhere ta go either..." Shadow smiled. He had found someone to help him.

"Oh, not at all, I was looking for someone who would help me with them." The ebon nodded little ones playing on the floor.

"Oh, I see. I dunno much either, but I'll give it a shot. Are whe stayin' here, or ya got somewhere else in mind?" Omar asked.


They left the ARK and returned to the house that Shadow and Sheeva had been using, and Omar laughed. "This gonna be real interestin', ya know?" He said as he inspected the slightly run down place. The three little ones played outside for a time while the green hedgehog showed Shadow how to fix the surge box.

"Yep, now weh got lights. Much better. That storm ya mentioned must have knocked em' out." Omar said.

Chip chose this time to walk up to them and announce he was leaving. "I gotsa family. Those guys stoled me. I know how to get back those." Shadow nodded as the raccoon left, but was happy that Flick chose to stay rather then follow his friend off into the city again. The fox looked sad but knew better then to leave again; he wanted to stay where it was safe.


A couple days later, Shadow was walking along the sidewalk in the city looking for a pizza shop, when he ran across Tails. The boy fox wasn't so young anmore, nearly fourteen, and was working for NASA. They talked for a couple minutes, then the black hedgehog turned to go on his way. Tails stopped him.

"Hey, Shadow, you aren't living nearby, are you?" He asked. The hedgehog stared for a second, then blinked. 'Great, here come the questions. Where do you live, can I come over, can I see your house, what have you been doing all this time, why haven't you been talking to any of us, what's going on with you?" He thought. However the fox surprised him.

"I was just wondering if you would like to come over or something, you must be lonely all by yourself." Tails said.

"I'm not alone anymore. I have a lot to do, but you are interested, you can come see what I mean." The ebon hedgehog told him and started walking away again. Pausing for a moment, the two-tailed fox followed him.


"Wow. How can four people live in such a small house? I mean, it's a really nice house though..." Tails muttered when he saw their residence.

"Bein' on the outskirts of town, weh really don' attract much attention. But that don' mean it ain't hard." Omar told him when Shadow frowned about the fox's comment.

"Hey, don't play with that it's dangerous!" The fox yelled at Flick, who had taken the power core out of a strange instrument he had brought with him.

"Oh let em'. He takes the TV apart all the time. Ya know?" The green hedgehog said, giving the machine back to the little one.

"He does?!" Tails asked in surprise.

"Yes, he does." "Yesee does." Shade mimicked his father with a childish smirk.


Tails continued to come over, mostly to see Flick. Soon the gray fox was taking more apart then just the TV. Shadow awoke one morning the day after the orange fox had visited, and found him taking apart the refridgerator. The next time, it was the oven, and after that, the microwave.

Omar, who shared the living room as a sleeping area with the fox at night, told Shadow that Flick had been getting up early every morning to do these things. Tails returned again, and this time, the black hedgehog asked him to put a stop to this.

"Stop Flick from taking apart stuff?! I won't ask him to do that, in fact, I was going to see if he wanted to stay with me from now on. Seeing how he likes these things, and it's kind of..." The older fox glanced around the, seeing parts of things lying all over in a mess. Shade started to com intot he room, now the age of 'three' and tripped over some of the junk.

"Crappit! How am I supposed to run?!" He screamed, then started throwing a tantrum on the floor. His father motioned for Tails to follow him, as they couldn't talk over the little hedgehog's shouting.

They walked into the front yard, which was just beginning to become messy with machinery, to find Flick inspecting the toaster. Shadow grabbed it from him before more harm could be done.

"This is how he learns, Shadow. He may not understand how to put it back together yet, but he will soon, once he looks at the parts enough." Tails told him with a smile. The hedgehog gave the toaster bck, and the little fox pulled a screwdriver out and pried one of the sides off.


And so Flick went to live with Tails, and as Shadow soon found out, they didn't come to visit often, as they lived far away. The only reason the two-tailed fox had kept coming was because he wanted the gray fox to be happy, and saw potential in him.

The three hedgehogs were fine with this though, they didn't have to wake up to the bathtub pipes exploding, and yet they did miss the small mute. After a year, they stopped coming at all, and they wondered what had become of them.

Shade continued to grow quickly, and within a few years had reached full height and stopped aging. But like most grown creatures, he hardly remembered his early childhood, and couldn't remember what his mother even looked like. He could only rely on what his father told him.

The black hedgehog was nearly a clone to his father, so much like him, yet he had his views, and they shared only a few differences.